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Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about Our Planet

Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about our Planet: Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 209 - Prophecies on the Reappearance of Master Lao Tzu (vegan), the Great Saint of the Tao

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“(…Master’s entire body was being severely wounded and as She was maimed beyond recognition, blood wouldn’t stop flowing; it was a sight which no one could bear to see!… in order to save the ignorant people on Earth, Merciful Buddhas and Bodhisattvas often had to sacrifice Themselves as the price to pay for the immeasurable karmic penalties of human beings, as it is the only possible way to reduce disasters of war.…)”

Last week, we shared an amazing prophecy. It foretold that Master Lao Tzu’s reincarnation would appear during the sixth mass extinction. At this time, He would appear from ‘NAN YUE’ to save His followers. Nan Yue is the ancient term for the modern day northern-central region of Âu Lạc (Vietnam). Today we will research further into the meaning of that prophecy.

“The sixth time, I instruct all of you. When the planet Venus is out of its orbit, come quickly and join Me! Ask for help on the NAN YUE, and you will be saved from calamities.”

In the prophecy, Master Lao-Tzu promises that at the time of disasters, especially wars – that is specified through the use of the word indicating “Venus (太白)”, a metaphor often used in relation to war-, those who sincerely pray for help from Him will be saved from calamities.

During the ongoing tragic Russo-Ukrainian war, Ukrainian citizens, including those who have fled their homeland to seek refuge in neighboring countries, are sending messages to Supreme Master Television via social media to ask for help. Upon reading these sincere comments, Supreme Master Ching Hai was deeply moved to tears. She lovingly sent the following response to the people of Ukraine:

“Beloved children of God in Ukraine, I cry so much and am still crying reading your messages all the while, all the way to the end. And I also fall on my knees to cry aloud to God and Heavens, to give Ukrainians all the protection necessary. I’m praying so hard, and working fervently with Heavens to try to help as much as I can. But Heaven time and our time, the span is different. In our Earth, it takes some time, it takes longer time, much longer than the time in Heaven. I’m praying with you and my heart is with you. And Heavens are helping you, though you don’t see it. Angels are trying hard to protect whomever they can, though you don’t see it. And though you don’t see the result, there will be reward, and in Heaven, for you people. I am so glad to know such a mightily noble race as the Ukrainians.”

Supreme Master Ching Hai has been tirelessly pouring out Her efforts to stop Russia’s invasion since its very start. Through various conferences, She has been offering insight into the evil forces behind this conflict, while at the same time calling for worldwide prayer to restore peace in Ukraine. Peace messages and prayers for Ukraine have been airing every day on Supreme Master Television along with Master’s personally written slogans of wisdom about stopping the war. Supreme Master Television has begun airing more programs about Ukraine and the beautiful Ukrainian culture.

Master has also offered financial contributions of about US$200,000 and counting for the urgent relief efforts. This inspired our International Association members around the world to do the same, adding approximately US$750,000 up to date. Master has also offered Shining World awards to certain groups and individuals for their outstanding humanitarian efforts in aiding Ukrainian refugees. Her financial contributions of support to their work has amounted to US$80,000, and counting.

Moreover, moved by our Beloved Master’s deep concern and with Her loving encouragement, our worldwide Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association members have organized relief teams to help Ukrainian refugees and war victims, including animal-people. They have been working in Europe and inside Ukraine, providing necessary relief materials to war-affected individuals and organizations.

In situations of such suffering and loss, Supreme Master Ching Hai has spoken many times about the power of meditation and prayer. The following report from our Association member gives witness to Heaven’s proactive help for Ukraine. With the spiritual power attained through diligent practice as a disciple of Supreme Master Ching Hai, it is possible that our prayers and good wishes could turn into physical help as well.

“(…In one of my visions during meditation, I could see the white forces surrounded by dark forces. Angels were helping in all directions, and several of us were standing in line defending against these evil forces. We began to recite the Holy Names and the Holy Gift, and gradually the dark forces scattered and disappeared. I could also see Heaven helping the Ukrainians in every way, like making Russian bullets disappear into thin air, shaking the Earth, cracking it, and making their vehicles difficult to maneuver and their air missiles to fly into thick clouds and disappear. Our prayers are very powerful; it helps in every way, even when we are far away. …)”

Along with Her visible work in sharing the truth, constant prayers, and intensive meditation, Supreme Master Ching Hai is also working invisibly to lessen the karma of war. Supreme Master Ching Hai also promised: These people in Ukraine, the soldiers who protect their people and sacrifice their lives and risk their lives, for example, they will all go to Heaven. Because they sacrifice for others. (Yes. Yes, Master.) The same with many of the foreigners who went or will go to Ukraine to help. (Yes.) Because they could not bear this injustice and bullying. They also will go to Heaven. (Oh, good. Wonderful.) (Yes, Master, good to hear.) Even if Heaven’s law doesn’t take them up, I’ll make sure they will. (Yes, Master.) Yeah, at my expense, even. I’m talking to you, explaining things to you and to the world, also already at my expense, anyway. (Yes, Master. Understand.) Not just my precious time, but karma. (Yes, Master.) I’m punished. (Oh, wow.) Yeah. But I can bear it, it’s alright, I don’t mind. (We hope You’re OK.)”

One of our Association members witnessed the suffering Master endured in the inner realms for Her advocacy on behalf of Ukraine.

“(On March 10, 2022, I watched Supreme Master Ching Hai’s lecture ‘Powerful Countries Must Be Courageous and Help Ukraine’ on Supreme Master TV. At the end of Master’s lecture, Master mentioned that in explaining to the world openly about the war between Russia and Ukraine on Supreme Master TV, She received punishment as She Herself, was the price to pay.

At that instant, I saw through my wisdom eye, Supreme Master Ching Hai actually undergoing a cruel penalty in hell!

Master was tied to a dirty black iron pillar and whipped endlessly by hell wardens holding whips. The cracking sound of the long whip resounded in hell, making people shiver! Master’s entire body was being severely wounded and as She was maimed beyond recognition, blood wouldn’t stop flowing; it was a sight which no one could bear to see!

I also saw that initiated sister Xue-Chen had voluntarily come again to help Master share the world’s war-inducing killing karma. She was also tied to a pillar, while hell wardens used hot metal to sear her belly until intestines came pouring out!

The scene was extremely horrifying! On this barbaric planet accustomed to meat-eating, in order to save the ignorant people on Earth, Merciful Buddhas and Bodhisattvas often had to sacrifice Themselves as the price to pay for the immeasurable karmic penalties of human beings, as it is the only possible way to reduce disasters of war. Because the Universal law of karma dictates ‘an eye for an eye,’ it is not possible that bad karma just disappears into thin air. Even when the incarnations of God came to Earth to save human beings They must pay for the debt in the place of human beings. It is very brutal and ruthless!

Seeing Master suffer such painful penalties for the world’s disasters of war, as a disciple, I felt absolutely heartbroken!

All the sacrifices Supreme Master Ching Hai made for the world were no different from that of Lord Jesus Christ— holy, pure, and selfless, while seemingly endless! Only when Earthlings wake up in time to stop harming and killing their own kind and stop eating animal-people flesh, can devastating consequences created by collective killing karma be avoided!)”

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