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Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about Our Planet

Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about our Planet: Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 225 - Prophecies on the Reappearance of Master Lao Tzu (vegan), the Great Saint of the Tao

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“At the time for Me to manifest in physical form, Heaven and Earth will have to be changed and renewed. The old doctrines of all books and codes will have to perish. A new and corrected teachings will come out and replace them.”

As we saw in last week’s episode, Lord Lao proclaimed that He would appear as the Savior Li Hong when the world is under the influence of False Prophets.

Supreme Lord Lao reveals that when Hes reappears in physical form, Hes will renew Heaven, Earth and all doctrines. “At the time for Me to manifest in physical form, Heaven and Earth will have to be changed and renewed. The old doctrines of all books and codes will have to perish. A new and corrected teachings will come out and replace them.”

Supreme Master Ching Hai (vegan) has been spreading the True Teachings since the start of Her mission. While explaining the True Doctrine existing within all religious scriptures or sacred books, She has been revealing their original meaning, which was distorted over time mostly through the lowly intentions of those in power. Among those precepts She has been bringing to light, the most prominent is the vegan principle that is central to the teachings of all major religions.

“Important and very simple are the precepts, like the Ten Precepts in the Christian teachings, and the Five Precepts, more compact Five Precepts in Buddhism: thou shall not kill, thou shall not tell lies, thou shall not steal, thou shall not commit indecent relationships, no intoxicants, for example. The most important is ‘thou shall not kill.’ Not just humans, but animal-people as well. Animals also are people. They have feelings, they have intelligence, they have emotions, they have understanding, and they have the desire to live their lives in peace, until God calls them Home.”

“Now, this is the part where I told you that Buddha was a vegan. He said, ‘Bhiksus,’ meaning monks, monks and nuns. ‘THE BHIKSUS WHO DO NOT WEAR SILK OR LEATHER BOOTS OR FURS OR DOWN FROM THIS COUNTRY OR CONSUME MILK, CREAM, OR BUTTER CAN TRULY TRANSCEND THIS WORLD.’ Hear that? That is talk of the Buddha. He doesn’t even drink milk. He doesn’t wear silk. ‘When they have paid back their past debts, they will not have to re-enter the Triple Realm ever again.’”

Supreme Master Ching Hai has also been repeatedly speaking out about the false religious leaders of our current time, and warning of their devastating effect on the innocents.

“I wonder why all the Christian people do nothing. Only one archbishop wrote a letter to tell Francis to resign, ‘p’ Francis to resign. I don’t want to call him ‘pope,’ because that is a sacred word to me. (Yes, Master.) It’s the Father of all beings. And then, he let them molest them, rape them, kill them at random like that, even in the womb, already. Then he’s not worthy to be called ‘pope.’ (Yes, Master.)

I don’t know what’s happening to the Catholic Church anymore. I don’t know what happened to Christianity anymore. It must be the end of the world. So, the holy knowledge is going to be lost. It’s already lost. Thus, the people who are supposed to represent it are evil, evil outright, more than evil. (Yes, Master.) Worse than the criminals in the society. (Yes.) Worse than all these serial killers. Worse! (Yes, Master.)”

“He’s made to be the top priest of the Catholic system’s belief, and then he did everything opposite and trying to destroy the teaching of Jesus, slandering the Lord Jesus, and telling people even not to believe in God.”

“Media from Fox News - Sep. 24, 2015 Pope Francis: We need to remember that we are followers of Jesus Christ. And his life, humanly speaking, ended in failure. The failure of the cross.”

“Media from Noticias Caracol - Sep. 8, 2017 Pope Francis: In the veins of Jesus runs pagan blood.”

“And even, ignored all the pedo-priests who harm the children of the faithful, who donated millions or billions to keep him and all the pedo-priests or other priests alive and well and in luxury.”

However, to counteract this trend toward darkness, Hes will give divine medicine, namely spiritual initiation, to those who are destined to have a long life. All receiving initiation will transcend the world and become immortals. “For those who are to have a long life, I shall gratify them with the divine medicine; they will transcend the world as immortals and follow Me as My escort. The evil who turns into good, and those who merely meets with Me will have his years of life increased.”

It is also written that Lord Lao will allow existing invisible gods to serve the good kings, while bad ones will be replaced with enlightened Saints. “If there is a king who is a deserving ruler of the people, I shall immediately have the local gods do obeisance to him as in the olden times. But if in his government, he deviates from the doctrine, an enlightened saint will replace him.”

This reminds us of Supreme Master Ching Hai’s support for the good leaders of the world, such as the former US President, His Excellency Donald Trump, former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and President Zelenskyy of Ukraine (Ureign). She has openly supported such leaders, shedding light on the true situation around them, how people misunderstand them or how they are falsely slandered. She also revealed that Heaven is helping such leaders, and that She has sent additional support to them as well.

“He saw angels flying around him (Mr.Trump). (Wow.) Five of them when he saw it. And President Trump has angels always with him. (Yes, Master.) That’s why he has been protected somehow up to now. Otherwise he would have been harmed more than he has been. (Wow.) You know, like attacked and wrongly accused and impeachment and all kinds of things. Court cases or lying about him. (Yes, Master.) And because President Trump is also being whispered to by the angels, whether or not President Trump heard them, but his soul, his subconscious can hear them. (Yes, Master.) And so they help him to make good decisions, though some people, the opposition, always say something not favorable even though he does good.”

I have sent some more protection. (Oh.) (Wow, Master.) And praying for him every day. As we pray, maybe things will change. OK? (Yes, Master.) The negative energy is still strong in this world because many people are still not completely out of the woods. Not because of the pandemic only, but because of their daily activities and lifestyle. (Yes, Master.) But physically speaking, I still pray for him (President Trump) and talk to him like that. (Yes, Master.)”

Supreme Master Ching Hai has offered Her support once again for his second run for presidency.

“No one else is better than him, I think, in my humble opinion. (Yes.) I really wish he will succeed because it will bring America into a better position and situation, and the world also, into a better place, into a better position. (Yes, Master.) I approve, anyway. And I hope you do, too. (Yes, we do. Yes.) And we pray. We quietly pray and support him. We wish him the best. Best of luck. (Yes, Master.) We wish America the best of luck to have President Trump as their leader again. That's all I can say.”

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