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Supreme Master Ching Hai’s Thoughts on the Urgent Situation in Ukraine (Ureign), Part 2 of 8, Feb. 26, 2022

Lecture Language:English,Thai(ภาษาไทย)
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So, actually every country belonged to everybody. (That's true.) It belonged to the world. (One big country.) Like a global community. (Right.) And originally after all, it belongs all to God. (True. Yes.) You bring nothing into this world, so you cannot claim that anything belongs to you. (Yes, Master. That's right.) The proof is that when you die, you have only two empty hands.

Even if he thinks the Ukrainians are harassing some Russians there, then he should just take them away and put them back in his country. (Yes. That’s right. That’s true.) To protect them there, not to want to take the whole country just for a group of Russians. (Exactly. Yes.)

Actually, they’re not all Russian people there. A majority are Ukrainian. The Russians lived there before, or maybe not, because they speak Russian, or maybe they immigrated from Russia before, (Yes.) when they were in the Union together. (Yes. Right.)

But I don’t think the Ukrainians did anything. They never did before, and why now? (Yes, Master.) They broke away from the Soviet Union a long time ago, many years already. (That’s right.) Why didn’t they do anything then? Why now? (Exactly.) (Yes, Master.) I think decades already. Right? (Yes.)

It’s just because he started it. He took away Crimea and then some other people also wanted to do the same. Or maybe they did not want to do it. It’s just that the Russians tried to inject ideas into their head. (Yes. Understand.) Or sending some spies or some Trouble-makers there, (Right.) to stir up problems, to prepare for invasion. “Good” idea! Just like he said before some region, citizens, or government “requested Russian troops.” Crimea also “requested”, that’s why. This guy! When you want to invade, you just make excuses. (Yes. Right, Master.) (That’s true.)

I hope I answered you, (Yes, Master.) because I’m not a politician by profession. (Yes, it’s clear. Thank You.)

Any other questions? (Yes, Master. Putin also says that Ukraine belongs to Russia. Is that true, Master?)

Is it? (I don’t think so.) (To me, no. Separate countries.) They used to be in the Union, Soviet Union together. (Yes.) But that was voluntary, before. After some world wars, many countries became poor, (Right.) so the Marxist theory, helping the poor and kick the rich, seemed to be very appealing. (Right.) So, at that time quite a few countries joined together with the Soviet Union. (Yes.)

Same with China, and all that afterwards. (Right. Yes.) Or some of the Asian countries including Âu Lạc (Vietnam). (Yes.) Because communism seems to be very attractive, because in many countries, many people are poor. (Right.) (Yes.)

Even in America, they say 99% are poor. They had some demonstrations before with the placard saying, “I am the 99.” Very few people are very rich because they made it to the top. (Oh, right. Yes.)

But most people, even if they’re poor, if you leave them alone, they take care of their life. (Yes, that’s true.) Not everybody has ambition to become rich. (Right.) (Yes, Master.) Because, to be rich, you also have to work a lot, a lot, a lot. (Yes. Right.) And many big companies are not all that fun. (Yes.) It’s not easy.

I have only a couple of small potato companies and a lot of work already. (Yes, understand.) If I don’t have to help the other poor or animal-people, the needy, and take care of Supreme Master Television, I’d never need to make any business. I don’t want to. (Yes, Master.) It’s such a headache and complicated. (Right.) You have to work with many people, different personalities, and different characters, different moods and all that, all the time. And they don’t always do what you want. (Yes. Understand.) Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. And business is not the way a spiritual practitioner should envy. (Right, yes. Yes, Master.) All right.

If he (Putin) says Ukraine belongs to Russia, then in a sense he’s right. We all belong to each other. (Oh, that’s true.) All countries originally belong to God. (Right, Master.) So, if Russia believes in God, Ukraine believes in God, then they are together. (We are all one. Yes.) Before they were like a union, Soviet Union, and many countries also joined. (Right. Yes.)

But he cannot say that anymore, because they wanted to be independent, and the Soviet Union is already broken. (That’s right.) But some countries still belong to Russia; he should be happy with that. (Yes, right.) What for do you want to rule the whole world? (Yes. True.) I think he has very little work to do, that’s why. He’s bored. (Yes.) Otherwise, he would say other countries also belong to Russia. Quite a few, I forgot. Georgia or not? (Belarus.) Belarus, yes. (Georgia, yes.) Georgia, maybe. Quite a few. (Yes. Quite a few.) And then many other small kingdoms. We saw them on TV. I just forgot all those names. (Yes, Master.) So, there are quite a few still with Russia. (Yes.) (Right, Russia is very big right now.) Yeah, still very big. (Yes.) So why is he so greedy? (Yes, we wonder.) Making excuse to just to cause suffering and bloodshed in another country that has nothing to do with him. (Right. Yes.)

Maybe the European Union did something that he doesn’t like, but why pick Ukraine? Ah, I know why. Because the people didn’t like one of the leaders that Russia backed. And so, they kicked him out, and another president or another leader came up, so Russia’s angry. (I see.) Lost the puppet. So, then they took Crimea, saying also before that Crimea used to belong to Russia. It could be so, because there was… long ago, there was a gift, but it’s given already. (Right.) (Understand, Master. Yes.)

Anything that doesn’t belong to you, or not freely given to you, willingly, you should not take. That is robbery. (That's right.) If people are not willing to give you, you make an excuse or you use force to take, that's robbery. It’s like a robber. (Yes, Master.) Like highway robber. There's no honor, no prestige in it. (Yes, Master.) It's disgusting and despicable. Low-life. (Right.) Low-life, low level. (Yes, Master. True.) So, you cannot earn any respect from the international community doing this kind of robbery. (Yes. Agree, Master.)

Even in broad daylight and shamelessly making any kind of excuses. (Right. Yes.) If you say what country belongs to what country, it could be also OK, but not to go and forcefully take it. (Yes.) A long time ago, we didn't have any countries. (Right.) Like the… You know, long time ago, the ancestry? The Neanderthaler our ancestry, they and other homosapiens, were wandering all over the planet. (Yes, right.)

So, actually every country belonged to everybody. (That's true.) It belonged to the world. (One big country.) Like a global community. (Right.) And originally after all, it belongs all to God. (True. Yes.) You bring nothing into this world, so you cannot claim that anything belongs to you. (Yes, Master. That's right.) The proof is that when you die, you have only two empty hands. (Exactly.)

I think Alexander the Great, when he died, he asked people to cover him, but put his two hands out. So, everybody could know, everybody could see and be reminded that when you die, you have only two empty hands. (Yes, right.) Only idiots would want to possess, force, and make bloodshed just for some land. (Yes, Master.) It's really disgusting.

And the world already has almost forgiven him for the Crimea bloodshed, and now he wants to make more. (Yes.) It’s just… he messed up, this guy. If we don't remember, then it's OK. But if we remember that he used to make excuses also for South Ossetia and Abkhazia also. (Oh. Yes.)

You see, mostly, these territorial dictators – if they want to take up any country, first they stir up problems within that country (Right, yes.) to separate people, to divide them, so that they become weaker, so it's easier to make an excuse to come in. (Yes.) And say, “Oh, We come in for peace keeping.” If they did not come in to begin with, then people would not need any peace-keeping… (Yes, exactly.) peace-keeping soldiers.

Just like in Azerbaijan, the border with Armenia. (Yes.) You see, Russia, was also having a hand in it. (Right.) And then make bloodshed over there and killed the ethnic people. That is truly ethnic cleansing. Talking about ethnic cleansing. He can start it anywhere, like in Georgia, South Ossetia, and Abkhazia region, etc., etc. (Yes, Master.)

Of course, before, they were in the Soviet Union. Or, even if they were not, there were always Russians living everywhere, (Right.) just like there are Bulgarians maybe living in England (Yes, right.) or Germans living in Latvia. (Yes, right, Master.) They’re just a small European continent. They live around. (Yes, that’s right.) They wander and they like it there, so they live everywhere. (Yes. True.)

So, maybe there are one or two people who are having some personal discontentment, and then they use them, stir up problem or send in spies or trouble-causer, (Yes.) to stir up problems somewhere; then they have excuse to say, “Oh, they’re harassing the Russian people. We have to go in, protect them,” or they have to go in to keep peace. And then things happen. (Oh.) Now it’s the same again.

I don’t know why they are not ashamed. I don’t know why he’s not ashamed to keep singing the same song, (Yes.) same old song. (That’s true. Yes.) And then really to look down upon all the international community as stupid. (Right.) Everybody knows it. (Yes.) No matter how much excuses you use, people are not stupid. (Right. Yes. That’s right.) Only the ones who make stupid excuses are stupid. (Yes, Master. Right.) But they don’t want to see themselves, (Oh. Yes, Master.) (Understand.) because of their vicious ambitions ‒ want to rule, want more land, more ruling power. Oh, all this is ugly, ugly, ugly.

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