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Good Citizens Give Rise to a Good Leader (Part 1 of 2) July 21, 2013

Lecture Language:English,Mandarin Chinese(中文)
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“When there are good people, there is a good leader. You can’t blame this or that leader. We are the ones to blame. (Yes.) This applies to any country. If there’s a bad leader or a bad government, it means that its people are not so good. They didn’t do good deeds to earn merits. Perhaps they didn’t do well in their previous lifetimes, and they didn’t improve to be better people in this lifetime, either. They haven’t earned enough merits. So if a government is bad, it’s because its people are not good. We can’t put the blame on the government all the time. I always say that you have to look inward to see why this happened, that happened, and why the government is not good. You have to check yourselves, instead of criticizing the government every time. It does not matter which government. Okay?” 
“Very good news. It’s great! The government is getting brighter, more understanding and better now. I’m happy for you. I like this. Now that the government realizes that, they should apply it as well. They should teach its people about that. Imagine the whole mainland China becomes veg. Wow! The world will be incredible! The world will definitely follow. If mainland China takes the lead at this time, in a few years from now, China will be very ‘red’ (popular, prosperous). The Chinese people! And I hope mainland China and all the Chinese people will take advantage of this lucky period to lead a world-shaking movement, like being veg. Be veg, go green and then make peace, make peace with everyone. This way - oh my! - millions of years later, history will still record that mainland China is the greatest.” 
“These are considered the true Buddhists. How can one claim to be a Buddhist but not keep the vegetarian diet and not encourage people to be veg? How could it be? And then when others encourage people to be veg, they say they are on the ‘outer (wrong) path.’” 
“The more people become vegan, the better. Saving animals. It’s not just to save the Earth. The animals are suffering. So the more people become vegan, the less suffering the animals would have to go through. They are not just being killed, they are living in pain. Got it?” “Anyways, being veg is good already. It’s the best. The premier goes veg, the first lady goes veg, and the president goes veg. Everybody goes veg. That’s wonderful! Thank you. Good news. I’m also grateful that you practice diligently to transform the atmosphere. It’s getting better and better.”
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