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The True Christ Power, Part 2 of 9, May 30, 1999

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Everything when we can use in abundance, we feel free and we feel very, very happy. Similarly, if we can make use of the blessing of God, which is inside us, then we will feel very, very free.

(Beloved Master Ching Hai, Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai, beloved audience and all disciples of Master, welcome to this Cultural House of Helsinki on this sunny Sunday afternoon to meet our beloved Teacher, the highest Master, Master Ching Hai. We initiates of Finland have been sincerely praying already for a long, long time that our Master would visit here one day. And in this northern country, it's very far away, and She is very busy; we know that very well. Today, that deep wish of many hearts has become true; and today is also a very big day in this country, Finland, for countless families, as it is Mother's Day here.

Respected ladies and gentlemen, in front of you now sits the highest Master, Master Ching Hai. And those who have any gifts or flowers to bring to Her, please feel free to do that now and put them beside Her. So, one more applause to Master Ching Hai, please. Welcome. The next program, after Master has received some gifts from our disciples and visitors, is that we are all very excited to hear Master’s lecture.)

Thank you very much. (I repeat once more in Finnish, if somebody has flowers or some small gifts for Master, you are welcome to give them.) Here. Come here, come here. Want some candy? OK. Hey! You also want? You’re so big. Thank you. Wow.

Thank you so much for your love. I’ll give you the flowers later. It’s very difficult to hear from here. Can you hear very clearly over there? (Yes.) Yes? (Does it sound better now if I speak closer?) They understand English, wonderful people. (Yes.) (So, thank You for pointing that out. So now it’s Master’s turn to start speaking, and… yes.) Thank you, thank you. Thank you, a good, beautiful evening to you.

How are you? How is everybody? It is like spring in your country. (It is spring here in Finland at the moment.) Ah, yes. Some technical problem. In Finland, it is springtime now? Or summer? Summer. But it seems like spring to me because yesterday, I walked through the park and near the lake, and it still feels a little like spring air, and also the new leaves have just begun to come out. The springtime always makes people feel good; makes me feel good. It feels like we should renew our life; we begin everything in the very, very enthusiastic spirit.

I thank you for the Finland brothers and sisters who have invited me here repeatedly, and finally, I made it to your country. May God bless you and your country so much, in this new, coming year and the new-coming era because your people deserve it so much, the very fine, very gentle race of people. In just the short time that I have arrived here until now, I have met only kindness and love everywhere – on the street, in the store, in the taxi, in the train station, everywhere.

The country is so fresh, the air so clean, everything feels so pleasant to the heart. Even the water from the tap, you can drink – so clean. Nowadays… Is that true? Can drink, huh? Because I drank it – I have drunk it this morning. I hope it's OK. Because I asked the people if I could drink some water directly. They said, “Yes, yes,” and I was so happy, and I drank it right away.

For me, the water in the land, if you can drink directly from the tap, is a great blessing, because it feels abundant, feels like you can drink forever and you don't have to worry. Nowadays, not every country's water you can drink. Many countries’ water is very contaminated, and you have to limit yourself to small bottles, and I feel very restricted. The hearing is OK still, huh? Give me a sign if you cannot hear. Good. All right.

Everything when we can use in abundance, we feel free and we feel very, very happy. Similarly, if we can make use of the blessing of God, which is inside us, then we will feel very, very free. Then we don't even have to pray for God's blessing. It will always be there automatically. And that's what I want to talk to you about, the freedom – the freedom that is not known on this planet unless we know God, unless we know the freedom inside, the bliss, the blessing inside. It is lucky that we live in a free country such as Finland. And then, we can even sit together and talk about the greater freedom of Heaven, which we can attain right now, while we are still working in this physical life. This freedom… oh, my God! This freedom is the greatest possession, is the greatest merit, the greatest treasure that we can ever wish to have.

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