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Who Could Actually Be Redeemed? Part 11 of 11, July 30, 2020

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If you are just single and have just a normal job, then in the free time, you just eat your meal and then you meditate, and live your life as simple as possible, then you will be more and more in tune with everything. More in tune with nature.


Yesterday, I wanted to tell you, if you have any provocative kind of questions, just ask me. Like, criticizing me, stuff like that, just to see how I react. But I forgot to tell you because I have to do many things. You know already, right? (Yes, Master.) I have to be my own housekeeper, my own laundryman, my own makeup artist, my own dress selector, and my own hairdresser, even though it didn’t look very much of a hairdressing, but I have to do it myself. And in the retreat, I didn’t even dye it blond even. Couldn’t care less anymore. I still look beautiful? Tell me. (Yes, You look beautiful, Master.) Yeah, I believe you, of course. (It’s true, Master.) You take the five precepts, you don’t tell lie, right? (No, we’re not lying.) OK. Anyway. The tech brothers, they make me look good also. Or maybe they just choose where I look good. The images where I look good, then they choose it. And the rest, they just discard it somewhere, couldn’t care less. If people in the future generations happen to dig out our archives and look at my face, they’d say, “Oh, what a difference! (No.) Who is this one? Must be Her elder sister. Who cares? My God. It’s all fake anyway, it’s all illusion. All right then.

Trees can talk also. They talk to me. (Wow.) If you quiet down and you continue practicing, then… I mean except us. We work for nothing. Just for food. Like, if they don’t have karma to get married or children, and all that, just have a simple job, they can always go inward. Whenever. To live alone, you can control your life easier. (Yes.) And you won’t be influenced by anything, by other partner’s karma or their own opinion. Sometimes their opinion is lower than yours, and then they drag you down also. (Yes.) But if you are just single and have just a normal job, then in the free time, you just eat your meal and then you meditate, and live your life as simple as possible, then you will be more and more in tune with everything. More in tune with nature.

Except for us, because we’re busy, we have to work. (Yes.) We have to work no matter what time, what day. But don’t worry, I’ll take you up to Heaven. I won’t leave you behind. (Thank You, Master.) Even if you don’t have enough time to meditate. But don’t be lazy! Don’t make excuse. (Yes.) That’s not a guarantee Schein. Guarantee bill. “Schein” is German. (Yes.) Guarantee bill − it’s not. You still need to be sincere and do as much as you can. (Yes, Master.) So that also not to burden me. Because I have a lot of work. You know. (Yes, Master.)

Today, the squirrel came again and jumping on top of the roof, all the time. (Wow!) Just to get my attention. And then I said, “What now?” And she told me what-what. I said, “All right. I knew it already. My God!” Because inside, the Protectors already told me. “Don’t bring dogs to you.” I miss my dogs so much, and I love them so much. I was toying with the idea to bring them. Just have a look at least, but They keep telling me, “Don’t, because it will disturb your peace.”

Of course, I know meditation is crucial right now, and in retreat you should not see any one of your relatives and friends. (Yes.) I just miss my dogs because they’re missing me, and that’s the problem. If only I miss them, then that’s easy. (Yes.) It’s just they love me more than I love them, I have to say the truth. They miss me more than I miss them. Because I’m busy. (Yes.) I have things to do, I’m distracted, somehow. But the poor dogs, they have nothing to do. (Yes.) Just cooped up in a room all day. Except when they go out with the girls, and all that. And I cannot even see how they treat them, apart from just the report every couple or three days. (Yes.)

In the beginning, when I first left, I said, “Report every day.” But later on, because it’s almost like routine, so I said, “Report every two-three days. Unless emergency.” (Yes.) So, I have to just rely on that, on whatever they have written to me. I don’t know how my dogs fare over there, and my heart doesn’t feel peace. (Yes, Master.)

Because I adopted them when they had no one. I yanked them out of the jaws of death. (Yes.) And I am the only one that they can trust, they feel. Because before, whoever comes, they bark and bark. Except the ones who are around me and take care of them, with me. Everybody else he barks. Barks less or barks more, it depends on the person’s aura and intention. And they know who is good for me, who is not. Whoever not good for me, they keep barking until they have no more voice. Later I have to invite that person out or… “Don’t come back again when the dogs are around.” Anyway.

And, just because nobody else in the whole world loves me that much. (Yes, Master.) Also. And this love is just what makes me feel uncomfortable when I don’t take care of them. (Yes, Master.) I love their love. But they miss me so much, and sometimes it’s pulling me, and I’m tempted to ask them to bring them over to see me. (Yes.) But then, They all tell me not. And it’s not the first time They told me not to see the dogs. And I just have to be patient.

I did see them a few times during retreat. (Yes, Master.) Because after the other dog died, I worried they are so miserable and hurt. So, I came and comforted them. And one of the caretakers was also crying. “Oh, oh, he died, and blah blah blah…” I said, “Hey, hey, hey. I’m supposed to cry, not you.” But they love also the dogs. One of the caretakers is very emotional. Latin American people, they are emotional. Very sentimental people.

When I first went to Costa Rica and Mexico to lecture, and before I left, they’re all crying like babies. Like a baby without milk. And I said, “Why are you crying so much?” Some of them said, “Oh, you leaving feels like something cut a part of me.” (Oh, wow.) Cut their flesh away, a part of them. That’s how they felt. My God, it’s terrible, and it was so difficult for me to leave at that time. (Yes.) They’re very, very sentimental people.

And I just feel so sorry for my dogs, that’s all. (Yes, Master.) Having me, but lately not often being able to see me at all, and in times of their trouble, I’m not even there. I just feel responsible. I feel so bad. After the dog died, I have not recovered yet. (Oh, Master.)

And the small one tells me that the bigger black dog is lonely. Even though she has her mother next door. They have just a transparent plastic divider between them. (Yes.) So the mother is next door, but she still feels lonely. I think she’s more attached to me than other dogs. Because she’s a loner. She doesn’t get on well with other dogs also. Maybe that’s why. And she loves me so much that she dares to pee and poo in the house if I don’t listen to her advice. So last time when she told me somebody is in love with me and I should not fall in love with him, (Yes.) I said, “Thank you.” And then, “Whatever happens, whoever falls in love with me, you cannot just pee and poo in my house just for that. I forbid it. OK?” So, next time she came back, I said, “Is that guy still in love with me?” She said, “Yes.” I said, “Don’t you dare pee in the house.” So, she didn’t do it then.

So, she is the bravest one. She doesn’t care if I scolded her or threaten not to see her again, and all that. Or reprimand her. She just did what she has to do, or she wants to do. Just to warn me of this and that, and others. Imagine. So brave and so selfless. (Yes.) Even just one guy in love with me, she pees in the house. And they took her all the long way, they peed on the road already. They peed already before they came back to their house, and then they peed all the way from my place already. So, how can she keep some, just to come into my house to “present” it to me like that? Immediately she came in and she just, like pinned down on the floor, and there you go. I cannot stop it, it’s so quick. (Yes.) She didn’t even let me beware or anything. Immediately, inside the door, and bzzzz. That’s that.

Oh, my God! And that’s her tick. She did that all the time. Not often, thank God, but whenever there are some major things, she did that. When every other dog already stopped since long; they don’t dare anymore. Before, the latest one was the small one. But she also gave up, because I scolded her so much. But this one, persistent up to now. She doesn’t give up on me. (Wow.) I haven’t got the chance to see why They don’t want me to see my dogs. Of course, it’s a retreat. I should not. I should only concentrate inside. Everything else is… is not important anyway. It’s just that their emotion, their love, they keep pulling me sometimes. (Yes.) When I have time, or when I see dogs on TV. (Yes.)

They don’t give me good things to eat, but they make me edit those groovy, drooly pizza and those recipes on the show. (Yes.) And I have nothing like that. I keep having to see all that. What I mean is, it’s not me who thinks of that. It’s just presented to me. And it’s not about me that thinks of the dogs. It’s them that are very much attached to me. And they have nothing much to do, except just eat and sleep, and go for a walk and come back. (Yes.) Oh, they have Supreme Master TV, of course, but I’m not sure if they’re interested in that.

The only one interested in that and in any TV is Benny. He is the only that sits and watches TV. He really sat and watched TV. (Wow. That’s so amazing.) And sometimes he went behind the TV to see if there’s somebody behind. I said, “Benny, you know it’s just movies.” But he went behind sometimes to have a look. (That’s so cute.) Behind the TV. And then he sat and watched for a long time. He can watch all the time. Every other dog hates TV. I don’t know why.

And Happy told me the TV is not good radiation for me. And for dogs. I said, “Then, you go to the other room. I need to watch.” It was a long time ago when I didn’t have Supreme Master TV to do. Then I wasn’t sick, I wasn’t humiliated, I had no problem. When I have no Supreme Master TV, I’m almost liked locked down from the world. (Yes.) Even though I’m walking around humans and do shopping sometimes, but nobody knew me, and that was kind of a relief. (Yes, Master.)

I lived like a normal person. Only the people who know you, are attached to you and want something from you. Outside people, they don’t care. (Yes, Master.) They just serve me or sell me things, and then say, “Goodbye.” They don’t want other things that are more valuable than money. So, if I don’t have Supreme Master TV, I don’t have people around, then I live a better life. Even in a cave, or a small hut, or whatever, I never care. Because it feels just so good, so good anywhere.

And in New Land, they have many rooms, and houses, and all that, I never feel good. (Yes, Master.) Because there are always people around. (Yes.) Even a little distance, but there are thousands of people, then the distance is always shorter. (Yes.) Because the energy is a big group, (Yes.) and it’s spread out. And they know I’m there, and they’re always tugging at me.

I have to go back to my homework now. I have a lot more waiting. Thank you for forgiving me. (Thank You for forgiving us, Master. Thank You, Master.) OK. I go. God bless. (Thank You, Master. We love You, Master.) Love you too, guys. Thank you for being here in this time of troubled waters for our world. God bless you. (Thank You for having us. Thank You, Master.)

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