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The True Christ Power, Part 4 of 9, May 30, 1999

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Once we surrender ourselves to God's power, once we have connected ourselves with God power and surrendered to this power, everything will be taken care of to the minute detail.

I have been traveling more than a month now, and every two days one country, and I have always found that I landed next to whatever I need. That is the extreme case.

When I was in Slovenia... I am telling you all these experiences to assure you that you will be OK. We think that we change the way of life from flesh to vegan, but in fact we only return to what is right, or what we have forgotten. You can be courageous and decide that, OK, you follow through from today, or you can say, “OK, I try first.” And we have two ways for you to suit yourself.

But vegan alone doesn’t make you find God; I have to show you. Then you can contact God every day, directly, just like using the Nokia or the Ericsson to say “hallo.” Even more direct than that, face to face. We all hear about God and Heaven, but we have never seen one, so it's about time to see. If God is there, we should be able to see Hirm somehow. There must be a way. If Heaven exists, we must be able to enter it, at least to peep, have a look. If I am such a small, humble person and can see Heaven, can talk to God, I am sure all of you can do even better.

You are much more intelligent. Or even the old lady, very old – she cleans my room – she speaks, fluently, English. And, in case you have worried about the vegan diet, then don't be, because even if I am a stranger in your land and in every other land, I can find my way, then you can.

Once we surrender ourselves to God's power, once we have connected ourselves with God power and surrendered to this power, everything will be taken care of to the minute detail.

(I have to speak louder.) Yes, please. Please, because some people are very far, and some people have problem hearing. (OK.) Yes, thank you very much. Can you turn the volume higher? I know you have a very gentle voice, but here we need… Big hall, you see.

That’s how we find courage, and we find all the strength to deal with all kinds of obstacles and problems in this life, once we are connected with God.

All the Saints in the past, they have never, ever feared death, however humankind, however the enemies wanted to torture them, even cut their limbs one by one; they have always seen the glory of God, because they are so blissful inside. That we can be oblivious to outer influence, and to the pain of the world – doesn't matter how much the world wants to inflict suffering on us – we will not be so affected.

Ah, yes, go back to Slovenia. I forgot about that. Of course, we travel, the big groups are traveling here also in order to help out with buying fruit, setting up microphone and printing a lot of free books for you, arranging lecture for you. But I travel alone, apart from them.

So normally, I would take a taxi, and my luggage is very small like this – I have almost the same clothes, wash and wear again – so I always take a taxi. But in Slovenia, I don't know why that day there were only two taxis and they were taken immediately; probably they were already ordered from previously, and so they just came, fetched the customers, and drove away. There were buses, but they were full of people.

There were taxis all over in the city, it's just that that day, they were not in the airport – nothing. It was the first time it ever happened, that I didn’t find any taxi at any airport like that. So, I kept waiting for a long time, and no other taxi ever showed up.

So, I had to go and rent a car. There were also our brothers and sisters who came, but I wanted to let the other people, other brothers and sisters, go in the car. Because if they take care of me, there will be too much trouble, and other people don't have a car. There are no taxis.

So, I went and rented a car in a nearby booth. I am not a good driver; I just began two years ago. I hardly drive; I normally have drivers. It’s just when I want to show that I am independent, then I go out and drive myself. So I rented a car. And then when I finished all the paperwork and everything, it took half an hour.

And then when I came out, I discovered that it's a stick shift, it's not automatic, and I have never, ever driven a stick shift in my life! But somehow, I managed to drive to the city. It was a scary adventure. Of course, I asked the Father, “Please, You drive!” Because I never knew how to drive this car before.

I am a very simple country girl, I am not used to complicated, mechanical stuff. And I couldn't believe it – I drove in a strange city with no experience, nothing! I drove to the hotel in the city.

I just want to tell you that if we truly have connection with God, we have no fear; we can do anything and we are always protected. So, have no fear of, even, that we don't have food to eat or we don't have a means of transportation or that any problem in life may arise. We must be courageous and follow whatever our heart tells us “that is right.” You can also try to go slowly, but we are man, we can decide quick.

Besides, the reason is that, once we are in contact with God and we want to become one with God and we want to be God-like, a walking God on this planet, then we should represent Hiers quality, which is Love, and Love includes all beings.

When we want to go into a higher dimension of Heaven – Heaven has many levels, just like in this society we have different classifications – if we want to go into the highest dimension of Heaven and know the deepest secret of the universe, we should have less and less burden as possible. And those things that we consume, such as alcohol, drugs and flesh, these are the burdens that are very detrimental to our journey to Heaven.

Not that God cares about what we eat or what we take into our physical body. It is just that we must be purified physically, emotionally, and spiritually in order to be a unique being, glorified that we are, that is, the children of God.

God loves us, no matter how much we sin. No matter how many blunders we committed, God always loves us, and in Hiers eyes, we are always Hiers children. But for ourselves, for our conscience, we should, we must walk the noble way of Love, in order to feel free from any guilt feeling, in order to be one with Hirm.

Because originally, we are God, and eventually, we will become one with the Ocean of Love that is God again. We are God manifested in this physical world. So there is no one to judge us whether we are bad or we are good, except ourselves, our own wisdom, our own conscience, our own fairness of knowledge that will judge ourselves at the time of departure from this world.

That's why we must rid ourselves of all this unnecessary burden so that we can recognize the pureness essence of original Self, which is from God, which is great, which is all-love, all-light, all-blessing.

…I’m sorry. I am sorry. You are doing great. It's just I speak so fast.

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