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Between Master and Disciples

Meditate More to Realize Our Planet-Saving Power (Part 1 of 2) Mar. 30, 2012

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(Before I met you, I had a very nice experience, spiritual. And then afterwards, I met you and I got initiation. And so, I very much long for the Light and Sound, but I have difficulties with it, so I don’t really have the experience. And so I wonder if you can help me with that or… I sometimes wonder in my lifetime will it still be possible to have this…) Experience. (… while living.) What lifestyle do you have? Busy? (Yes.) Do as much as you can, okay? It’s more difficult to concentrate but… busy, but physically or just mentally? (I think mentally more.) That’s why it’s difficult to meditate, okay? Now you come home, you change a little bit, not much. Exercise more, okay? Even do work in the house. If normally you don’t, you do it now. It relaxes you. Change, okay? Like you work too much with the brain, go home, wash your clothes, wash your dishes, clean the house, vacuum the carpet. These kinds are also exercise. Open all the windows, vacuum the carpet, clean the… dust the windowsills, do whatever. Maybe you don’t like to do it because you have other people to do it, no? (No.) Then do it a little bit more. Or take a walk. Take a walk in the fresh air until you feel tired and then come back, sit, meditate, right away. Okay? (Thank you very much, Master.) Come back, wash face, and then sit. At that time, you feel more settled and your mind doesn’t feel too active. Then you can concentrate better, okay? (Thank you.) You’re welcome. If you can’t walk or anything, just go to the balcony and jump rope or something. (Yes, I feel, I know I have to be more outside.) Yes, yes, yes, good, good. Or take fresh air and do some little movements. If you cannot do a lot and you don’t want to, then slowly, a little bit at a time. And then drink a little calming tea. Then your mind is a little less active. After exercise or walking, your mind is already a little… If the body’s tired, the mind also rests. Then drink a little tea and then go meditate. Okay, love? But don’t worry. Even if you cannot concentrate well, it’s just that you don’t see visions, but the Master power is always there for you and with you. Just your mind doesn’t get it, that’s all. Okay?
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