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The True Christ Power, Part 3 of 9, May 30, 1999

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We have spent a lot of time in some of the useless pursuits, and which we sometimes regret later. So, now that we know how to find God – I am going to show you – now that we know the way to find freedom, the way to find happiness inside, we will make use of this wasted time only, the free time only, to turn it into the precious discovery of the Kingdom within ourselves.

Sometimes I am just so… bursting inside and I just don't know how to explain this to people. I look back at my life before and I look at my life now, there are differences. I was so bound, so limited, so restricted, by myself, by all kinds of conventions, by all kinds of prejudice, by all kinds of traditional thinking and way of life that even though I lived in free, democratic countries, I never felt truly free.

And then, when I first got a glimpse of God, first got a taste of enlightenment, I thought, “That's it! I am free!” I felt free. But then, that was just a fraction of the freedom, until I kept continuing to recognize this freedom, and then it grew and grew until I cannot explain anymore what true freedom is. I just know I am free.

And when I looked at some of our brothers and sisters who are still in the stage that I was before, I’d feel sorry, because this freedom, every one of us can attain, but not every one of us has. Even enlightened people will take a little while to get the complete freedom.

It's not the outside freedom, it's not the outward action, like you have to jump around or shouting on the street or advocate for your own freedom inside. It's just the limitless feeling of expansion that you could be anything you want, you could do anything you want, and yet, you still remain in virtues, you still remain in God's love, you still remain in perfection. And yet, no one will ever be harmed, be killed, or be suppressed in any way by our attaining our freedom.

We work so hard daily just to attain the freedom of living, the freedom of survival, so we can have enough food, we can have enough necessities to take care of our physical life. So, it is about time. Since we have everything already in this physical comfort, it is about time we work for our spiritual freedom. It is the new season, I think we can begin to do something new, and I come here to offer you a new way, a newfound freedom that you will never regret again, that you have never found before no matter how much money you have.

Excuse me. You know the smoking cough. I also have to share the generosity of the smokers around Europe when I travel. Just like I want to offer you a method to find freedom, they offer me their secondhand smoke.

Well, everyone offers what they have, so I offer you the best that I have. And this offering will never cost us anything, not even effort. Not even effort because we have it inside us already. All we have to do is just to make use of it. It's even cheaper than the water that I drank this morning. You have to pay for water here, right? Tap water? Well, even if you don't have to pay for the water, we still have to pay tax in order to make the pipe and the water tower and everything. But to drink the water of life – this means the water of blessing from God – we don't have to ever, ever pay one penny. And it takes as much time as... just like we sleep or we rest on a coffee break. It’s OK? Can hear? Yeah.

We have spent a lot of time in some of the useless pursuits, and which we sometimes regret later. So, now that we know how to find God – I am going to show you – now that we know the way to find freedom, the way to find happiness inside, we will make use of this wasted time only, the free time only, to turn it into the precious discovery of the Kingdom within ourselves.

So, there is not even time that we need, not even effort that we need. All we have to do is know how to find God. All of us know that sometimes, we just don't know what to do also with some of our free time. Sometimes, we are so bored – the time we sit on the train, the time we sit on the buses, the time we sit on the airplane, or the time, sometimes we just sit in the park doing nothing. All these times, we can turn into conducive moments to enjoy the freedom within, and then manifest it also without.

The people... Sorry, love. You’re all right? The people of Finland have everything already, almost. You even have one of the best telecommunication systems. I use them. I use your telephone, two of them, two of the most famous. So, actually, I cannot offer you any more material comfort than your country already offers, itself, but I can offer you something greater than earthly possessions and success – I can offer you the Kingdom of God, which you have forgotten. And it's so easy, like you are looking at the flowers now. Because it is so easy, I am confident that almost all of you would want to have it because it is the greatest thing you can have.

But one thing, a little bit impractical, that I also share the sympathy with you, it is maybe the way of life that we are used to.

We are, scientifically speaking, originally vegan beings, because we have a longer intestine than those who eat flesh, like tiger-people for example. But since we are being taught to be used to eating flesh, it might be a little difficult to go back to the original way of life. And for that, we also have some, like a so-called convenient way, so you can try to get used to the vegan diet. And we also will teach you to cook, and sample those cookbooks for you, etc., etc. Maybe that will help a little bit to facilitate your transition back to the original, noble way of life.

Because these days I also have been traveling alone. I mean completely alone, with luggage and check in, check out, tickets and booking, everything alone, just to try to see how an ordinary person fares his way through the world if he is to be vegan. And I found that it's not always that simple for you. Because I travel alone. But if you travel together, two, it's easier. You can also bring simple things to cook and it will be fine.

And nowadays, almost every hotel and restaurant, they have a vegan menu, a small one. And in the airplane also, you can demand vegan food, but not very, very generous vegan food. I think many people still have the notion that vegan means only vegetables. Or some people think that fish is also a vegetable – funny idea, of course.

But then, if many of us practice the spiritual way of life, then God will provide, just like God has provided me these days with everything that I need, even though I travel from one country to another, not knowing where I will land and in which hotel I will have a room, because I don't book in advance. I just want to see how God will provide things for me. And we can survive all right.

But of course, if we stay home and cook for ourselves, it is much more tasty and more nutritious. When I am at home, I hardly ever get sick of any kind at all. It’s just when I travel, I always get infected. Anyhow, most of us don’t have to travel, so it’s all right.

So, this is the only thing that I found up to now. A setback for most of the people is the vegan diet that they are afraid of. But it must not be, must not be an obstacle. Once we have the will, there is a way, and God really will provide everything we need.

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