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The True Christ Power, Part 1 of 9, May 30, 1999

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“I have practiced already six years the Quan Yin Method with the help of Supreme Master Ching Hai. I do it with all my heart and I pray, that Master Ching Hai will help me and give me peace. As a child I was very weak. When I was ten years old I went with my mother and other charitable people to visit a military hospital to see the wounded and give presents. I noticed how many wounded boys were there, their age around 18 and 20 years old. Some boys had lost their arm, some had their leg cut off. One youngster had lost his sight and an elderly person sat by his side and tried to feed this young blind man.”

“I felt enormous sadness and pain as I watched these people wounded in the war. Then I asked myself: life and humanity, what is it about? Why are these young people suffering and why do we wage war with each other?”

“I concluded that I had to pray silently inside: from whom or where could I get instruction and support for spiritual peace on the walk of life, because I really needed it. Suddenly, fate brought this gift to my life, as a friend told me that an older woman, a preacher, lives in America. She donates sample booklets and videos with lectures. I asked for a sample booklet to read and I was fascinated by it, with every sentence, every page. It was easy for me to understand it, just like a friend was telling me about the meaning of life.”

“Then I decided to become a disciple of Master Ching Hai. Two months later, I was initiated in Germany. When I returned home, it was easier for me to meditate and to eat pure plant-based food.”

“My experiences from the initiation: I saw the (inner Heavenly) Light and heard the (inner Heavenly) Sounds very clearly. At the group meditation, I also saw the (inner Heavenly) Light and heard the (inner Heavenly) Sounds and after the group meditation I noticed how great, happy and wonderful I felt. Sometimes in meditation, I felt emptiness, then again, I felt better inside.”

“Each day of my life, when I have difficulties, I pray inside that Master will give me strength and courage, and those I have always received.”
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