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Những Tiết Lộ Về Nhà Pháp Thuật Huyền Thoại Của Sư Phụ, Phần 2/9

Ngôn Ngữ:English ,Vietnamese(Tiếng Âu Lạc (Tiếng Việt))
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During this lifetime, Thai Tu Hoa assisted Supreme Master Ching Hai with many projects for the public, His contributions were extensive and diverse, from producing music that was releasing on DVDs and CDs, as well as documentaries that were on video or DVDs, to creating radio and television shows, from organizing benefit concerts and press conferences, to organizing the two grand musicals “The Real Love” and “Loving the Silent Tears.” He also facilitated the launch of the global satellite channel Supreme Master Television. Through these and many other endeavors, Thai Tu Hoa helped promote the public’s understanding of Supreme Master Ching Hai’s selfless teachings and enlightening, uplifting messages.
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