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The True Christ Power, Part 7 of 9: Questions and Answers, May 30, 1999

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I am very clear about God because Hes reveals to me inside myself. Your God, my God – same God – just that you don't know Hirm yet. I know Hirm. When you meditate with my method, you can see Jesus yourself and ask Him yourself.

(In English. Considering the spiritual path, is it right and blessed to adopt children from another culture?)

Culture and traditions are man-made, spiritual way is God-made. It's always the same for every race. So, you don't have to change any kind of outer way of living, just practice contacting God inside by yourself, alone. Look, I come here, I wear a Western outfit, it's all right. (What kind of outfit?) Western. Makes no difference. God is only one. There is no Chinese God, Finnish God, German God, French God.

(Is Your relationship to God as servant to the master, or as equal?)

As what to the Master? (Servant.) As servant? Oh. No, no. Equal! We are God. As in the beginning, maybe we are still so not used to our original position, we might worship God as a Master, and we feel ourselves as a servant, but later Hes will bless us to know that we are one with God. Just like Jesus said, “I and my Father are one.” God made man in Hiers own image, so we are a part of God. How can it be master or servant? There is no master; we are all masters. It's just the language of the world sometimes separates us.

(Next question. In Finnish. In English. If we are God, who will decide whether we get to go to Heaven?) You decide.

(Second question in Finnish. In English. Jesus said, “Who is not for me is against me.” This means we cannot be God, although You appeal to or You refer to the Bible and to Jesus.) Hmmm? (That was the question. Shall I repeat it?) I know, I know, but what do you think?

The Bible says that you are the children of God, not I say it. The Bible says that God makes you in Hiers own image, not I say it. The Bible says that you are the temple of God, and God lives within you, not I say it. So if this body is just a temple, and God lives within you, and then who are you? You are not God, then who are you? Are you the devil? What do you think? If you come from God, then you are God, part of God, no? At least part of God. No? So how do you say that I’m against Jesus? It’s your misunderstanding. It is your misunderstanding.

I am very clear about God because Hes reveals to me inside myself. Your God, my God – same God – just that you don't know Hirm yet. I know Hirm. When you meditate with my method, you can see Jesus yourself and ask Him yourself.

Now, because you don't have access to Jesus, you don't have access to God, so you misunderstand a lot about what the Bible says and what I say. Yes? Yes, He is. Christ is the only way. Listen, listen. I know you have not spoken to Jesus. The way you said it, I know. Don’t tell lies, because God knows.

Jesus is a son of God, Christ is a son of God – Christ. You explain to him. Christ is the only son of God, because there is only one God, and Christ is the spirit of God which descends into Jesus' body to teach mankind. And in every generation, this only son of God, Christ, the power, Christ power, will descend into any other human body to teach mankind again, again and again. And whenever we can see this Christ power manifested somewhere, that is the son of God manifested to save us. Jesus still exists, but in another dimension, and the Christ power is still with Him, as well as within anyone that God has chosen to give this power. And this Christ power, the only son of God, is also within us.

And that's why Jesus said that, “Know you not that you are the temple of God, and the Holy Spirit dwells within you?” Do not deny yourself this glory because you have God within you, you have Christ power within you. Christ also said that, “Whatever I do, you can do also.” Christ did not tell us that we are less, we are different from Him. We can do whatever He does, that's what He said in the Bible. Did He not?

He just came to show us the way to know the God within us. He came to tell us that, “What I do, you can do also.” He came to show us that; but, of course, if we have not reached the level of Jesus Christ when He was alive, we could not understand His teaching very well. That's why there are so many wars even within Christianity, because they fight between whether this Christian group's God is higher than the other Christian group's God. It's a very sad affair. I hope I’ve made it clear. Thank you. Next one, please.

(In Finnish. As we can see similarities between different religions, for instance, the enlightenment, when it comes to enlightened persons, such as Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, what is the common ground for Godliness in various religions? Or is there such a common factor when it comes to God? What or which is God?)

Yes, which is God, there is only one. There is only one God, you know that. The only wise thing to do is just come and know this God. I just show you, and then you call Hirm whatever names you like. If you have time to study different religious doctrines, you will understand that they all point to the same God.

The reason we argue between religions is because of two reasons. Number one, we don't have time to study all the religious doctrines. We don't even have time to study the whole bible of our own religion, to be honest, so we don't see the same essence of the teaching of all great religions and great Masters.

Number two reason is that we are not enlightened enough to understand the real meaning of the religious doctrine. Remember the ones who wrote the doctrines, the Bible, for example, the ones who wrote the Bible are enlightened Saints. In order to know what they are talking about, we have to be at their level, and we are not.

So we argue back and forth, we blame each other, we accuse each other, we slander each other's religious faith, and kill each other sometimes, because “my God is better than your God.” It is a shame. Suppose, if I believe in God, I should be a loving and kind person. I would never kill anyone else.

So, if we don't understand a religion, it's a very dangerous thing. So please, I invite you to come and enlighten yourself, and then you can understand, and then you can teach others to understand the true meaning of Christ. I have no reason to sit here and tell you nothing that is not Truth.

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