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Awaken: Discourses from “Así Hablaba Quetzalcóatl (Thus Spoke Quetzalcóatl),” Part 1 of 2

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Today, we would like to present selections from ‘Así Hablaba Quetzalcóatl (Thus Spoke Quetzalcóatl),’ where the Venerated Master teaches that enlightenment is our salvation and for us to appreciate nature’s bountiful gifts as well as loving and respecting all forms of life.

THE SPIRIT OF THE TREE “Today sat down under an old tree, as old as the most ancient old man of Tula. Tiredness had vanquished me, and I fell asleep under its branches. I saw the tree’s spirit between the dream’s curtains; without talking, he told me: Brother, sensitize your brothers’ hearts so they can understand us. They think that we do not feel their knocks, that we do not feel when hands cut our stems, even when they are not ripe enough because of the short time they have lived. Your brothers also think that we do not see, with pain, how parents give bad advice to their children, allowing them to hurt us. What kind of damage can a tree do? What kind of damage can a flower do to cut it when it is in the fullness of its life? We know that you give flowers as a sign of courtesy and love, among many of you, but don’t you realize that when you give that sign of love, you are taking a life that does not belong to you? You have not been put on Earth to destroy it little by little with your selfishness. You are here to transform the Earth with Love. With your attitude, Nature is afraid of you; however, we are still sustaining you, and we are giving you back good things instead of bad things.”

THE DREAM THAT WRAPS YOU UP “And they told Him: Master, we beg you to speak to us about death. And so He told them: What you call life is nothing but the death of things. That which you see with your eyes is their death. And those who let themselves be moved by it are dead, even if they walk and speak. The streets and the squares are full of death, and yet to adore it, you go to cemeteries. Very few are the ones who live during this existence. And even fewer are the ones who aware of this awakening, take it to their brothers so they can be brought back to life again. The sleep that wraps you up is so profound that you have even accommodated the word ‘life’ into your sleep, and you have lost the strength in your mouth and your hearts. Your sleep is so heavy that you dream that you are awake when all you do is snore more than you did before. Look into your hearts. Awake your conscience. Fill your days and nights with sacrifices because that is the only way you will find the Flame of Inner Heavenly Light that will awaken you to Life. Truly only the Inner Heavenly Light, only enlightenment, changes us completely, awakening us from death to Eternal Life, and revealing us the Truth.”
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