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The True Christ Power, Part 9 of 9, May 30: Questions and Answers, May 30, 1999

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“As you sow, so shall you reap.” If we cause suffering to any beings in any form, directly or indirectly, we can never be completely feeling guiltless and, therefore, we cannot completely be happy.

(What is the reason that, for some people, life goes all right, and for some people, they get all of a sudden injured in a traffic accident, or they take too much medication, or they get hospitalized or to be put into a mental institute, maybe? What is the reason that for some people, life goes all right, and some people obvious end up in trouble, hurt?)

There are two reasons for things that happen in our lives. The first reason is that “as you sow, so shall you reap” – if we did something wrong, this wrong thing will return to us. And another reason is before we were born into this world, we have chosen certain events to happen to us so that we can experience and progress more in our spiritual practice.

(In Finnish first, I have to translate. My name is Ebenezer. You mentioned that in order to get to a certain spiritual level, we should have less things to think of. My question is: in the world we live, we really have to be hardworking to survive. This has taken all the time we have. How then do we survive, thinking of spiritual growth in this sense? End of question.)

I don't ask you to leave anything. I just ask you to leave the coarse energies of animal-people’ meat so that you can practice to see God better.

(In Finnish. May I ask when shall we return to the place where we have been? That means that, before we came here, where were we?)

It's up to you. You can return now after this lecture or you can return any other time.

(To where? Where were we before this time?) To the Kingdom of God, to where you came from.

(Next question. Please explain the goal and the process of Your system. Please explain about the Quan Yin Method.)

Quan Yin is just the Chinese word for listening to the Word of God inside us. I started in Taiwan (Formosa), so it's the name, it's just become like... continued, but otherwise, in the Western terms, we can say “contemplation of the Word on God.” And there is no verbal system; it's just (that) the real power of God will re-open within yourself in silence. The verbal instruction is just to tell you what not to do, how to distinguish between the God and the fake, the devil who fakes Hirm, and which kind of signal, like what kind of Light, what kind of Sound you will hear, in which different mansions of God, so that you'll know what level you are in.

(Next question in Finnish. Many people despise animal-people and just abuse them or utilize them, exploit them, consider them of lesser value and torture them. I love animal-people and I wish You would show in Your speech, if possible, the value of the animal-people.)

Yes, that's why I ask you, I advise people to be vegan, to extend our love to lesser brothers and sisters who are more defenseless, who are weaker than us. In the Bible, God said that, “I made all the animal-people to be your friends and your helpers.” Hes did not tell us to eat them.

(Next question in Finnish. What do You think of angels and spiritual leaders?)

Angels, they are our friends. The ones who know God have so many angels surrounding them, to help them. And spiritual leaders, you mean the invisible ones? (I don't know, he didn't say.) OK, the visible ones are the ones who teach us how to go back to God, if they have enough High-level of attainment themselves. And the invisible ones are the ones who have left this physical body or the ones who have not come to this physical body. If they are good spiritual beings, they also help us in our daily meditation. Next one, please.

(What is enlightenment?) This you cannot talk, you have to experience. Just stay after. Let me know, then I will show you. Come one, quick.

(A Finnish, question. Is there a contradiction between Your explanation of the birth of the world, or when the world came into existence, and the scientific explanation of how the world came about? How the world was created.) Ah, the creation. (Creation, OK.)

The scientists only know the physical aspect. Because they study only material science; they have not studied spiritual science. That's why when a person dies, everything is still there, but he doesn't function – because the spiritual being has left the material being.

(Last question, in Finnish. Can I be happy with God even if I am not a vegetarian?)

Well, the answer, you know it yourself: “As you sow, so shall you reap.” If we cause suffering to any beings in any form, directly or indirectly, we can never be completely feeling guiltless and, therefore, we cannot completely be happy. We can be happy to some extent.

Right. OK, anything else? No more? Ah, fantastic! OK! Thank you. I'll see you in a short while. OK. For the ones who'd like to know, please stay here. And the ones who don't want to know, God bless you and goodbye.

God is something very precious. If you want to know Hirm, you have to make an effort. Go out and put you name down, and be serious about it. Then I will be serious with you. I’ll teach you everything that I know. OK, I'll see you after a while.

(Right now, a little message to everybody here as there are a lot of people who have got the curiosity about the Quan Yin Method. So, there are a lot of people outside right down there in the hall, collecting the initiation forms and filling them in. So, I kindly remind those who are still interested, please, you are welcome to do that. And when everybody’s ready, we can get started. We are happy to see that there were so many interested people. And I’ll say it in Finnish also.

Everybody, there are fruits blessed by Master, ocean of fruits and flowers. So, whoever is in need of Her precious blessing, please feel free to come close to Master. So please come to the front, whoever wants to be in touch with Master. And when you are ready with the initiation forms, please don’t worry; you can sit down in the hall and just relax for a little while and wait. So, we’ll call you all up; we’ll guide you to the meditation as soon as everything is ready. Thank you very much.)

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