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A Sincere Heart Can Change One's Karma (Part 1 of 3) July 11, 2013

Lecture Language:English,Vietnamese(Tiếng Âu Lạc (Tiếng Việt))
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You’re lucky to be alive, to be left alone to do your job. Not that we need any land or anything. It’s just nicer to have a place, stable, where we don’t need visa, where we don’t need to put up all our properties to guarantee our return to native land. And then we can freely maybe live together and contribute to the world in different ways, in the free way. Today, we have freedom, free world and all that, but we don’t have a world. Not that free. So that’s why you have to come all this way, and always have to spend money and time, and rushing to the airport, and rushing to catch the bus or the taxi or airplane. Even with all the hardship that you have to go through with visa and with arrangements for job and family and everything. Thank you for loving me so much. Thank you. I hope my love is good enough for you because I also do love you. Each one of you tells me, many people told me that she or he thinks that I love him or her alone. Is that correct? (Exactly. Yes.) Yeah? Exactly? Okay. Then it’s good. That means you are happy, you’re satisfied, and you feel contented that I don’t neglect you or abandon you, only love him better because he’s handsome, and loving him because he’s older. It’s not like that. Each one of you feel the same, right? (Yes.) Feel like I love you alone. (Yes.) At least very much and… (Yes, very much. Just only.) Only! Individually. And at least enough. (Yes.) Because in the family, sometimes parents have like two or three kids, and sometimes one feels like the parents love the other kid more than him or herself. Is that true? (Yes.) So how come you, so many multi-thousands think that I love you alone? Isn’t that funny, huh? But that’s how you feel, right, all of you? (Yes.) Anybody feel I don’t love you? (No!) If you feel that way, I’m sorry for you because you’re stupid. No matter how many of you, I love you all the same. Even if sometimes I scold you, I still love you all the same. Just scold your ignorance, not you, okay?
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