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Selections from “Pistis Sophia’”– Chapters 22 to 27, Part 1 of 2

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“Pistis Sophia,” meaning “Faith-Wisdom,” or “Faith in the Light,” is a Gnostic scripture of teachings given by Lord Jesus Christ in the 11 years following His resurrection. After being lost for over 1,000 years, the “Pistis Sophia” manuscript was rediscovered in Egypt in the late 1700s. In this scripture, Lord Jesus Christ addresses His disciples regarding different aspects of Heaven and the Divine.

Today, it is an honor to share with you excerpts from Chapters 22 to 27 of “Pistis Sophia,” where Lord Jesus Christ agreed to answer questions from Saint Philip the Apostle and Saint Mary Magdalene about the Divine purification and fashioning of souls, as well as how the path of demonic tyrants had to be changed so that many other souls could be saved.

“And Jesus answered and said to Philip and to all the disciples together: ‘I have changed their path for the salvation of all souls. Amen, amen, I say to you If I had not changed their path, a host of souls would have been destroyed, and they would have spent a long time, if the rulers of the aeons and the rulers of the Fate and of the sphere and of all their regions and all their heavens and all their aeons had not been brought to nothing; and the souls would have continued a long time here outside, and the completion of the number of perfect souls would have been delayed, which [souls] shall be counted in the Inheritance of the Height through the mysteries and shall be in the Treasury of the Light.”

“Now, therefore, from now on will I hide nothing from you, but I will reveal unto you all things with surety and openness. Listen then, Mary, and give ear, all ye disciples: Before I made proclamation to all the rulers of the aeons and to all the rulers of the Fate and of the sphere, they were all bound in their bonds and in their spheres and in their seals, as Yew (a mantric word or magic key related to clairvoyance), the Overseer of the Light, had bound them from the beginning; and every one of them remained in his order, and every one journeyed according to his course, as Yew, the Overseer of the Light, had established them.”
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