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Supreme Master Ching Hai’s Thoughts on the Urgent Situation in Ukraine (Ureign), Part 5 of 8, Feb. 26, 2022

Lecture Language:English,Thai(ภาษาไทย)
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If you have ambition and you don’t have a pure heart, then the devil will slowly use you and then you will fight. You will go and rob families, or rob countries, and bloodshed will spill all over. And they will be proud to think that they won the war, or whatever. No, they win nothing. They just win hellfire, (Right.) more and more hellfire to burn themselves when they leave this world.

I read in the news, one soldier, he sacrificed his life to blow up a bridge, (Oh, yes.) so that the Russian army cannot pass through it to go into the land. He died. Sacrificed. Blew up the bridge. (Yes, Master. We did.)

And there is another island, Snake Island, a very small one, like, the frontier. (Yes.) Every country, they have some frontier posts. (Yes.) It’s like the frontier post there, the border post. Snake Island. Only 13 soldiers there, men and women. There’s a Russian navy ship coming. (Yes.) And they told them, “You put down all your weapons and surrender, otherwise, we will kill you or bomb you.” (Oh.) So, they told them to “F-off.” (Yes. Saw that.) Go “F” yourself. That’s what they said. And they were captured, of course. (Wow. So sad.) Small, little island, there’s nothing there, just barren. They had to protect the border. It’s their duty. (Yes.) Every country, they have that.

Oh. I don’t like war. I don’t like all this. But I really respect these people. They did their best for their country. (They stood up.) These are supposed to be good citizens, not like those stirring up problems inside Ukraine. Saying Ukraine is no good when you are Ukrainian yourself. (Right. Yes.) One or two people did that before because they’re pro-Russian. They think Russia has more money, can help them and all that. But how long can they help them? (Yes, that’s right.) I mean, money in this world is never limitless. (Right.)

And Russia has sanctions, a lot. And now more, more sanctions. (Yes, true.) You see, this is the thing in the making. Russia has been preparing for all the sanctions, for some of the sanctions, or at least, whatever they can already. (I see.) I don’t know if it hurts them a lot or hurts very little, but the people will suffer. (Oh. Yes, Master.)

Especially those who are sent into the battlefield, on the ground, fighting on the ground like that. They just die anytime, for anything, no reason. They had to fight but I don’t think all the soldiers of the Russian army who are sent to Ukraine love to fight, (No, I don’t think so.) because they know it’s unethical, (Right. Yes.) immoral, to go into any land or just making some lame excuse to kill people! (Right.) And to take their property, take their land, kill their children and their women and elderly and people. (Yes, Master. Right.) So, nobody would like that. Nobody with a minimum standard of moral ethics would like that. (Right. For sure.)

“Report from Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty Feb. 28, 2022

Questioner (m): Why did you come here? For what purpose? Who sent you?

Soldier 1 (m): We came because of [military] exercises. But we were lied to. And so now I’m here.

Soldier 2 (m): [I’m from] the same unit. Initially, they said it was exercises. As a result, when we were already thrown into the front line, people were demoralized. No one wanted to go. But they said: ‘You will be enemies of the people. And since this is wartime, you can even be shot.’ And they began using us like cannon fodder. Though all the people, at least from our unit, do not want war. They just want to go home. They just want peace.

Soldier 3 (m): They sat me in [the vehicle], said it’s exercises, that everything will be fine there. We didn’t know. We were just being deceived and abandoned.”

So, they just had to fight because they are trained to. (Yes. Right.) But I don’t think many want to fight.

The Ukrainian people, they’re so brave, they stood up, they fought hard. (Right.) We pray for them, (Yes, we will pray for them.) so that they will have peace, (Yes, Master.) that they don’t ever have to fight. The best is not to fight. (Yes, Master.) But they love their country, they love their family, their people, they have to protect them, the best they know how. (Yes, Master. That’s right.) They are not monks. (Right.) When some strangers come into their house and kill their people, take their land, of course, they stand up and fight. (Yes, Master. Agree.) To protect their loved ones, (Yes.) and their country which belongs to them. (Right.) Talking about that I could cry. Poor Ukraine. Poor people. Poor innocent people. Children and all that.

“Media Report from 7NEWS Australia – Mar. 22, 2022

Man: Civilians… they [the Russians] killed all the civilians… These are bastards, reptiles, parasites.

Man2: I remember how the Germans attacked us. They didn’t mess with us like this.”

My God. How can anybody be so bloodthirsty, so evil? Just to think of war and war and war, one after another, greedy. How much can you eat per day? Even if you wear the best clothes, how many can you wear at one time? How many houses do you want to live in, having not much to do? Maybe Putin has not much work to do, that’s why. Because they say that an idle mind, meaning nothing to do, (Yes.) is the devil’s workshop. (That’s right.) You’re bored. You have nothing much to do. You just want more and more and more, and it becomes a habit. (Right. Yes.) And the demons will use you, use your ambition, use your negative, evil tendency to hurt others, for their own evil purpose, for the demon’s purpose. (Yes.)

Oh, my God. I wish that Putin understood all this. I wish all the world leaders understood this. You know, and have to… And they should check their minds, protect their souls, protect their thinking all the time. Be vigilant. Otherwise, the demons can always make use of them to hurt themselves and to hurt others, their own country or other countries or both. (Yes, Master.) All the wars started from that. (Yes.)

If you have ambition and you don’t have a pure heart, then the devil will slowly use you and then you will fight. You will go and rob families, or rob countries, and bloodshed will spill all over. And they will be proud to think that they won the war, or whatever. No, they win nothing. They just win hellfire, (Right.) more and more hellfire to burn themselves when they leave this world. When they have no more of the protective layer of the human body, they will be burned forever. Nobody escapes. Hells really exist. Heaven exists. Only the evil people don’t understand this. (Understand. Yes.) Did I answer your question? (Yes, Master.)

Any other thing? (Yes, Master. Does this war happen because of karma?) You mean between Russia and Ukraine? (Yes.)

No! Not in this case. No. It’s just greed from Putin, (Oh, understand.) and his hench men, and gang men. (Wow.) Those who produce weapons, those who like to boast about their success, those who love to make other people suffer, like they have sadistic tendency, and those who are aggressive inside – all these people (Wow.) caused this war. No, they don’t have karma with each other. (Wow.)

But the karma will begin already. (Right, yes.) Killing each other and then creating karma. That’s how karma is born. (Yes, that’s right.) How karma is born everywhere. It begins somewhere, (Oh. True.) with one party aggressively attacking the other, and then the other attacks back. (Yes.) And there are bystanders, and collateral damage and collateral interest, collateral people. (Yes, Master.) And that’s how karma becomes bigger and bigger. (Oh.) If they kill the father, then the son wants to kill him back. (Yes.) If he cannot kill him, then he kills his son, his daughter, or his family members. And other family members see their family member killed, then want to kill back the other one. (That’s true.) That’s how it circulates forever. (Yes, Master.)

Only peace, love, forgiveness – stop warring, then things will stop. (Yes, Master.) Always control your mind. The great leaders always control their minds and never do things that are not in the interest of everyone else. (Yes, Master, agree.) Everything an enlightened person does is only for the benefit of others, for the world. Truly like that. Some people cannot see why, but it is like that.

Like I did many things because Heaven told me to, because it’s good for the world. (Yes, Master.) Like, even I am on retreat now, (Yes.) it’s also because of the benefit to the world. I can concentrate more. You can see I work more now. (Yes, Master.) We have more conferences all the time. (That’s right.) I clear many of the questions in your mind and in other people’s minds, in the world peoples’ minds. (Yes, Master. Thank You.) And make them more enlightened, (Yes, that’s right.) and less troubled and avoid something that they know is no good. For example, like that. (Yes, Master.)

But some evil, truly evil we cannot always stop, (Yes.) because they are here just to cause sorrow. (Understand, Master. Right) They are demons. (Yes.) Or they work with demons, or they’re possessed by demons. These people, it takes some time, until they leave. (Yes, Master. Understand.)

I checked with Heaven whether or not this is karma. Because if it’s karma, I will not interfere. I would do it quietly, instead of voicing my opinion with you guys, (Oh, yes, Master.) or with the last conference. Karma is a different thing. (Understand.) Karma uses different things to do – uses astral, uses invisible. (OK. Yes, Master.)

This is not karma; this is really bloodthirsty demons’ (Wow.) workers, who try to cause trouble to spill bloodshed to cause suffering and sorrow for the innocent. And hell is awaiting Putin and his real supporters. I mean supporter in mind only even, not just go into battle with him or voice an opinion or anything. No, no, anybody who agrees with him will go to hell also. (Wow.) They are ready, the hell is ready. Not karma. (Yes, Master. Understand, Master.)

Since a long time, forever, the Ukrainian people and the Russian people, of this period of time, have no karma, no bad karma with each other. It’s just Putin, he works for demons. (Oh, wow.) And many factors push him like that, and then because of his wild ambition, evil ambition, so they can use him pretty well. (Understand.) Like attracts like. (Yes, Master.)

I don’t know if the war people truly know that in the hells, tremendous, tremendous, immense suffering is awaiting them. They would never dare to even think in a dream. Not to talk about going and invading another country or threatening other citizens, or doing anything to make another country’s people anxious, worried, scared, sleepless, fearful or unstable. (Yes, Master. That’s right.) (Yes, Master.)

If they really see what all the saints and sages can see, they would not dare to say anything, do anything even. (Oh.) They all might just immediately go to a temple or a church somewhere, become a monk or a nun. They would never even want to think of staying in the world, doing anything. Not to talk about doing bad deeds, or, robbing other people’s countries. (Yes, Master.) Or making them fearful, anxious, by threatening them in different ways. (Yes, Master.) Just because they don’t know. (Yes.) But if you want to know, you just have to go the way of the Buddhas, the way of Jesus, (Right.) otherwise you can never know. (Yes, Master.)

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