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Conserving the World's Resources (Part 1 of 3) July 15, 2013

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Everybody one ger. It's very nice. Very simple. (Actually, Mongolia has four seasons, so Mongolian ger is suitable for four seasons. In summer time, it's not so hot, in winter time, it's not so cold.) How long does it last, these kinds of ger? (We maintain only, changing the parts very easily, so it can be very long.) Ten years? (Yes, 10 years.) Sounds like my life before. I used to live in a tent. But tent is not as stable as the ger. The ger is more comfortable, because it's round, and it's big. You can walk in there, stand up. More airy, more cool. No need to zip, no need zip, zip nothing. You just open. Open up and down the wall. (Herders are using sun power. And wind power. And they're using electricity, washing machine, TV and satellite and watching many channels.) Actually it's possible for that. If you just have a small ger, then if you have about maybe five or six solar panels; it depends on the new… Maybe new technology, just one or two very strong solar panels. I have a mountain house, not here, in another country. It's an old, very old, hundred-something year old like a farmhouse. It's about four square meters downstairs and the same upstairs, and there used to be no staircase that comes up. And then we dug up a bathroom and toilet. Before there wasn't even toilet, bathroom, nothing. And no electricity. Then later on, they put these solar panels and we can have light and television. And later, I put more solar panels and we can have a washing machine, but you know, those very, very, very, very economized ones. Then later on I had more solar panels put on, on the yard, in the land because it's a big land. (Mongolian renewable energy possibility is very high. Because almost 70 percent of the whole year is sunny and…) Even if it's cold, but there is sun, then you can get it. (We are trying to change it as much as we can.) Better change it, make it the first country in the world to be all vegan!
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