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Supreme Master Ching Hai’s Thoughts on the Urgent Situation in Ukraine (Ureign), Part 6 of 8, Feb. 26, 2022

Lecture Language:English,Thai(ภาษาไทย)
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No matter what countries you are, what religion you belong, just pray to God. Pray to Jesus, pray to Buddha, pray to whomever you think the best, and you believe in, just pray with all your heart. Otherwise, in this time of troubled water and uncertainty, nobody can escape. Nobody is safe.

If you want to go south, you just follow somebody who lives in the south, who knows the map to the south. (Exactly. Yes.) If you don’t follow them, and you go the opposite direction, or sideways, then you’ll never know what south is. (Yes, Master.) That’s very logical. (Yes.) And then if people from the south, tell him, “Oh, in the south, we have this palace, this beautiful lake, this beautiful river, this beautiful fruit,” they will think, “Ah, you’re just talking. I don’t know such a fruit, because we don’t have it here.” (Yes, Master.) Because, they just don’t know. Like, in many countries before, we have different fruits, and other countries don’t have. (Yes, Master.) Or in other region, where it’s warmer, they grow different fruits (Yes. Right.) than in the freezing region. (Yes.)

There is a story about the Tang dynasty. The Tang Emperor has a favorite concubine (Yes.) called Yang Guifei. She loved, there is a fruit, similar to longan, (Oh.) Trái chôm chôm (Rambutan). I don’t know. They feel a little spiky, but soft spikes, and red color. I know it, I just forgot. (Lychee.) Lychee. Yeah, yeah, yeah. She loved it so much. So, whenever the season was there, of course, they knew, they’ll bring it to her. And she would just stand outside, near the gate, near the door, and keep looking, looking, looking, to see when the convoy of the lychee would arrive. (Oh.) (Yes.) Long ago. Even, the second queen had to wait like that for the season to come. (Yes.)

Nowadays, they can have all seasons also. (It’s true.) Or they can have it very quick. (Yes.) In a few hours, they will fly Air Force One or Air Force Two to go to get it for the first lady if she really needs it. (Yes.)

And long time ago, there’s another story in America about Jacqueline Kennedy, the first lady. (Yes.) After John F. Kennedy passed away, assassinated, she married Onassis. And, one time she was short of perfume. Her favorite perfume was Chanel No. 5. (Yes.) It’s very nice, I used it before. I liked it too. (Oh.) I don’t need it now. Don’t buy it for me. Nobody smells me here. (OK.) I don’t even have time to smell myself.

If you keep changing often, you have to also wash often. (Yes.) And dry often and wait until it dries to bring it in, and fold it here, fold it there... (Yes.) Sometimes, I say, “It’s not fair.” I used to have a lot of people working for me. I don’t have to do all this. And now I have to do everything, even moving stones. (Oh, wow.) I told you last time. (Yes.) And, so busy like that and they have to make war and waste my time to talk to you. Or, teaching them, telling them off. (That’s right, Master.) It’s not fair. (No, it’s not.) Why don’t they just mind their own business and leave everybody else in peace, then I have more time to meditate for the world, for everybody’s wellness. (Yes, that’s right.) Always bothering me, here and there, everywhere. (Oh.)

We have COVID. We have people dying in the thousands already every day. (Right.) And still want to go and kill. Truly they’re working for evil, (Yes, totally.) have no sympathy for anybody. Even Ukraine must have also, suffered under COVID too, everybody. (Yes, everybody, that’s right.) And have to double, triple, quadruple the suffering for them like that.

Truly, if it’s not evil-minded, you can’t do it. (That’s right. Yes.) Normal people with just minimal decency, minimal love, sympathy, they won’t ever even think like that. (Right.) (Yes, Master.) Not to talk about amassing all the armies and sending them into the freezing cold to kill. (Yes. Right.) To kill some innocent people. War has no affection for anybody. In war, people die just like that. (Yes, Master.) If they just bomb anywhere… Lately, one kindergarten, they were bombed. (Yes. Right.)

Who knows, maybe they’re just bloodthirsty, maybe they did it on purpose, (Oh, no.) just to scare people. (Wow.) Just to feel good, sadistic. (Yes, Master. That’s right.) Some sadistic people are more possessed by evil. They can use them more, easily, because they have the same tendency. (I see.) Yeah, they’re from hell. Hell sent them to our world to cause trouble. (Oh.) To cause anguish, sorrow, and fear.

I just pray for all the people, and hope all the people pray for themselves, pray dearly, pray hard, to protect yourselves. (Yes.) No matter what countries you are, what religion you belong, just pray to God. Pray to Jesus, pray to Buddha, pray to whomever you think the best, and you believe in, just pray with all your heart. Otherwise, in this time of troubled water and uncertainty, nobody can escape. Nobody is safe. (Yes, Master.)

I’m already on retreat in the corner. I just want to mind my own business. (Oh.) And still have to worry about the world. And the war just broke out like that, out of nowhere.

And before that, he (Putin) was fooling the whole world, trying to make them not prepare. (Yes.) He said, “Oh, war is no good. Einstein said, ‘War will kill all the people. And then afterward, we will just fight with sticks and stones.’ So we don’t want war.” All that, always saying, “We don’t want war, we don’t want.” So, many people just felt more relaxed and did not prepare. (Yes, Master. Right.) So, they suddenly just come in like that. (Yes.) This is truly evil, (Oh, God.) a coward. (Yes, Master. Right.) Coward.

Like the martial arts people, when they fight, they face each other and fight. (Right. Yes.) And if it’s an innocent person, they don’t fight. (Yes.) And they fight only to protect themselves, or some innocent people. (Yes, Master.) They don’t just fight anybody, just because they know how. (Right.) Just because they have muscle or martial arts. (Right. Understand, Master.)

The martial arts principle is like that – you fight only when you have to. (Yes, that’s true.) And only until necessary. The best is just leave before, leave when you can. (Right. Yes.) Don’t stay around and beat the other until he dies or something. (Yes.) Maybe beat him up until he’s on the ground and then you run. (Right.) That’s a principle of martial arts. Not to fight and to kill. (Yes, Master.) And especially kill without cause, kill the innocent. So not even the martial arts world will respect that kind of person. (Right.)

God will not forgive. Hell will be happy to torture, punish these kinds of people. And no one can help them. Not even God. That’s the law of the Universe and the law of the physical one. (Yes, Master.) You harm people – you will be harmed, multifold.

Is there any other question? (Yes, I was wondering, the Ukrainian president, we see him asking for help, from the world. So, how can the world help, Master, in the situation? Or, could sanctions help in this case?)

That’s the first step they do. (Yes.) And, of course, it hurts in some way. (Yes.) But, it won’t stop this war. And the war’s still going on because this guy, he’s mad. (Ah.) It seems like he is mad to me. (Yes. Right.) A normal person wouldn’t do this for just anything like that. (No, I don’t think so.) First biting one piece of a people’s country and then continue stirring up other parts so that the country will become weakened and bitten off, become less and less, and then make an excuse to come in to fight, (Oh.) to kill, to possess, to invade. This is madness. (Yes.) It’s not normal. It’s loco, in Spanish – loco. (Yes.) Crazy. Eres loco. [You are crazy.] (Loco. [Crazy.] Yes.) Total loco. [Completely crazy.] (Totalmente loco. [Completely crazy.]) Totalmente loco. [Completely crazy.] Absolutamente loco. [Absolutely crazy.] (Yes. Exactly.) Exactamente loco. [Exactly crazy.] (Exactamente. [Exactly.]) No buone. [Not good.] (Yes.) He’s a demon. Working for demons. Demonic. (Demoniacos. [Demonic.]) Demoniaco. [Demonic.] Si, si. [Yes, yes.] Loco y demoniaco. [Crazy and demonic.] (Yes. That’s right.)

The world can help if they want to. (Yes.) I don’t encourage war ever. Of course, in any way. But the Ukrainian people, I cannot stop them. I cannot tell them, “Don’t fight.” (Yes.) Yet I cannot tell them to fight. But I admire their courage and their love for their country. (Right. Yes, Master.) Their love for justice. (Yes, Master.) If somebody just comes in your house and beats up your children and your wife or your husband, would you just do nothing? (No, Master.) Of course, it’s a natural reaction that they fight back. (Right. Yes.) And I cannot even say, “Don’t fight.” (Understand. Yes.) Of course, if they don’t fight then we have more peace. Yes. (Yes.) But still, then the Russians will continue to kill other countries. (Yes.)

There’re many that belonged to Russia. I’m telling you, because Ukraine is not in NATO, so NATO is not doing anything, but they’re activating their defense force now. (Yes.) The last thing I saw on the news. Maybe they will help anyway, even though Ukraine is not yet in NATO. But if they want, they can always be. What the heck?

The reason Russia says they want to invade is because they want to stop Ukraine joining NATO. They already invaded. (Right. Yes.) So, they can even join now. (Right.) A good excuse, “Oh, you fight me? So, I join. I join the muscle guy to help me.” (Yes, Master.) So, maybe NATO is helping because they are nearby. All the neighbor countries are NATO members already. (Yes.) So, maybe if they see a good cause, they will fight back at Russia, and then maybe other countries will join in as well. If many countries cut ties and sanction, maybe Russia will be very isolated. (Yes, yes.)

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