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Between Master and Disciples

Who Could Actually Be Redeemed? Part 7 of 11, July 29, 2020

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I just ask them to repent and change to the opposite direction of where they have been going, because they go in the wrong direction. That’s all. I’m just like a guide to tell them, “That way is wrong. Go this way.” But if they continue to go that way, then they will meet with their doom. There is nothing I can do.

If, for example, the boss in that office takes bribes, other smaller subordinates have to support it as well. Otherwise, or else. Or they gang together in one group, and everybody has to take bribes together, or else. (Yes.) So, this world up to now, in many ways, is still helpless, and we have many pandemics. (Yes, Master.) Not just the virus. The virus in the society, in the governmental system, in the social system, is even harder to cure than COVID-19. But what to do? The humans have to learn. (Yes, Master.)

And whatever, we have to be patient. And whatever they did, they have to take the consequences if they did not U-turn and repent and change. (Yes, Master.) I asked people, just repent and U-turn. I did not even ask them to be my disciples. I did not even ask to know their address, their names. I didn’t ask for their money or their influence or their position or their power to help me. Nothing! I just ask them to repent and change to the opposite direction of where they have been going, because they go in the wrong direction. That’s all. I’m just like a guide to tell them, “That way is wrong. Go this way.” But if they continue to go that way, then they will meet with their doom. There is nothing I can do. (Yes, Master.)

So, don’t ask me anymore about Master’s blessing would make everything good. Make some things good, but not everything good. (Yes, Master.) And even if I make this generation good, it doesn’t mean the next generation or the next, next, next will be good. Like Jesus sacrificed maybe for His group of disciples and some of their related people, but not the whole world. (Yes.) And then not for everybody after His generation. (Yes, Master.) Of course, His teaching keeps some people in line. But still, the main point is that − benevolence, compassion. Most of them didn’t get it. And the blind leads the blind, and both fall into the pit. And that is the result. Nobody can change that. (Yes, Master.) If the blind leads the blind, then someday they will fall together, no? (Right.) And if somebody nearby happens to feel sorry for them and say, “No, no, no. Don’t go there, don’t go straight ahead, turn left. Or return and find another way.” And if they don’t do it, then what can we do? (Yes, right.) It’s OK to feed people, but it’s better to teach them how to feed themselves. (Yes, Master.) It’s long lasting and it’s more beneficial for everyone. They cannot just sit there, do everything all wicked to everyone else, including the animals, and then expect any Master come and hula hup, and then everything’s OK. It’s not OK for the victims. It’s not fair for the animals or for the victims (Right.) of all this wrongdoing. So now you know. So, the reporters, I praise them for doing the noble thing, but I don’t know if that can make much difference. It may make a difference, but longer later. It could make a difference quicker, I hope so. And I hope all the reporters in the whole world follow this courageous, righteous example of the reporters in Bretagne in France.

Oh! I’m so low that I speak with my tongue twisted. It’s just my soul is not in complete control of my body sometimes. You can see I say many words wrong. And I cannot pronounce it sometimes. (Yes, Master.) Not just this word but many. I know it in my head, just it doesn’t come out right. Just like often, I grab things and it drops down, drops from my hands, even though I know I grab it in my hand. Sometimes it just fell out from my hand. I already had it in my hand, it still falls out. Because maybe I didn’t have the energy to hold it. Sometimes I’m so low in battery like that. Or sometimes, depends. Also I’m not back in the body. The contact is not yet well established between the body and the higher command of the soul. (Yes, Master.) You can go ahead and laugh at my illiteracy, but (No, Master.) I’m everything. I’m all humiliated and humbled in anytime, anywhere, anyway. I have many other things to take care, even though unexpected. Always some extra work for me, not just Supreme Master TV work. (Yes, Master.) And not just your conference with you.

I’m glad we had it. Because without all your questions, maybe I would delay my message until I don’t know when. The message that I was supposed to talk on the 24th of July already. Because I’m also very lazy to put anti-shine powder on my face and all that stuff, (Yes, understand.) and fix it a little bit for the camera and all that. And also to gather you up. And I was thinking what to do about it, because it’s a short message. It’s not like a long conference, so I thought I don’t want to gather you guys just to talk about it. And then I was thinking, “Oh, maybe I just talk on the phone without video,” and I was thinking, thinking and then four or five days passed already. Time passed so quick! I only realized it yesterday that it’s five days past already since the day I wanted to give the message to our people. (Yes, Master.) At least to our people, not to outside, non-initiate people, because I don’t know how much they even believe what I said and how much they even listen or how much they even do anything that I say. So at least just for our people everywhere in the world, to take care of themselves. That’s all I hope for. (Yes, Master.) Of course it would be better if the world listens also, but I don’t hold very high hopes, the way it is going. Death is already at the world’s door and they’re still going on business as usual, eating meat, and drinking alcohol, and talking nonsense, and doing whatever-not. (Yes, Master.) People are dying in countless numbers. You can see on the news that so many holes are digging everywhere (Yes.) and never enough even, for the coffins, the graves. Just like that, just simply dig graves everywhere that they have space and just lower them down, that’s it. Unceremoniously. You see that? (Yes, Master.) Undignifiedly. The message I want to get it out as soon as we can (Yes, Master.) for people to take care. For people’s safety and health − and life. (Yes, Master.) It could save many lives. (Yes, Master.) Because if you keep repeating, repeating, then maybe some words would go into some people’s ears. (Yes. Hope so.) Just like the joke that we read somewhere. The sales company, the boss said to the employee, “You know, if people don’t buy, you just keep repeating, repeating, repeating, and then more possibility that they will buy.” Then the employee said, “Yes, sir.” And then the boss said, “OK. What did you come into my office for in the first place?” He said, “A raise, a raise, a raise, a raise.” Quick, quick, quick learner. (Yes.)

(Any more questions? Why is it that if the people who bring Master’s dogs (to Her), come near Master, Master will lose 14% of spiritual power and saving power for Her mission?) Because their level is too low. Their energy is coarse, even if they already went to the Fourth Level. It is much better, but some are not at that level. Some are not higher level, just the Three or Four. That is not very good. (Yes, Master.) The energy is not refined enough for my wellness, especially when I am in retreat. (Yes, Master.) Retreat, you should be shut down from the world. You should not see anyone, any dogs, any beings, nothing. (Yes, Master.) In Tibet, the old time, like Milarepa’s time, they would make you a little... like a cave and then completely shut. You just stay inside there forever. Just a little opening, so that people can bring food to you. And even, the person who brought the food covered their hands, so that you don’t even recognize who that is. That’s what they did. (Wow.) The hands don’t even show. When I first did retreat in Hsihu, I really put down everything. I said, “I’m going in alone and no dogs, no human, no Supreme Master TV, no work, nothing.” And immediately, I had such a peace. Such a… Oh! Such a gladness. Just such a contentment. And that was the only time. But later on, because many things are not correct with the Supreme Master TV work when I am not there, so later I cannot just let go.

So, I don’t know if I’m really in retreat. I try my best, but it’s not all that. (Yes, Master.) It’s not the normal retreat. It’s just maybe better than nothing. I told you already before that it’s not 100% effective. (Yes, Master.) But what can I do? I’m only one. I have to do many things. I spread myself too thin. Next question, if you are satisfied already (Yes, Master.) about that question? (Yes, Master. Thank You.) Because your energy is too coarse. Your level is not high enough. That’s why. That’s why I lose. During retreat sometimes, because of emergency, because the dog died, I’ve seen the dogs sometimes, and after that, immediately chaotic. Immediately. (Wow.)

(So, related to that, if disciples should not come near Master within nine meters, what about when Master talks with disciples over the phone?) Yeah. What about it? I will lose for sure because you will air it on [Supreme Master] TV also for the whole world to see, not just you. I have to sacrifice. (Yes, Master. Thank You.) (Thank You, Master.) What else to do? I know all that, but I still do it. Even the Gods, Godses and Ultimate Master warned me. I say, “I have to.” Even my dogs tell me. Even my dogs, some of them tried to really create trouble with my working system, so that I stop working. They did it on purpose, even. I said, “Don’t do it again. I do it voluntarily, I have to, because no one else will do it the way I do.” I told all the dogs to please stop it. So, they did stop. They wanted to protect me. They said, “Humans are not worthy for You to sacrifice until You’re worthless and helpless and powerless like that.” I said, “Don’t mind my business.” So, now you know (I see.) the whole truth. I have to. At least to protect you and your brother and sister initiates. (Thank You, Master.) If other people don’t listen, at least I’m warning you guys, my disciples. Because if I don’t tell, they would not know. (Yes, Master.) Many of them don’t even watch TV anymore, and they don’t know the news. (Right, yes.) And they might be too careless. And they also have their family members who also think it’s OK to let them go out and carelessly, with no protection. (Yes, Master.) So, I have to tell, at my own expense. That’s since decades already. What to talk about now? The Gods told me this, told me that, but I don’t do always what the Gods told me. (Yes, Master.)

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