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The True Christ Power, Part 8 of 9: Questions and Answers, May 30, 1999

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True happiness only comes from knowing God, which is the essence of our being. But in this world there are also some substitutions for happiness, and we can feel them temporarily. But the true happiness, we cannot compare to any of the so-called happiness in this world.

I pay my own tickets, I pay my own hotel, I pay my own food. I risk airplane prob… airplane. I risk my life, I risk my health, I forsake my pleasure. I waste my time coming here just because I know that the way to God, there is only one, and everyone can know it. The way to end all this war and misunderstanding is just to know God, and I know this God, and Hes told me to tell you.

And I will never ask one penny from you until the day you die or the day I die. Any service from me is free of charge. So you must know, I don’t collect donations. You must know the reason why I do it is because of the mandate of Heaven, because God orders me to do it. I am not for any fame and profit of this world because I have Hiers Kingdom in my heart. So, believe it or not, it is up to you. Thank you. All right, next question. Thank you. Thank you.

(First in Finnish. Can eggs be included in a vegetarian diet?)

Eggs, no. Why? I will explain. Eggs contain the life, the cycle of birth and death, the force of birth and death. And, we never know whether the egg is fertile or not fertile and we might eat the embryo of the egg.

You are tired, huh? We’ll finish soon. It’s a very difficult job to translate.

Also, eggs will attract negative energy. That's the reason why many of the magicians, they use eggs sometimes in an exorcism to draw the negative, possessed energy from a possessed person. You know that. Maybe you know. And sometimes they use eggs to feed the invisible low spirits so that they can boss them around and tell them to do bad things. So we do not want to have egg inside our body in case we might draw the negative energy directly to us. That's why we exclude eggs in our diet. OK, next one, please. Last one?

(First in Finnish. What means “happiness”? Somebody said, “Whoever is better than another, that's happiness.” What is Your idea?)

Happiness? True happiness only comes from knowing God, which is the essence of our being. But in this world there are also some substitutions for happiness, and we can feel them temporarily. But the true happiness, we cannot compare to any of the so-called happiness in this world.

Some more? Some more questions? OK, let’s have it quick, so we can show people God.

(Excuse me.) Yes, sir. (Yes. I would like very much to hear what is Your method) Yes, yes. (and what are You going to talk…?) Yes, yes, yes. I will show you, for the interested ones only. (Do we have any time to make those questions after You have told us about this method?) Questions are plenty. We can ask anytime. But the method, I will show only to the interested persons. I cannot force it upon the whole of the people who don’t want to know. You understand? (I understand, but You are going to…) Yeah, I will, I will show you.

(OK. First in Finnish.) OK. Can I make a quick announcement? Those who want to know the method, you can go out and announce your name there and later we’ll call you, in the meanwhile, so you don’t have to wait long. And when I finish these questions, you come in, and we’ll start right away, so you don’t have to wait. You can go now, can go now, please. Can you announce it? Yes, yes, yes. You can go also. (OK.) All right. Yes, you, question, yes. Please be quiet.

(I want to know my original source. How can I see it? Who can show it to me, my original source?)

Who can I see or whom? (How can I see it?) How! Oh, God! (Who can show it to me?) I will show you; I will show you. If you let me know you are interested, go outside and put your name down. I’ll show you very shortly.

(In Finnish.) All right. (Next question in Finnish. I am impatient and I would like to see the mind's nature. How can I see it or who could show it to me?)

I think some of you would have seen a little of God while listening to my lecture also, just you didn't say it. Yes, yes, right? Some people say “yes.”

And one of the gentlemen says, “Yes, yes.” If you are pure enough in your heart while listening to me, you already see the Light all over here; you have seen God or you have seen Christ already. But I will show you more after this.

(Next question in Finnish. In English. Are there any dangers in meditation?) Any what, honey? (Is it in any way dangerous to meditate?)

Oh. Yes, it is, if you don't know it properly. You must get the instruction and then you can do it alone at home, because you must know how to distinguish between the real and the illusion, because sometimes Satan, he comes and poses as the fake Jesus Christ and talks nonsense to you, and if you don't know the way to discriminate, you’d listen to the devil instead of Jesus Christ. That's why I have to take time to take care of you, to explain to you before you see God, how to distinguish. That takes a little time.

(For what universal purpose a person must develop spiritually? Is this energy needed or this Light needed? Why do we have to develop spiritually?)

Because, first, so that we can get out of suffering and frustration and limited freedom. Second, to bless ourselves and the universe and all the loved ones so that we can avoid hell and go to Heaven.

(In Finnish, next question first. In English. Ordinary people, can they become enlightened, and if so, how? What kind of meditation do You use to become enlightened?)

I am here for all the ordinary people. I am not here for the president of Finland. He can also learn, but... Yes. We are all ordinary, but we are all great because we are the children of God. There are no “ordinary people.”

(Next question in Finnish. From the age of seven, I have prayed to God. Why can't I hear or feel any kind of answer? I am about to lose my faith.) Yes, yes. (In Finnish now, I am...)

No, that’s right. Everybody prays to God but often don't get the answer because they are not connected with the God inside. That's why I am here to revive your faith again in God, so do not lose faith in God because God is there. I am going to show you Hirm so that you can believe Hirm again, and then, you don't even have to pray – God answers you, even before you pray. God answers us all the time, it's just that we don't have the spiritual “ear” open so we cannot hear Hirm. I am going to help you to open your Heavenly ear so you can hear Hirm.

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