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Words of Wisdom / Supreme Master Ching Hai's Lectures

The True Christ Power, Part 5 of 9, May 30, 1999

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Knowing God is not only to elevate ourselves: it will elevate the world; it will bless the world's atmosphere; it will have less war; it will have more peace, more love, more abundance to everyone around us.

Therefore, the wisdom of the old Masters has taught us many things, such as we should love one another, such as we should be honest, such as we should love God with all our might. But how to love God, if we don't know Hirm? I am going to show you God, so that you can love Hirm and you can know Hiers love and blessing every day. Every religion talks about God, so much talk about God everywhere, it's about time we know God.

Knowing God is not only to elevate ourselves: it will elevate the world; it will bless the world's atmosphere; it will have less war; it will have more peace, more love, more abundance to everyone around us. Because we will become the living pole of transmission of the love from Heaven, of the blessing from Heaven, and then it will emit from our being to the surroundings.

So, knowing God, not simply just because we want to have the God power, it is because we want to love the world more, we want to bless the world more, and cause more happiness to our loved ones and to our planet – even larger, to the whole universe. Because we are all linked together with an invisible tie that we don't even see. It's just like all the atoms are linked together in every material subject in order to hold them in one piece. We are also like the atoms of the universe, and we make the universe’s construction exist in a solid manner, but invisible to the naked eye.

So, if the Light, the power within us, is rekindled, then the whole universe will benefit. We originally came from God, and God has the same essence like we have.

Although the Most High has no form, Hes can also manifest in different forms, just as in this physical body, like us sitting here, or in another kind of metaphysical form, which we will see inside while we meditate on Hirm.

And this metaphysical form will teach us so many things that we want to know; will help us with all kinds of problems in this life and the next. We can even access Jesus, Buddhas, etc. – all the Masters in the past – and converse with Them, and let Them teach us Their wisdom until we reach Their height.

All of us will wonder, “How come…” - if we say we are God - “How come we can become this physical body, which is so helpless and so cumbersome to carry around, which is so not free, so limited?” In my knowledge, in my meditation, God has shown me how it happened. It's difficult to explain in the human language, but I shall try my best.

We were originally the essence of Light, the essence of the very fine, subtle vibratory energy which creates all these particles in the whole universe. By the process of churning, we have become condensed into this physical being. But then, I have also been shown that there is always a particle inside which has never been churned into physical being, inside us. That is the Lifesaver within ourselves, that is the so-called “the Holy Spirit that dwells within” this “temple of God.”

We are at the bottom of the churning process of the Creation, that's why we are a little coarse, we are a little cumbersome, heavy. There are other finer vibrational energies which are floating above us, and we could have access to them if we raise our energy up to their standard.

And now, there is still always this little spark within us that has never been contaminated, that has never been processed into physical energy, and that spark we can always have access to in order to return to where we have come from, to reverse the process, to go back to the original state of being, which is Light, which is the fine energy. And this Light, this fine energy, this fine so-called vibration – the “Word” in the Bible – this is God, this is our essence of being. So, to get in touch with this original, fine energy, original Light, original Word, that is to get in touch with God. Although God also can show us Hiers metaphysical form, as I have mentioned earlier, to converse with us.

I hope I have made it a little clear to you. I believe that you are an intelligent race of people – you have understood. In case I have forgotten anything, please let me know and I will answer you, and then I can show you the practical question that you’ve come here for, that is, I can show you God. You can see Hirm right away.

OK. Thank you for your attention. You have been so good, so good, so quiet. I could even hear my own breathing. Yes, any question, please address, then the translator will tell me. You can write in English also.

(The first question was that we were talking about violence and the two forms of violence. There's the physical and mental violence in a family.) Violence? (Yes. And they say that, there’s always maybe one member in the family that is chosen as a scapegoat. And this member is being prejudiced against that they… This one person in the family has bad karma (retribution), and this person can be also forced into meditation against the person's will, which is against all the principles of meditation.)

What kind of meditation is that? Nobody should force anybody into any kind of spiritual practice, meditation or not meditation. Everybody should choose what they want to do.

Can you hear her? (Yes.) Good. Yes or no? (Yes.) OK, and what else is there? (The other...) Just very concentrated and simple.

(OK. The other question is about the physical violence in the family. It's not right that the husband hits his wife or parents hit their children. But how to stop these things from happening? And how to give people better ways of dealing with conflicts in the family?)

OK. Family problems always happen everywhere, and of course, we are civilized people, we should talk together. And if, after talking and discussing, it still doesn't work, then we have to think of a solution, either try to bear it, or separate.

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