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The True Christ Power, Part 6 of 9: Questions and Answers, May 30, 1999

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This method is for everything. Once we find God, we will have more peace and love inside to deal with all these human emotions in a better way.

(I have a question, I hope You will solve this for me. I am a student, and I have lost my ability to concentrate and my motivation. How or in which way can I get these back? With the Quan Yin Method maybe? I cannot really start with my studies yet. I am suffering very much. Only You, Master Ching Hai, can help me, and also You can help other students as well.)

When you start to grow up in your teenage life, there will be many distractions, and that's why it's difficult for you to concentrate. You can also practice a little bit of meditation. If you want Quan Yin Method, it's fine. If you cannot, then you can practice a simple method of concentration to help you. Also, try not to watch too much of the distracting movies, and not to look around at beautiful women or handsome men too much. After you finish your study, of course you can do anything you want. Think of your parents and your benefactors who work very hard for your study, and try to fulfill your obligation - because the student time is actually the best time - or later you will regret it. And tell yourself you must finish this study in front of you first, and everything else comes later; determine to finish.

(If soul is eternal, the body lives only for a short time, how long does a persona live?)

The soul lives forever, of course. The personality is just the habit that we acquire while we are in this physical body, and it lives as long as the physical body lasts. Next one, please.

(Why do human beings have to be born on Earth? Why do we have to be born here?)

Because we chose to. We chose to come here to gather a new experience on this planet, and when the time comes, we go back Home, or we come back again if we have not had enough satisfaction with the experience on Earth.

(In English. Can an enlightened person live in a partnership relation, in an intimate relation?)

Of course. Where do you think all these babies and children come from? Funny, I didn't come to ask you to become a monk. I only come to ask you to add God into your existing life, to make your life even more happy, more complete. Of course, you can be a monk if you want to, but that is not obligatory. (That is not?) Obligatory. Not necessary.

(Is there a method for letting go? Letting go, like, sorrow, anger.)

Of course. This method is for everything. Once we find God, we will have more peace and love inside to deal with all these human emotions in a better way. Please, the next one.

(How can You show us God?)

I just will. If you stay behind, you will know how. If you stay later, I'll show you how.

(If I find God inside of me, as I really hope, how can I help my husband in his life? Can we still live together if he is not interested in this? What would happen to me if he is not interested in…?)

Yes, of course, you can still live with him. As I said before, everyone has the right to choose his way of living. If you can live with a dog, cat, bird, why cannot you live with another human being? Interested in this method or not, he is still a God himself. When his time comes, he will choose to know God. Maybe his time has not come, then he chooses not to want to know. So, do not be anxious for somebody else's development. Be anxious only for your own. We can only offer something, but the person takes it or not, that's his own right. OK, thank you. It's getting better now.

(What is most important to get you up in the meditation level, to find the harmonic level? Do You have any good, simple advice?)

I will tell you how to help yourself during the transmission. It takes some time to tell you all this because you should learn it in a proper way; otherwise, the enlightenment takes just seconds. (Seconds?) Seconds, yes.

(My name is Isaac. What can I do when I am depressed and frustrated about life? Do I seek medical help or spiritual help? If the answer is spiritual help, how do I seek it?)

Every problem in this life comes from we don't know God, comes from the ignorance of God's power within ourselves. So finding God, we will be happy. Every problem will go away by itself. Talking too much doesn't help you – knowing God will help you.

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