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Between Master and Disciples

The Inner Connection of Love (Part 1 of 3) September 23, 2017

Lecture Language:Mandarin Chinese(中文),English
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Sit down, baby. Sit. OK. I like it. Good boy. Good boy you are. Some days I couldn’t go visit him at the clinic, but every day I asked him, “How are you feeling today? How are you feeling?” He always told me that he felt quite peaceful and safe and happy over there. Peace, safety, happy. OK? Right, he speaks in English, but he doesn’t talk much. He answers only when he is asked. He doesn’t waste any words. He only speaks a few sentences. When I asked him how he was feeling, he didn’t say, “Thank you, Master. I feel very happy.” or something. He just said, “Peace, happiness, safe,” like that. If I couldn’t go visit him, I would ask him, “How are you doing?” or, “How are things?” He always answered in the same way, “Thank you for your concern, Master.” That was all. But I felt that he just didn’t want me to worry. It might not be true. One day I asked him, “Is it true that you feel happy, safe, and peaceful every day? You really don’t have any requests?” So he said, “Seeing Master,” meaning “Want to see Master.” “Seeing Master,” two words only. He didn’t beg me. He didn’t learn from others saying things like “I’m not sure,” “I miss you,” etc. Because I asked him, “Do you request anything?” He answered, “Seeing Master.” Because when I said to him, “You’re under such a condition. I don’t believe you. If I were in that situation, I would be upset. I would feel uncomfortable. So how can you tell me the same every day? How can you say you feel happy and peaceful?” He said, “Your love.” I asked, “How can you put up with it?” He answered, “Your love.” He said, “Master’s love.” Because of Master’s love, he felt that he could bear it. (Woof!) Yeah! I never thought that behind such a cold face, there is so much love. He doesn’t fuss. He doesn’t bark unless there’s danger, or there’re bad guys outside. That’s why I brought him down to see you. I also want to see who the bad guys are, so I can avoid them in the future. When he goes back home, he’ll let me know. So you be careful, OK? Do your spiritual practice well, understand? (Yes.) Don’t let the dog spot you. That would be embarrassing. You can fool me, but you can’t fool him.
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