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Who Could Actually Be Redeemed? Part 9 of 11, July 29, 2020

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Thus, when you go up to the New Spiritual Realm, you will not think of anything. You will be too busy enjoying, creating. It’s just a blissful life. Nothing disturbs you, not even one word of sorrow or pain in the dictionary.

(When souls go to the newly created Spiritual Land by Master, would there be any remaining memory of their past life on Earth? And if they see that there is still suffering on Earth, is it possible that just by a mere wish, that they’d come down here again? Maybe in support of Master’s mission, if Master is still here on Earth?) They will not remember anything of their past lives on Earth. I’ll tell you why. Because this world and the worlds all the way up to the Tenth are all illusion. It’s like you watch the movies, and you push a button, everything’s erased. If you want to, you can look, like people look into the crystal. But people up there, they cannot even contact this world. My dog, Niro, the one that died recently. (Yes.) Oh, I cried so much, I miss her so much, because I wanted to hug her at least. I feel so bad because I went to another place to do retreat, for more peace and quiet. And then she died all by herself like that and I could not forgive myself. (Yes, Master.) Even though I had to do what I had to do. I know it’s all illusion, but I love her so much. Because she loves me so much, that is the thing. It’s a reflection. (Yes.) I don’t love them as much as they love me. And no one on this planet ever loved me as much as my dogs. That’s why I love them. Their love is completely pure, unconditional. They could die for me any time. And they love me day in, day out, every day, every minute of the day. No wanting anything, except to love me. And even if I don’t see them, they continue loving me and understanding, and waiting for the day they can see me. They don’t think of anything else, don’t want anything else. Not in this world, not Heaven, nothing. They don’t care about Heavens even. My dog, she went to New Spiritual Realm. And because I missed her so much, I cried so much, even during retreat. So the second day that she left the body, she came back down to a lower level. She asked permission to come down to a lower level to send me a very quick message. Before, she could not get back in. If you go too low, you cannot get back up. So, she sent me a message. She said, “Love from Niro.” (Ohh!) That’s all, just, “Love from Niro.” Just three words. That’s all she could, and then “zooop!” They fished her back up; they pushed her back up. So, if you want to come back to this world, there will be conditions, of course. You will suffer, just like Jesus or other Masters who were flayed alive and who were strangled or buried alive and all that stuff. You will. They will not forgive you. It’s better you don’t ever come back. I told all my dogs and all my people up there, “Stay up, stay put.” I don’t allow anyone to come down.

When you come up, you don’t remember anything of here anymore. (Yes, Master.) Because to you, it’s too clear that it’s just nothing! For me, I am struggling every day to suppress my knowledge that this world is nothing. It’s just a shadow of the real. It’s just true illusion. And sometimes I say, “Why am I toiling so much like this, just for illusion?” Because I don’t want to. It’s just… I don’t know how to explain it. I just could walk away. (Yes, Master.) Because it’s all illusion anyway. But then, I cannot forget that I also suffered before. I was made to suffer so that I understand that in this illusionary world, people suffer, animals suffer, all beings can suffer, as a real thing. The suffering is real. (Yes, Master.) So, I try to hang on to those memories of all my suffering, past lives, present life, in order to continue my work to help others. (Yes, Master. Thank You, Master.) It’s very difficult for me; sometimes I struggle. I struggle to retain all these suffering memories, so that I can understand that I have to continue to work. I suppress the understanding that this world is nothing. It’s all illusion. (Yes, Master.)

Thus, when you go up to the New Spiritual Realm, you will not think of anything. You will be too busy enjoying, creating. It’s just a blissful life. Nothing disturbs you, not even one word of sorrow or pain in the dictionary. (Wow.) You don’t even talk. You just know everything and you’re just happy all the time. There’s nothing that makes you remember the world down here. And with all your wisdom up there, you know it’s nothing here. It’s nothing at all. Like an empty space here. (Yes, Master.) And like a puppet show. (Yes, Master. Wow.) How would you sit there in the puppet show theater, and want to continue to stay there or to rescue that puppet? No, of course not. The people who are already in the New Spiritual Realm, they would not think of coming back to this world. It would be very rare, except for the highly positioned Master or completely compassionate, and also very powerful. Otherwise, most of the ordinary souls, they will not think of coming back here, because nobody would like to go back to a septic tank, after they can get out of it already. That is one of the examples. Another example is that, just like if you go to the movies to see a film in the movie theatre, and while you were watching it, you might be crying, laughing or getting angry with some characters in there, and all your emotions or your concentration are all in the film as if it’s real, as if it’s happening with you in it. But after you watched the movie already and the lights are turned on and the film is finished, you would know! Even just a few seconds ago or a few minutes ago, you were still angry, stamping your feet or maybe shouting even because of some scene in the movie that provoked your emotion and your reaction. But after the film is turned off, you just went home. You know it’s just a movie, no matter what. Even though you were so much involved in it while you were watching it. But when the film ended, you just went home, or you just turn off your computer, if you watched it on there. Or if you watched on TV screen, you turn it off and you know it’s just a play. You would not insist on sitting where you were at the theater and trying to figure out how to save the character in the movie. So that is like that. So only truly highly evolved Saints and Masters, They really sacrifice to come down to this world to help all beings like that. (Yes, Master.) All right.

(Master, what is the difference between how reincarnation is controlled by the karmic laws of the Lord of the Third Level versus the controlling machines?) The controlling machines are not from the Third Level. The Third Level god, He created this physical domain. (Yes, Master.) So, he’s possessive of it. He doesn’t want any soul to leave. That’s why they fight so hard with me. They even apologized to me that, “We don’t want to obstruct You, we don’t want to trouble You, but we have to. Look at our Shadow World. You are taking all the souls up and then what will we do?” Really. They apologetically told me that with all respect. I said, “You have to do. It’s all illusion and you make all beings suffer for all the illusion that you created. I don’t want to allow that anymore. You just have to leave with me, go up to the New Spiritual Realm, or don’t hurt beings anymore. Then I’ll let you rule. And whatever souls still want to stay here with you, I will let them. But whatever souls want to go back Home or go to my New Realm to enjoy forever, then you just have to let them go.” I told him, “I don’t force anybody. It’s all free will.” “If they pray to me, I help them. That’s it. If they want to stay here, I let them. It’s just that you make them suffer so much, so unfairly, many times, over and over again. And you and your lower realms gods and subordinates created so many troubles, many traps, many tricks so that the souls are entrapped in the body doing wrong. And then you punish them and then they cannot go anywhere, and then go back and forth again, from this life to the next, and forever recycle in suffering. That I cannot bear!” I told them that.

And the machines, it’s different. That was created from another planet, (Yes.) from a more high-tech planet than ours. And they dumped whomever they don’t like into our planet. (Yes.) And they created all those controlling machines, so that these souls, these beings, cannot return home to them, because they deem them troublemakers. These beings are maybe more intelligent or more kind of a revolutionary type, (Yes.) so they don’t like it. They want everything just like black and white. They don’t like any new idea, new system, new anything. Well, it’s similar to our planet as well, don’t you think? (Yes, Master.) That’s why they killed Jesus, because it’s something they thought was new. And they killed all the Masters as well because they didn’t understand anything. It looked like new to them compared to the established religion. So, they just killed Them like that. It’s similar to the system of these other planets. They are superb in technology, but they don’t have spiritual knowledge. They don’t have this kind of yearning for better spiritual life. (Yes, Master.) They don’t have the high moral standard. They’re just good at technology, that’s all. So, these machines are to control their people whom they dump on the planet as prisoners. And then, if these people die, they make them live again into another body, because they can create a body also. Or they can borrow a body from other newborn babies and stuff like that. And slowly, slowly, these people also became human and they forgot everything, where they came from. But some of them still retain half of the memory, so they can create better things for this planet, because of the high-tech knowledge that some of them still retain. (Yes, Master.) But they cannot get out of this planet ever, with all these controlling machines, as well as posting some of their tech experts, and guards, their own police from the higher planet. They take turns to come down to control. Therefore, people cannot get out. But the karma is from the system of the Three Worlds. They use the karma, like, “as you sow, so shall you reap,” to control the souls, so they’ll forever be trapped in here, happy or sad, rich or poor, depends on what they did. (Yes, Master.)

And I’ve been reading some of the books of the Buddhist Tripitaka. It tells many other of Buddha’s stories. When I have time, when we can, when I ever have time, I’ll read it to you. I promised the boys, your brothers, but I haven’t done it. I don’t know if I’ll ever have. I read the whole, one of the books of the Tripitaka already. And I read others, and also other religions’ stories, but I don’t know if we have time, because we are busy. But at least you are here all the time. You are in your working environment, protected, and you’re always ready, so any time we can have a conference. (Yes, Master. Thank You, Master.) But I cannot have any conference with your brothers and sisters outside, because right now they are all locked down. Or they are not gathering at any center at all, because of the pandemic. (Right.) So, even if I want to talk to them or they want to ask me questions, they cannot. So, you are their mouthpiece. Very good. (Thank You.) Very good.

I am surprised at all of your questions today are very good. Very new. It’s not the usual pattern. Very new and very good. Well put. So, did I explain enough about the difference, the machines and the karma? (Yes, I think so, Master.) Good, good. But I replaced the Third Level god already. You know, right? (Yes.) So, it’s easier for me to take the souls up. If he was still there, even repenting people would not get away. (Wow.) No! He will not let, because he will show me the book of karma. (Yes.) And if it’s his domain and his creation, then he can bargain, he can control. (Yes.) But because he was so greedy. If he just let me work… And I play fair, just whoever listens to me and wants to go up, then I take up. But he was greedy; he didn’t want. So now he lost everything. He lost also his position. Poor guy. I am sorry, but I had to. I don’t want to work with these uncooperative beings. They obstruct me too much. And I don’t want people to come back and forth all the time, suffering in this illusionary dream. Just like they have nightmares all the time. Sometimes nightmares, sometimes a little good dream, but it’s all a dream in this world. (Yes, Master.) But they suffer. Just like in the dream, in the nightmare, you suffer just like real, right? (Yes.) Some people, they have such a terrible nightmare, they wake up sweating all over even, and still scared for days or weeks or months. Could not sleep well, could not eat well because of such a traumatizing nightmare that they have. In this world, it’s the same like that. It’s just a more sophisticated dream, more high-tech dream, so it looks so real. And they suffer – it feels more real and longer – the whole life.

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