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Selections from The Sutra of Complete Enlightenment: Chapter 3, Part 1 of 2

Language:Persian (Farsi)(ففارسی)
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There are 12 chapters and a short convocation in The Sutra of Complete Enlightenment. In a deep state of meditative concentration (Samādhi), Buddha and 100,000 great Bodhisattvas, with 12 eminent Bodhisattvas acting as spokespersons, engage in dialogue with the Buddha on doctrine, practice and enlightenment.

Chapter 3: Universal Vision Bodhisattva “Then, in the multitude, Universal Vision Bodhisattva stood up from the seat, worshipped Buddha’s feet with his head, went around Buddha clockwise three times, knelt down, put his palms together, and said to Buddha, ‘Merciful Buddha! For the Bodhisattvas in this gathering and the beings in the era that Buddhism is going to extinguish, wish Buddha preach that, in Bodhisattvas’ gradually and orderly practice, how should they think? How should they focus on and practice? If there are beings who are not enlightened, then what expedient ways should the Bodhisattvas teach to make these beings enlightened?’

At that time, Buddha said to Universal Vision Bodhisattva, ‘Very good! Very good! Virtuous man, for Bodhisattvas and the beings in the era that Buddhism is going to extinguish, you asked Buddha that, in the gradual and orderly practice, how should they think, focus on, and practice and even asked the various expedient ways that should be preached expediently. Listen carefully now. I will expound it for you!’

‘Virtuous man, if there are new Bodhisattvas and the beings in the era that Buddhism is going to extinguish who want to attain Buddha’s pure complete enlightened mind, then they should be mindful of their thoughts and keep away from illusions. Foremost, they should practice Samatha that Buddha taught, insist on keeping precepts, peacefully stay with monks or multitude, quietly sit and meditate in a quiet room, and keep on thinking, “Now, my body is made up by Four Elements (earth, water, fire, wind). The hairs, nails, teeth, skin, flesh, tendons, bones, marrows, brain, skin dirt, and organs are made up of the element ‘earth’; the saliva, snivel, pus, blood, lymph, phlegm, tear, sperm, excrement, and pee are made up by the element ‘water’; the energy is made up by the element ‘fire’; the circulation and movement are made up by the element ‘wind.’ If the Four Elements separate, then where is my unreal body?”’

‘Virtuous man, because these beings’ illusory bodies extinguish, their illusory minds also extinguish; because their illusory minds extinguish, the illusory objects (that the sense-organs perceive) also extinguish; because these illusory objects extinguish, the illusory “extinguishment of illusions” also extinguish; when the illusory “extinguishment of illusions” extinguish, the thing that is not illusory does not extinguish. It is like someone cleans a dirty mirror; when defilements are removed, the images will appear.’

‘Virtuous man, the pure Nature of complete Enlightenment manifests in our bodies and minds according to the various characteristics of things themselves and ignorant people say that the pure complete Enlightenment really exists and our bodies and minds also exist like that. Because of this view, beings cannot keep away from illusions. For this reason, I said that our bodies and minds are illusory defilements. Those who practice keeping away from illusory defilements are named “Bodhisattvas.” When the illusory defilements are removed by practice, then the practice to remove defilements and the people who can name the “illusory defilements” will not exist.’”
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