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Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about Our Planet

Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about our Planet: Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 211 - Prophecies on the Reappearance of Master Lao Tzu (vegan), the Great Saint of the Tao

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“Heaven and Earth will shake in an extremely unusual way, and floods, fires and pandemics will arrive at the same time.”

Similar to many other religious traditions, Taoist cosmology describes the world’s cyclical evolution through five epoch periods, or Great Kalpas: Long-Han, the beginning kalpa, Chi-Ming, the formation kalpa, Shang-Huang and Kai-Huang, the existence kalpas, and finally, Yan-Kang, the destruction kalpa.

In the initial Great Kalpa, also known as the Age of Long-Han, the world is a paradise of ultimate bliss. However, due to the impurities arising in humans’ hearts and the negative influence of demons, humanity deviated from the Tao. People began to believe in misleading, evil doctrines, and prayed to demons, who could then enter humans’ hearts. From this arose rebellion and even viciousness, resulting in unprovoked violence, torture, and death of the innocents.

As a consequence of this process, when the world reaches the final kalpa, a great catastrophe of immense scale is foretold. Natural disasters, wars, and pandemics will break out simultaneously, aiming to re-balance existence by eliminating the evildoers.

In the “Divine Incantations Scripture,” the ancient Taoist text that details the Great Catastrophe, Supreme Lord Tao says: “The Long-Han age consists of 7.5 billion kalpas and is a world of ultimate bliss. There is no sound of sorrow and crying. But since the end of the Long-Han age, humanity, men and women, have been arising vice, evil, killing, and harming in their hearts. They worship and pray to spirits and demons to beg for life, but all are in vain. Since the time of awareness, there have been 7.5 billion kalpas. People are in poverty and suffering. Human forms are aging and diseased. All humans, male or female, are all in one mind flattering and praying to evil ghosts. Evil forces through ugly devils, tree ghosts, and evil demons enter humans’ hearts. People thus become vicious and rebellious and kill the innocent. The evil forces thus become prosperous.”

According to calculations by Taoist scholars, our world has reached the last sexagenary cycle of the last kalpa, meaning the last period of the destruction process, which is believed to consist of the 60 years from 1984 to 2043. It is foretold that evil doctrines and harmful magic will be widespread in this last period.

The “Divine Incantations Scripture” goes on to describe: “People of the world accumulate evil and do not believe in the doctrine of Tao. What is heard is the crying for death, but no songs of the fairy. People are contaminated and filthy. The Three Caverns Revelation are blocked. Catastrophes, wars, epidemics, and diseases arise. Demon kings will release poisons, killing the good and the benevolent. Every family is filled with death, and voices of sorrow follow one after another.”

The “Yu Shu Scripture,” meaning “Jade Pivot Scripture,” is a Taoist sacred text written during the Song Dynasty. It centers on the Heavenly Lord of Thunder Sounds and Universal Nurturing, expounding on the principles of the ultimate Tao, the fates of people, and methods to eliminate disasters and resolve misfortune. In the “Yu Shu Scripture,” the Heavenly Lord says: “In the last phase of the Dharma-Ending era, witches and wizards will be innumerous, evil doctrines will be pervasive, and negative magic and prayer for nightmare will be widely practiced.”

In today’s society, more and more people have forgotten God and do not understand the Tao. Far away from spiritual practice, they fall prey to destructive superstitions instead. Moral conduct has thus been severely compromised as well. One of the biggest violations of virtue that has become an everyday practice for much of society is the killing of animal-people for food, along with the suffering and torture that is part of this heartless industry.

Other signs of moral disease can be seen in international institutions like the Catholic Church. Under the leadership of Jorge Mario Bergoglio, appointed pope in 2013, priests who broke both spiritual vows and secular laws through their evil conduct as sexual predators of children have not been brought to justice. In some cases, they were even promoted to a higher rank.

Other religious depravity includes tolerance for churches that officially worship satan, with one spokesperson featured on US national television.

“I've heard that they do all kind of bad things in that kind of church, even sacrificing babies. Do all kind of unimaginable things. And some of the books are about this kind of things, about the evil worshipping and black magic, and the harmful consciousness, the harmful things that been done to the people's consciousness. They even print books about this. There are so many things, bad things in ... And these kinds of books are even allowed to sell in the bookstore. They do not believe that man has a soul, that we have reincarnation, that everything we do has a retribution, has reaction. So they do any kind of things and do not believe in retribution. That is a very backward conception.”

Similar calamities are prophesied in “The Precious Scroll of Avoiding Calamities by Pan Gong.” In this text, Pan Gong, a legendary philanthropist who ascended to Heaven, appears in the dreams of a relative to warn of impending catastrophe. He also describes how to live in ways of goodness that avoid disaster. “Heaven and Earth will shake in an extremely unusual way, and floods, fires and pandemics will arrive at the same time.”

The “Divine Incantations Scripture” reaffirms the calamitous effects of this time: “The world will be in sorrow, the sun and the moon will be out of time, the grains will fail to harvest, most people will be forced to leave their home, and all floods will arise.” “The wind and rain will not be in order, and the grains will not ripen.”

As prophesied, in just the first half of 2022 alone, we have witnessed and experienced numerous disasters such as wars, floods, heat waves, wildfires and pandemics, many arising at the same time.

In February 2022, Russia waged a greedy invasion of Ukraine, making Ukraine and the world suffer miserably. New variants of the COVID-19 virus continue to emerge periodically, escaping the protection of vaccination and causing even larger-scale of infections. Sudden and increased outbreaks of diseases such as monkeypox are springing up as well. Etc...

Worsening climate change has increased floods, droughts, heat waves, wildfires, storms, landslides, earthquakes, and even species extinction. This, in turn, has affected vital food crops. It also resulted in tens of millions of climate refugees being forced to leave their homes as prophesied.

As part of Her tireless work to save both the planet and humanity, Supreme Master Ching Hai has been shedding light on the seriousness of the danger we are facing as a species living on Earth. In the following excerpts from several conferences with Supreme Master Television team members, Master speaks out about the devastation that will descend if humanity doesn’t change, and soon:

“We are driving with even almost all the wheels kaput. (Oh, my goodness.) And we keep driving with one or two wheels – still continue, don’t stop and don’t repair. Then you will have an accident. You will die. (Yes, that's right.) And your car will also be kaput, upturned, side-turned. And then will harm others’ cars on the street as well. (Yes, exactly.) So, that’s why what happens to us also affects the Universe. That’s why Heavens don’t want to forgive us anymore, because we don’t repair our damaged wheels. (Yes, Master.)

So horrible, so horrible. I cannot tell you much more – who told me all this and that and others, but They said, ‘It begins from now.’ (Oh.) It began seriously already, last month. (Oh, wow.) And I hope humans wake up soon – soon, soon, soon, soon – or else. My God. We could have a paradise on Earth. So much money, so much food. So much abundance everywhere – a beautiful place. (Yes, for sure.) There was no reason to damage it, to destroy it this way and that way. (Yes, Master.)”

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