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Supreme Master Ching Hai’s Thoughts on the Urgent Situation in Ukraine, Part 4 of 8, Feb. 26, 2022

Lecture Language:English,Thai(ภาษาไทย)
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Each one has to take responsibility in this world. The world gives us a lot (Yes.) until we grow up and are strong. We must give some back. (Exactly. Yes, Master.) That’s normal. (Right.) It’s not even good or meritorious or noble, nothing. It’s just a normal give-and-take. (Right.) (Yes.) It’s a common law. It’s the conscientious thing to do.

Russia will be ruined. The people of Russia will suffer if he continues this way, and the international community will not be able to stand it. After a while, they will get together and bomb their country. (Oh, no.) And you know nowadays they have more high tech in war games, (Yes, Master.) and Russia will be ruined. And he might not even have one meter to bury himself in, one square meter. Not to talk about controlling any other nearby country or his neighbors. (Yes, Master.) I’m very much afraid of that. That’s why we try to talk and explain all this.

I hope he changes, otherwise…. Of course, he will go to hell, (Yes.) and bring many of the people who support him, who work for him or who fight with him, all to hell also. Not just he himself. (Yes, right.) They did not want to fight, but they have to. (Yes, Master.) In the army you obey, or you die. (Yes.) That’s the way they train these armies. So, he will bring all of them to hell too. And people who fight in Ukraine will also have similar fate. Maybe less, shorter time.

But Putin is the one who’s behind all this bloodshed, not just now but before that, in other countries. He’s going to go to hell and agonizing for millions of years. (Wow.) And after that be reborn in some other region to suffer war. (Right.) And then be born again as animal-people or hungry ghosts, or being chased to be killed all the time. There are different kinds of hells. First, they put you in the heaviest hell to clean the most coarse sins. (Yes.) And after that, you’ll be transferred to another hell, different punishment. And even if you’re born on another planet, they will be chasing you; people will chase you, make you fearful all day long. (Wow.) Or stab you or wound you or imprison you. Anything. Similar to how people have to suffer in war but just multiplied (Wow.) millions of times, and there you cannot run. (Right.) In those hells, you cannot run. You can run but just in fear, in horror, but you cannot escape. (Oh, yes.) Even if you can run it’s just because of the game. (Right.) Makes you fear, makes you run, makes you hide, but it's not fun. (Yes, Master.) It’s not like a game, it is real.

Anything you do to make people suffer or other beings suffer, you will suffer the same fate. It's just multiple times. Depends on how big the crime. (Yes, Master.) It's no good at all. No good at all. People are so ignorant. They don't know what awaits them in hell. That's why they dare to do this to other beings and other humans.

Any other things or you’re happy already, or you want to ask anything more?

You know talking about “Ukraine belongs to Russia.” Maybe Russia belonged to Ukraine a long time ago. (Yes, could be.) Maybe the ancestors of Ukraine were in Russia before. How about that? (Yes. That's right.) But Ukraine didn't come to claim. (Right.) Maybe they could. Yes? (Yes.) (Why not?) Why not? (Yes.) The theory is popped up by Putin. (Yes.) Like this, anybody can claim other countries as their own. (That's right.) Because of the ancestry. (Yes, Master.) We have our ancestors who ran all over the planet. (Right, yes.)

This is terrible. Terrible. Terrible. This is the 21st century. It shouldn't happen anymore. (Exactly. Yeah. Unbelievable.) Like, a long time ago, they came from Europe and went to America now and killed the American Indians and seized their lands, and yanked away their kids, and killed them, murdered them, raped them, and all that, but nobody said anything. We should be civilized now. (Yes, agree.) We shouldn't do this kind of thing anymore. Because this is backward. It’s lowlife. (That's right. Yes.) And it wasn't necessary at all. (No.) Maybe just a handful of Russians in some of the regions were harassed or something. Well, if Putin feels so heroic, then he should take them to Russia, give them houses, give them money, start a new life. (Yes, true.) If they're Russian, they should belong to Russia and then go to Russia anyway. (Yes, Master.)

If they don't like Ukraine, then why don't they go back to Russia? (Yes. That's logical. Right.) If they're Russian. Just go home. No need to take the whole country just to take care of these handful or group of Russians over there. (It doesn't make any sense.) It doesn’t make sense. (Yes. Right.)

What is another question? (Putin also said that after the breakup of the Soviet Union, people in the countries became poorer. What does Master think about that?)

He said he has to drive a taxi, because of a broke-up Union, that’s why he became poor. Right? Or, before that? Maybe just him. Maybe he didn’t work well before. He didn’t work very hard to earn savings. So, he just relied on the government subsidies, and after government didn’t do anymore, because there was no more communist system or something, then he became poor. Oh, poor thing. Oh, so now he goes to rob to make up for it. So, rob other people’s land and property, just because he was poor? (Doesn’t make sense. Yes.)

My God. What logic! It’s not true. No country is poor just because of the communist union or not communist union. Many countries have never been in any union. They are not poor. (Right.) No! Ukraine wasn't poor. Nobody needed to help Ukraine in any way up til now. Not that I heard of. Only now they are poor. (Right.) They need more weapons, they need more people and maybe food supply and all that stuff, because Russia makes war with them.

Of course, there are always poor people. Sometimes they are out of work temporarily, but the government gives them subsidies. (Yes.) Nobody goes on the street. Even if they do, it's their own choice. Or maybe they are from some other lesser developed country coming there. (Yes, Master.)

Where else did I go within the ex-Soviet Union? Nothing poor. Like Berlin broke up with the communism, East Berlin. (Yes.) Not poor. (Yes. That’s true.) After the war broke up, they’re not poor at all. They’re still not poor. (Yes. That’s right.) Even better. (Yes.) So he talks nonsense. (That’s true.)

Even in some Latin American countries, like Costa Rica, they have never been in any union. They have never joined any union. They are a neutral country. (Yes.) And Switzerland, all independent, alone. (Right. Yes.) So rich. So strong, powerful. (Right.) (Yes, that’s right.)

So, what kind of nonsense? (Yes.) (Nonsense.) Nobody will believe such a blah-blah B.S. like that. (Right. Yes, Master.) Do you agree? (Yes, Master. We agree, Master. Yes.) (No logic.) (Nonsense.) Yeah, yeah. Nonsense.

You see, France or England, they have never been in the European Union; they’ve never been poor. (Right.) They joined the European Union because they wanted to. (Yes.) And now, England has broken from the European Union. Have they become poor? (No.) Oh, poor thing.

Oh, my God. Only lazy people will become poor. (Yes. True.) Only people with this kind of lazy and robber mentality will become poor, (Yes.) because they don’t plan for their future. They don’t want to work. (Right.) (Yes, Master.)

That’s why there was the Soviet Union, because many countries were kind of poor after the World War (Yes.) or before, and they seem to attract them, because oh, they say, “The poor will be helped,” and all that. (Oh, yes.) But I don’t know if that’s a good idea, because that will spoil people also, give them no incentive to work harder, to earn their own wealth and dignity. (Yes, Master. That’s true.) If everybody works or not works but still has the same money or same standard, then that’s not fair. (That’s right.) (Yes.)

In a free country, people can work to be a billionaire, multi-billionaire, or don’t have to work to be a billionaire but live comfortably. (Yes.) Or if they really need help, maybe they fall into bad times, bad luck, and then the government helps them. There are social security benefits. (Right.) But that’s all free. They choose. (Yes.) It’s not like grooming people into this kind of relying mentality, (Right.) and not rely on yourself but rely on others or the government to feed them, (Right. Yes.) like a handicapped person. (Yes.) (Yes, Master.) We have our dignity; we earn our own upkeep. (Exactly. Yes.) If everybody doesn’t work, then even the best government cannot supply all the money to all its citizens. (Yes, Master.)

Each one has to take responsibility in this world. The world gives us a lot (Yes.) until we grow up and are strong. We must give some back. (Exactly. Yes, Master.) That’s normal. (Right.) It’s not even good or meritorious or noble, nothing. It’s just a normal give-and-take. (Right.) (Yes.) It’s a common law. It’s the conscientious thing to do. (Yes, Master.)

So also, it’s not true. He says anything, it’s not true up till now. So, you can call him a liar. (Yes.) His own people call him “killer” already, (Right. Yes.) because of the Ukraine invasion. (Yes. Right.) One of the very famous, big artists in Russia, she resigned. Because she called Putin “killer.” After the invasion, she resigned. She doesn’t want to. (Wow!) And one of Putin’s spokespersons or something, his daughter went on the street to protest the war (Oh, I see.) in Ukraine. People don’t like it. It’s bloodshed for nothing. (Exactly. Right.) You just aggressively went to the neighbor’s house, and just not even knocking, no reason, (Yes.) just go inside and want to kill the neighbors and take their things and take their property. This is the lowest of the low. (Yes, I agree, Master.) And I’m not sorry to say that. I really mean it. (Yes.)

Just because you have muscle, you cannot go to the neighbor’s house and kill them, oppress them, take their land, and all that. (Yes, Master.) That’s why the Ukrainian people, they don’t respect him. (Yes. Right. Understand.) Maybe they were very gentle and peace-loving, but now they all stood up with their president and are fighting back. They blow up the Russian tanks, helicopters and all that. (Yes.) I’m not “Bravo” about all that. I don’t “bravo” all the killing, but he provoked them. (Yes. That’s true.) He went to invade their land, so they fight back. (Yes.) I’m very sorry, but that’s the way it is in this world. (Yes, Master.)

Nobody likes him. (Nobody. Nobody.) Even if he conquers Ukraine, people will slowly or quietly or sneakily somewhere secretly, will try to kill them. (Right.) Kill Putin or the occupiers. (Yes.) They’re not going to sit well in Ukraine, even if they invaded by force this way. (Yes.) You have to buy people’s hearts. (Yes. That’s right.) People have to respect you. (True.) Otherwise, you cannot sit well. (Yes, Master.)

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