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Supreme Master Ching Hai’s Thoughts on the Urgent Situation in Ukraine, Part 7 of 8, Feb. 26, 2022

Lecture Language:English,Thai(ภาษาไทย)
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Even Biden offered him to evacuate to America or wherever, and he said, “No, I don’t need a ride, I need ammunition.” (Wow.) He refused to leave his people. (Yes.) So, you never know, who is who. You think that he may be just a comedian, just an artist, but his spirit is really noble, it’s really presidential. (Yes, I think so.) Very, very presidential.

So, maybe NATO is helping because they are nearby. All the neighbor countries are NATO members already. (Yes.) So, maybe if they see a good cause, they will fight back at Russia, and then maybe other countries will join in as well. If many countries cut ties and sanction, maybe Russia will be very isolated. (Yes, yes.)

But Putin relies on China. (Yes.) Like-minded buddy. But that’s also because of some bad politics before that, (Oh, yes.) that pushed China and Russia together. Before they were not together. (Oh.) They were kind of rivals. (Ah, I see.) And now they are buddy-buddy. That’s also one of the reasons why Russia is so emboldened, and more aggressive, like fearing nothing, just go in like that. (Yes. Right.) Just give an order and go in their border and then shoot the border guards. (Yes, Master.) And going to Kyiv and all that.

They are a little bit slow because of the strong resistance of the Ukrainians. (Right. Yes, Master.) Otherwise, they would have taken the capital already. (Oh.) But the president is fighting back hard; he is out with the people. He said, “We are still here. We will fight for our country.” (Right.) Even I was very touched to see the news, that they are fighting with whatever minimum they have. (Yes, they are very brave.) (Yes, very touching.) So brave and so strong. Love for the country is so strong, and hate injustice. So strong. Even though they are not a match for Russia. (Yes, that’s real bravery, Master.) Yes, yes. You’re right, you’re right.

Such a brave and noble race of people deserve the international community to support them, to help them, to protect them. (Yes, Master.) I mean, they know that they’re going to die. It’s not like, OK, you go in the battle, you go into combat, and maybe you die, maybe not. (Yes, Master.) But this young soldier, he went there to blow up the bridge, (Wow.) to delay the invasion, the movement of the Russian troops. (Yes.) And he knew that doing that he will die, together with the bridge, (Right.) (Yes, Master.)

So, concerning the normal people in such a situation, I mean normal thinking, and just to go and die like that for his country, to protect his people, it’s really, really, very, very heroic, very touching. (Yes, exactly.) Yes, and then the other 13 people in that Snake Island also. (Yes.) All they had to do is just to put down their weapons and go out and be free. (Yes.) Putin even promised, whoever doesn’t fight, just puts down the weapons then they can go home to the family. But they did not. (Right.) They did not. So these people, they’re really brave, really noble, for their positions. (Yes, exactly.) Because they are not like spiritual practitioners. They just love their country and they want to protect their people, (Yes.) and at least to protect the honor of their work and ideal that they’re living for. (Yes, Master.) And at that moment, it’s a test of their courage of what they’ve been trained for. (Right.) A test of their noble spirit. If I were Putin, I would just bow my head to them and leave immediately in shame.

The Russian soldiers are forced to go there to fight, whether they like it or not. But these Ukrainian soldiers, they sacrifice for their ideal, for their country, for their people, (Yes.) knowingly, courageously, heroically. How can a person go in and want to invade this kind of so beautiful a race of people’s country? (Yes, Master.) Must be a shameless, moral-less, lowest of the lowlife person. (Yes, Master. I agree.)

So, from the worldly standpoint, I salute these soldiers and others also, not just these few. They are fighting.

And their president also, even though he wasn’t a politician. (Yes.) He was just like an artist, a star. (Comedian.) A comedian. And he stayed with his people. He went on to the streets of Kyiv and took videos, by himself. (Yes.) Only with his closest governmental workers, advisers. (Right.) And told his people that, “I am here.” (Yes.) Oh, I really liked that.

Because there is some false information, saying he ran away already for himself. (Yes.) But he went out and said, “I am here.” for his people to feel more, supported and more high-spirited. (Yes, like an example.) Such a president deserves all the praise of all other leaders, and help. (Right. Yes, Master.)

Even Biden offered him to evacuate to America or wherever, and he said, “No, I don’t need a ride, I need ammunition.” (Wow.) He refused to leave his people. (Yes.) So, you never know, who is who. You think that he may be just a comedian, just an artist, but his spirit is really noble, it’s really presidential. (Yes, I think so.) Very, very presidential. (He made a very good impression.) Yes, very good impression.

So, if the international people don’t support them, don’t help them, then I think it’s all shameless. (Yes. Right, Master.) I’m not advocating for war, you know that. All of you know that, but the innocent people need to be protected. (For sure.) Yeah, if they themselves volunteered, want to leave the country or want to surrender, that’s another issue. But they want to fight, and they are fighting. The people need to protect them any way they can, NATO or not. (Right.)

What for the UN is there? (Yes, Master.) What for NATO is there? (Yes.) Such a noble race of people like that. Why do they have to put the label “NATO” on them in order to be protected? (Yes, should act more humane.) Yeah, that’s why I run a text on our TV (Yes, Master.) telling Russia to go home. (Right.) We do that, all of us. And also, you know, we pray for Ukraine. We really mean it. (Yes, we do pray.) I’m really, really impressed and touched by their spirit of dedication for their country and their people.

Putin is a coward, a bully, and bad boy, very, very bad boy. (Yes.) Just for his ambition, just for his ego, he sent his people to die, many, about 3-4 thousand Russian soldiers died already. (Wow.) And many of the tanks were destroyed and some helicopters shot down. The Ukrainians, they fight back. (Yes, yes.)

I’m also surprised, because Ukraine is a small populated country, (Yes, yes.) and it’s not like war-ready, and they fought back with whatever they can, even though the international community did not send any help at that time. (Yes.) Maybe they’re sending it now. I read that the Germans sent something, before they did not want to. They U-turned now and sent. Sent, like, weapons. (I see.)

But Russia has some very, highly deadly weapons. Like they have something that could evaporate human’s body. Humans. (Oh, wow.) (Yes, Master.) Send them into smithereens, into nothing. (Oh, wow.) Can you imagine that? And they also have nuclear arsenal and they threaten the whole world with it. And I don’t know why the international community puts up with this.

Yeah, of course they also worry that if the two nuclear powers pit their head against each other then it could be very, very fatal for the whole world. (Right, yes, Master.) That is the thing. (That is also a problem.) Probably that’s why they hesitate, but otherwise what? Let Putin be the boss of everybody? (No.) Also not much choice.

So this evil Putin, he… I think he knows all that, but he’s going to lose. Yeah, I don’t think such a person should win the war and would win the war. (Yes.) He might die soon also. (Oh, wow.) And then hell will welcome him with all kinds of, torture equipment that he could never imagine even in his dream. If he doesn’t stop now, no one can help him. He will be in hell forever and tortured forever. Even when all this sin winds down, is finished or lessened, he will have to be reborn in another kind of world where he’ll be terrified, terrorized all the days of his life, and again and again in another different dark corner of the universe. (Yes, Master.) Not just one hell waiting for him. Many, many hells, different levels. Oh, my God. (Scary.)

Yeah. I know. Nobody knew that. Because the physical body is good but it obstructs people’s eye, the Heavenly eye that we have, the third eye, so they cannot see anything. (Yes, yes.) So, they don’t believe Heavens or hells exist. Even the pope says there’s no hell. The pope, the P Francis. (Right, yes, Master.)

My God. Such darkness prevailing in this world. The majority of people don’t understand anything anymore. And then they think they can just rule over the world. At what price? They never know how much they are killing, murdering their own soul and spirit. (Yes, yes.)

It won’t be long until he knows it. Well, he’s not young anymore, anyway. (Yes, Master. True.) He’s old already. He should enjoy his children, grandchildren, or go do whatever, like all the senior people do. No, but he wants to be famous. He wants to go down in history as like a czar, who has brought back the Soviet Union. Oh! It’s a dream. He’s delusional. He’s possessed by evil. (Understand, Master.) And crazy and delusional.

The whole world is against him now. Even all the countries stopped the Russian airline, and refused Russian airline, even the bars and the restaurants they throw away vodka, they don’t sell it. (Oh, wow.) Yeah! And that is something that earns them a lot of money. (Wow.) They pour it all out and they sell somebody else’s vodka. Ukraine’s vodka, for example. I’m not advertising, either. You know I’m against all alcohol and all that. (Right.) But even all these people, not the high class in society or anything famous, they would know what’s right from wrong. (Yes, yes.)

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