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Between Master and Disciples

Only Peacemakers Can Go to Heaven, Part 3 of 9, Feb. 23, 2022

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We sent a lot of people, a lot. (Wow. That’s good, Master.) Yeah, yeah. That’s why many people recover also. (Oh. Yes, wonderful. Thank You, Heaven. That’s great.) Because they repent and then Heaven can minimize the effect, Heaven minimizes the effects for everybody, of course. (Oh. Wow.) Not discriminating. It’s just that their karma kills them. (Oh, yes, Master. Understand.) Or their karma tortures them months long or years long, long COVID they call it.

Next one. (In some places, COVID seems to have wound down, Master. Is this a good sign? Like for example, Australia, they’ve opened their borders to international people after two years. In UK almost all restrictions will now end soon. And California is enacting a smarter law of living with COVID, so it seems that the COVID restrictions are being eased.) Many countries – Switzerland also. (Yes, Denmark. So, is this a good sign, Master?) Good and bad. Good, because people are more free and it’s a kind of disease also when they are mentally handicapped within their own house or their own tiny room. Cannot move, cannot work. (Yes. Yes, Master.) Feel like prisoners.

Then it’s good for people when they’re free. I told a long time ago already. They should just wear masks, wear protection, face shields, mouth masks, and also wear protective clothing. (Yes. Right. Yes, Master.) And just live with it. (Yes, Master.) So I’m glad that finally some of them just relax the rules. (Yes, Master.) Otherwise, if people get crazy, this is even worse also. (Yes, that’s true. Yes, true. Yes, Master.) Worse than COVID.

But in this world, it’s like that. You don’t have the true solution. There’s always a problem. (Oh, right. Yes.) And you have a so-called solution, and it gives you another problem, like vaccination, for example. (Yes, Master.) But we discussed about the side effects of vaccination before and you asked me, “How come vaccination has side effects?” I said, “Every medicine has side effects.” (Yes. That’s true. Yes.)

It’s just that because vaccination is en masse, so you can see larger numbers of side effects. (Yes.) Because of larger numbers of people. (Right, Master. Yes.) Other diseases, when they take medicine, they have side effects, but only one or two people. (Yes, Master.) Single case or may be a single group, stuff like that. But when it comes to vaccines, then it’s a big population, so the numbers, of course, you can see more. (Yes, Master.) But so many effects they don’t even know or they don’t want to talk about. (Wow. Right.) A long time ago, Heaven told us that rushing for the vaccine will do more harm than good. (Oh.) Remember that? (Not really.) OK, never mind. Never mind. That comes to another solution later. There’s always some solution and then that solution breeds more problems. (Yes, Master. Yes.)

Just like we have internet now, we have computers and all that, and they give us a lot of radiation. (Right. True, Master.) And they have to find a way to “de-radiate.” (Yes, Master.) And just now I told one of your brothers there, we have to buy this and that for all of you to de-radiate. (Yes, Master.) It’s not done completely yet but he’s doing it. Right? (Yes, Master.) Good. Make sure that you guys are safe. (Thank You, Master.) I also did not know all this before. I was too busy and just worked directly on the computer even, until my muscles became less and less now. Then I was asking whether or not there’s something else better. And then we kept finding out things. (Right.)

You better do it. You better wear whatever we buy. (Yes, Master. Thank You, Master.) Wear or do whatever next if we find out something better, we will. Just for now, whatever you will be given, you use it. (Yes, Master. Thank You, Master.) Don’t be too macho. (Yes, Master.) I need you guys. (Yes, Master. Thank You.) You know that. (Yes, Master.) Your mama is begging you. Please. (Thank You, Master.) All of you. I’m sorry I didn’t know all this earlier, until it affected me personally. I guess if it never affected me, you also would not care. It’s good that I sacrifice for the rest of you.

Because you don’t feel any difference. Maybe you are younger or you’re not so sensitive or you work further from the computer than me. (Right, Master.) Which is good, but still, we need to prevent further damage to your body. (Yes, Master.) I want you to work, but not work to death. Don’t die on me.

OK. Is there anything else? (In response to the question, thank You.) Any more? One moment, one moment, please. I was cold. And now it’s hot. I was feeling hot because I forgot to take my jacket off inside the room. I have a small bungalow. So, it’s quite warm when I’m talking or when some machine is on OK, tell me. Please.

(Has Heaven arranged any countermeasure against COVID, Master?) Oh, yes. Did. (Oh. Wow.) What do you think? Otherwise, people will die more or will be more affected by the vaccine. (That’s true. Right, Master. Oh, wow.) And I have known many people who work in the government, in the medical faculty – they are some of our people from Heaven. (Wow! Wonderful.) They work quietly. They don’t even know it themselves. It’s just their inside knows it. Their outside doesn’t know. (Oh!) And because of that, sometimes they have to sacrifice, even they have COVID themselves and their family’s also affected. (Oh.) I am very sorry but every sacrifice is a sacrifice. (Yes, Master.) Otherwise, you won’t call it a sacrifice. (Right. That’s true.)

But I cannot disclose them to you. (OK, Master. Yes, Master.) I have written one of the names in my diary somewhere. (Yes, Master.) From America. (Oh. Ah, right.) He’s in the medicine field. And he’s one of the leaders. Not Fauci, please, no. Not Fauci. Don’t ever dream about that. He’s the opposite. (Yes, Master.)

But as I told you, we cannot blame anybody, just blame the whole human race’s bad energy, bad karma. (Yes, right, Master.) The violent way of life, violent to animal-people, violent to their own children, babies. (Yes, Master.) And all these governments that support it as well. (That’s true.) Just now, another country supported abortion. (Oh, God.) Up to 24 weeks even, that’s already almost a baby. (Oh, gosh. Wow.) Terrible.

I’m telling you, I don’t know if I can even help this planet’s people. We did help some, I have to say that, I have to say that. But still, I want the whole planet to be holy, to be wholesome and clean, and healthy. Not just half of it. (Yes, Master. We wish that too.) Takes too long for me. (Yes, true, Master.) I’m working so hard and praying every day, every night, but it’s not possible to help everybody.

So, these Heavenly powerful beings, they help those who have good merits, who have faith in God, and who try to be good, at least. (Yes, Master. Good. Wow.) So, these people, when they’re vaccinated, they won’t have too bad effects. (Oh, right. Oh.) It cannot be zero effect; it can only be minimized according to each individual’s merits and sincere repentance. (Oh. Understand.) It’s not just COVID that harms people, it’s the vaccination, because so many foreign substances are in it, that some doctors don’t even understand. (Oh. I see.)

I only say what Heaven told me – that the vaccination has a negative effect on President Putin, and since he has the power to exercise, to act it out, he did. (Oh, yes. Yes, Master.) Or it is too obvious to everybody. (Right, Master. Yes.) His behavior, his manner, his energy. Because he’s famous, of course. People can see him. (Yes, Master.)

Other ordinary people, either die or just have their individual things and they just go to doctors or whatever, blame it on everything, blame it on COVID. You see, many people, already double vaccinated and then got the shot a third time, fourth time, still get COVID and die. (Right, Master. Yes. True.) So, these are the people who have less merits, that the Heaven beings cannot protect or it’s their time to die, also. (Yes, Master.) To pay for their bad karma.

Did I answer your question? (Yes, thank You very much, Master.) What was your question again? (The Heaven’s countermeasure against COVID.) Yeah, yeah, yeah.

We sent a lot of people, a lot. (Wow. That’s good, Master.) Yeah, yeah. That’s why many people recover also. (Oh. Yes, wonderful. Thank You, Heaven. That’s great.) Because they repent and then Heaven can minimize the effect, Heaven minimizes the effects for everybody, of course. (Oh. Wow.) Not discriminating. It’s just that their karma kills them. (Oh, yes, Master. Understand.) Or their karma tortures them months long or years long, long COVID they call it. (Yes. That’s right.) Oh, they have nightmares, they have terrible things happening to them, with or without vaccination even. (Yes, Master.) Even with boosters and all that. It’s all over the news. You know it, right? (Yes, Master.)

“Media Report from Global News – June 20, 2022, Reporter (m): Amy Tennenbaum shook off the Omicron variant in January, or so she thought. A few weeks later, she developed breathing problems. Then she collapsed while walking home.

Amy (f): I had a really fast, rapid, pounding heart, even at rest; and chest tightness, chest pain.

Reporter (m): Combined with other symptoms like constant fatigue, Amy’s long COVID forced her to give up her job as a server. Despite being double vaccinated with no underlying conditions, she can barely walk, forced to use a wheelchair to get around. From doctors – there is confusion.

Amy (f): They just were kind of like, ‘Well, we can’t help you here. We don’t know anything about it. Come back in a few years and maybe we'll know more.’

Reporter (m): Long haulers suffer from various combinations of more than a dozen symptoms. Everything from brain fog to unexplained bruising and rashes, and unshakable exhaustion.”

“Media Report from KCRA News – July 28, 2022, Jamie (f): I laid in bed for six months. I couldn’t cook, I couldn’t brush my teeth; some days not at all. My heart rate would elevate to 160 if I just turned over in bed. I couldn’t take care of myself, I couldn’t take care of my kids. I couldn’t bathe – I couldn’t be in warm water or cold water. Sometimes my husband would have to sponge bathe me in the wheelchair.

Reporter (f): Long haulers are a growing group. Some estimates show up to 23 million people in the US have developed long COVID with no treatment available.”

Why is it so hot? I’m heating up. I have to open some fan now, to cool off. I’m sweating. (Wow.) My face is full of sweat, I have to wipe it off. One moment. I have only the dehumidifier on. I think I turn it off. Maybe because of that it’s hot. Now only the fan is on, and one light only. So, I don’t know why it is so hot. OK, guys. I’m back.

You said did the Heavens do any countermeasure? Yes, yes, They did, to protect Their own, also. (Oh, yes.) To protect Their own people, Their own agents who work in this world. (Yes, Master.) And to help the world as much as They can. But some people’s karma is too heavy. Or it’s their time to go. (Yes, Master.)

Heaven never abandons humans. Even I do not abandon humans, so how could Heaven? It’s just that humans’ karma is so bad, so heavy that even the whole sky cannot contain it. (Oh. Yes.) Any more questions?

(Yes, Master. Master has to move often. Why is it that Master can’t stay in one place?) It’s my lucky fate, that I could have many bungalows. Two by 4, 2 by 3. So, spoiled with choice.

No, it’s for some different reason. It’s karma. For safety. Also, for chasing my treasure. (Ah.) I have placed treasures everywhere. (Oh, wow.) Hey, hey, hey. It’s not diamonds. “Wow.” But you should “Wow” also. It’s a spiritual treasure. (Yes. Amazing.) Spiritual outlet. (Oh. Excellent. Wow.) So a couple of things combined. I hate moving. I’m a very homey person. (Yes, Master. Yes.) I don’t want to move. Especially now. Before I had only a handbag, when I was a monk. (Yes, Master.) I’m not sure if I’m a monk anymore. What am I now, I don’t know. A hermit. Maybe I’m a hermit now. Because I’m hiding alone. (Yes, Master.)

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