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Who Could Actually Be Redeemed? Part 2 of 11, July 29, 2020

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Even gecko told me again. Another gecko came. He said, “For Master’s peace, see not negative news.” (Wow.) I said, “I only saw headlines on the mobile phone.” And he said, “Still no good, no good. Detach Yourself from that.”

I didn’t have a camera with me. And then I wanted to take a photo of her to show you what kind of spider I have seen before. The one that came and rescued me from the snake. (Yes, Master.) That’s similar to her, it’s just bigger. If you see the light brown color with a round body, that’s the type. They are so kind. After she told me what she told me, and then I said to her, “Take care of yourself and your children in your stomach,” and all that. And then she left. And I regretted later, because she looked like the spider that helped save my life in the storeroom, other place, and I regret not taking her photograph. (Yes, Master.) Because I want to show you guys this type of the spider, because on our [Supreme Master] TV they show another kind of spider. This kind of spider, I don’t see they’re weaving webs or anything. They just run around. (Yes, Master.) The brown one, and round, looks like a crab. (Yes.) So I regret that I didn’t take her photo. Maybe I didn’t have a camera with me. I met her in the other place. In the same environment, it’s just in another house (Yes, Master.) while I was doing something, and then when I came back to my own room, I regret. I said, “Oh, I could have taken her photograph just to show my team.” The kind. Not the same one, but the type. (Yes, Master.) And I said, “Oh, spider, I forgot to take your photograph. Can you somehow come back somewhere, come to my house?” I’m just saying like that, repeatedly a few times.

And lo and behold, in about the same day just a while later, because for her, it takes a long time to crawl such a long way. (Yes, Master.) It’s not far but it’s just for her, small thing and with the babies in her stomach like that, in a white pouch. (Yes.) Looks like a pill, round and white. (Yes, Master.) And then she came. But I did not see her. I wanted to spray water to spray away some dead insects. (Yes.) And she was so scared, she ran away and I saw her with her stomach. I said, “Oh, oh, oh, oh! I’m so sorry.” I didn’t hit her with the water but the noise and the wetness – I sprayed a little bit, droplets (Yes.) − scared her. I said, “OK, OK, go away. Protect yourself and your babies. I’m so sorry, I did not see you.” So I didn’t catch (see) her ever since. She must have been scared to death by now. She won’t come back.

You know, all these animals, even insects, and even up to the spider and gecko like that, they touch my heart so, so, so much. It is truly like that, like in the Bible it says, “Ask the birds and they will tell you. (Yes.) Talk to the fish and they will guide you.” Something like that, about animals, that they will help you. (Yes, Master.) They’re really your helpers. Even the gecko, so small like my thumb. And the spider, she’s bigger than my thumb. And then of course the eight legs. (Yes, Master.) Oh my God. She came! (Oh, that’s so sweet.) Crawling all the way and I did not see her. She was in a very obvious place but I was so busy trying hard to get rid of the dead insects by spraying, that I did not notice. And that’s how she got scared and ran away. I feel so sorry. I keep telling apology. I keep saying, “I’m so sorry. Really, forgive me, forgive me. I did not mean to scare you. I didn’t mean to harm your babies. Please take good care of yourself.” And that is the story of the spider.

Many different also, even tiny ones also came and told me… What did the spider tell me this afternoon again? Oh, man. I had no time to write it. Now I forgot. The very little one. Oh, yeah. Because I was too much disturbed. Recently so much trouble with our work. (Yes.) Every show has trouble. You know, right? (Yes.) Everybody is in trouble also. So I thought maybe I have to move. Also, many insects came to trouble me. That kind of colorful spider came and obstructed me like that. I said maybe I should move to another place, more peaceful. So the spiders came, a couple of them, told me, “Stay! Stay here. It’s safer for You.” (Wow!) I wanted to move. I packed some things already, and then they all came rushing. And the birds even. Before I forget. The birds came, hundreds of them. (Wow! That’s amazing!) Hundreds or thousands, I don’t know. Suddenly from nowhere, they came and were chirping all over outside. Every little corner, they were chirping everywhere. They told me, “Don’t go! Don’t go! Please stay here.” I said, “What then?” And they told me, “If You go, the negative is waiting to harm You on the road.” (Oh, my goodness.) Maybe I’m here, more protected. But if I go on the road, I might not be that protected, and it might be passing through their stronghold. (Yes, Master.) Then they might harm me on the road. So I didn’t move again, but I had to rearrange my things again. Unpacking, rearranging. Tell me I still look good. (You look beautiful. You look wonderful, Master.) That is because you don’t see the sweat, that I have been working all day to rearrange things, making the lights for the camera, and preparing this and that, preparing the corner to be not so crowded or not so bad looking, so the editors don’t have to work so hard to cover the background. (Yes, Master.) I don’t always have time to prepare, so sometimes they work very hard. I have to thank them for that, the editors. (Yes.) Because they have to cover the background. (Yes.) I think this time they don’t have to. Just the curtain and the wooden wall. I think they don’t have to cover anymore. So these are the things that I wanted to tell you. I don’t know, anything else? Oh, OK.

One of my dogs, did not eat. Did I tell you that before? (No, Master.) No? OK. Because every couple of days they report to me how the dogs are. (Yes.) Recently, one of the dogs, the one who always pees in the house to tell me something if I don’t listen. (Yes.) And when no other dog dares to do it, she will always do it. She said, “Master’s safety is more important.” She’s scared but she still does it. Meaning she’s very protective of me. She doesn’t mind if I scold her for peeing in the house. She doesn’t always do that. Only when something’s important, she wants to warn me. But I don’t always have time to see them, that’s the thing. They are also my protectors, but in retreat I’m not allowed to see them that much. Before, when one of the dogs died, remember? (Yes.) I had to come and see them and comfort them, but lately I cannot anymore. (Yes, Master.) But she didn’t eat again, and I asked her, “Why?” She said she worried so much about my status, because I lost too much Spiritual Worth. Not just Worth but Youth. This kind of Eternal Youth, it’s not the youth of the physical appearance. (Yes, Master.) But it could also happen. It’s just that it doesn’t mean that one. (Yes, Master. Understand.) And then she told me that I lost so much Youth and Freedom and Safety and Worth and Security. I lost so much, became zero, so that’s why she could not eat.

Many times, she could not eat, many days before that, and before that, and before that. I have to keep telling her (inside, telepathically), “Please take care of yourself, so that you’ll be healthy and strong, that we can see each other again. Because if you are sick, then how can we see each other again? And you make me worry also.” So sometimes she does eat, and she does eat better and better because I said to the caretaker, “If she doesn’t eat, you have to report to me.” Writing through you guys. But if she eats OK, then it’s fine. If she doesn’t eat one time, two times a day, then it’s all right. But if she doesn’t eat like that for a couple of days, then we have to do something. (Yes.) So, I wrote here, “She doesn’t eat again. Ate very little. Worry about my spiritual, many aspects lost, loss of Worth, Peace, Youth, Freedom, Safety. I told her she must eat, sleep well, so me not worry about her. The other girl, smaller one, also worries, saying humans are not worthy for my sacrifice. So much lost, become worthless state like this.” You know, the other dog, the smaller one, the clairvoyant one. They are all very good to me. “It doesn’t have to be that You lose so much and then You become worthless state like this.” That’s what she said. “I thank you all for your love and care.”

They told me, “Don’t watch the news anymore. Don’t search into the news.” Because that will make me lose even more. Seeing face to face with the non-practitioners meat-eaters, wine-drinkers in the news. I said I don’t even read the news. I just see the headlines. Only read some of it, if it’s important. But they said it’s no good for me. So, I said to them, “I will try to minimize some research with the negative and bad news, because it’s contacting indirectly through news with negative and normal world people. It’s bad for me, especially in retreat, because I’m sensitive, open energy.” I don’t write the whole sentence, just short. (Yes, Master.)

The colored spider tried to stop me, weaving webs anywhere that I need to go through. So the other spider answered me that, “Because that one wishes You fail.” Fail in my mission and all that. And another one, on another day: also the bigger black dog didn’t eat. So I said, “Why? Why you not eat?” She said, “Worry about Master.” I said, “What?” She said, “Your Freedom, Youth, Peace, Worth not good.” Not in a good state. I just say “not good,” but it means it’s “not good state.” I wrote short in here. (Yes.) So I said, “I know! For the sake of all beings, I do it voluntarily. So it’s OK. Don’t worry.” I said, “Not worry. You must eat well, sleep good for me, so I’m not worried about you. OK?” “She ate well here,” whenever she saw me, but not there.

Next one, Ultimate Master told me a short message. I said, “Bless You.” Hes said, “Be free, have Peace, Safe, Worth.” So I asked, “Free what? Be free of what? I’m in retreat.” So Hes said, “Free Your life.” I said, “What meaning?” Hes said, “See no more negative news.” Meaning, disentangle myself from the world. (Yes, Master.) Normally, that’s what “retreat” means. But I had to because of a special situation. (Yes, Master.) I’m never interested in watching news or anything anyway. You know that. It’s just those days, because it’s so urgent. Even gecko told me again. Another gecko came. He said, “For Master’s peace, see not negative news.” (Wow.) I said, “I only saw headlines on the mobile phone.” And he said, “Still no good, no good. Detach Yourself from that.”

And what else here? That was on the 21st of July. I keep reading backwards, because originally, I just wanted to read the other one, and then it seems like there’s some more. 20th July: “It’s a terrible week.” “Terrible more than a week. All host, even a bird (on) Tip of the Day, did all wrong. All redo, redo, redo. Exhausting. And that [dog] not eating well again. Last time, same. Worry too much about Master. Poor girl. Told her she must take care of herself for me.”

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