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Between Master and Disciples

Who Could Actually Be Redeemed? Part 4 of 11, July 29, 2020

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You cannot just expect everything, but not give anything. (Yes, Master.) And you don’t even have to give anything! You just don’t take it from others. Don’t take lives from animals. (Yes, Master.) Very simple solution! If you kill lives, you cannot expect life in return. “As you sow, so shall you reap.” The law of karma is not to be messed up with.

(There is a discovery of a new swine flu virus called G4 EA H1N1 or G4 for short. Will this develop into a pandemic?)

You can wait and see. I have told before that there are many ticking bombs. Quite a few, not just one. (Yes, Master.) And now because of COVID-19, it bred other kinds of pandemic, other kind of disease. (Yes, Master.) It might not be a pandemic yet, but it’s all over us. Look at how many… Look at billions of people plus already infected like that. So, we are kind of swimming in diseases, in bacteria, and in viruses and in danger. (Yes, Master.) Everywhere. You never know who you’ll encounter that carries that disease and passes it on to you, even though he doesn’t look sick. Even though that person might not look sick, but he carries it and he might pass it on to you anytime, anywhere, you never know. (Yes, Master.)

One of your brothers just had to go out for dentist or something, and I had to quarantine him for three weeks. I have written it. Some of you must have read it. (Yes, we read it, Master.) The one who helped me. And I said the same for everybody, if you go out of your group. (Yes.) Because you are inside the bubble right now. (Yes, Master.) Tell the kitchen members also, if they go out, they cannot come back. (Yes, Master.) (We will tell them.) Or if they come back, they have to quarantine themselves for at least three weeks. (Yes, Master.) So, nobody should go out unless absolutely necessary. (Yes, Master.) The kitchen people and you should not go out. You are protected within your own area. (Yes.) But if you have to go, of course you have to. Come back, take a shower immediately from head to toe, clinically wash your clothes, etc. (Yes, Master.) Did I say goggles when you go out? I did. (Yes, Master.) All right.

There are many other diseases also showing up right now. (Yes, Master.) I saw it on our [Supreme Master] TV, something in Yemen, cholera. And what else? Ebola? (Yes.) It’s even showing up again. (Yes, Master.) And measles somewhere, etc. You see because of the COVID-19 energy, the air will be somehow polluted, when people carry the disease and running around. (Yes.) So, people’s immune systems are also being affected even though they are not infected by COVID-19. (Yes, Master.) Thus, if they have caught another disease, normally treatable, it could be untreatable; (Oh, wow.) because their immune system is already somehow compromised.

So, that’s why I keep telling you and disciples all these conferences, just to let them be more vigilant and careful, and more protecting themselves with spiritual merit. (Yes, Master.) With prayers, with meditation, with purity of conduct and thought and action, and speech. That is the real protection. Otherwise, humans, including my own so-called disciples, don’t have enough love, don’t have enough merit to cover themselves. (Oh, I see.) So must borrow from Master power, from higher power, and thus must pray every day a lot, must meditate a lot, as much as you can. (Yes, Master.) That is to connect yourself always with the Divine. So that we don’t have more problems. (Yes, Master.) Any more questions, love? How many more questions? I heard you have a list. (Yes, it’s a lot.) OK. Tell me.

(Master, the Godses said that this is the final judgment time. What is the Grace period of this time? Does that mean that everyone must be vegan within this Grace period? And if some people do not become vegan, will they die of some pandemic or disaster and go to hell unless they repent?)

Grace period has already been kind of terminated long ago. Just I plead with Heaven, be more lenient because humans, they are being poisoned, they have been misled, they have been brainwashed, all kinds of bad influences from maya and from zealous demons. And anytime they can U-turn now, and I will be standing by. If they can U-turn, of course they will have somehow more protection. But it also depends on how much merit they have as well. (Yes, Master.) So, combine that with their previous life merit and their sincerity, and their humble prayers and repentance, that would help somehow. (Yes, Master.) At least if they caught the pandemic, it will be milder, it will be lessened. And if they die, I could find an excuse to help their souls to go up to Heaven. (Yes, Master.)

(Master, so, the prophecies, like from Âu Lạc (Vietnam) and others, say that during the final judgment time there will be disasters and new diseases, and only one out of ten, or two out of ten virtuous people will survive. Will this be true, Master? Because we have faith that with Master’s blessings, it won’t be as bad.)

I can only bless the people who listen, who cooperate. If a doctor gives a prescription to a patient, and the patient does not take the medicine, what will be the consequence? Will you blame the doctor for not trying his best already? (No, Master.) Yeah! You cannot just expect everything, but not give anything. (Yes, Master.) And you don’t even have to give anything! You just don’t take it from others. Don’t take lives from animals. (Yes, Master.) Very simple solution! If you kill lives, you cannot expect life in return. “As you sow, so shall you reap.” The law of karma is not to be messed up with. (Yes, Master.)

If they keep taking poison and the doctor tells them, “Don’t take it anymore. At least stop the poison, then I can cure you,” but they continue taking poison, then the patient will die or be agonizing. Just don’t expect me to do everything and nobody does anything. There is no such thing like that. (Yes, Master.) Even then, we have to be fair to the animals. They do nothing wrong. They’ve been tortured, they’ve been, oh, my God, like hell, before they die. (Yes, Master.) You saw it all on our [Supreme Master] TV and on Netflix, (Yes.) and all the films that we advertise. How can we as a human, strong, intelligent, have choices, torture somebody who is weak, and helpless like that and expect mercy?! I told them they have to repent and U-turn. (Yes, Master.) That’s all they have to do. I don’t ask for a lot. (Yes, Master.) So that I can help them.

Of course, I can bless the people who are repenting and turn to a benevolent way of life, I can bless by the Grace and Mercy of God Almighty. I have told you already that I helped the souls who are repentant, even though they have to die to redeem their sins. I help them if they are repentant in their hearts, if they have ever seen my photos, or my videos, or my talks, and have some reverence, or some belief in me. These I can help. But if they don’t listen, they continue their ways, then don’t ask me anymore to help them, Master’s blessing… A lot of blessing − for nothing. For these people, nothing will work if they don’t change. Do you understand? (Yes, Master.)

Everybody keeps asking me, you and your brothers always ask me, “Master should have blessing, and everything will be all right?” How can it be all right? How about the animals? They are not all right, are they? (No.) Then don’t expect anything from me or anyone or Heaven anymore. Hell is the only place for these kinds of people, because they turn blind eyes on others’ suffering and enjoy their pain and languish. (Yes, Master.) Always sitting there eating meat, drinking wine, and torturing animals and others, and then expect me to give them blessing?

You keep asking this kind of question again and again. I don’t want to ever hear it again. (Yes, Master.) Because it’s not an intelligent question. It’s abusive of Heaven’s power and God’s love. If you want to learn English with a professor, you have to do your homework. (Yes, Master.) You cannot just expect the professor, because of his vast knowledge, to make you speak English and understand English when you don’t learn, you don’t try to practice, you don’t speak, you don’t do your homework. You got that? (Yes, Master.)

It makes me angry, this kind of question. It feels like everybody just sits there, and waiting for one person to do everything. This question is just like a similar situation like a president. He was elected and he is well-known for being forgiving and benevolent, and then expect him just to write off the law and everybody does what he wants. This one kills that person, no problem; the other one abuses the other little girl, no problem. Each one does what he wants, the strong will oppress the weak, and ask the president just to write off all their criminal records, forgive everybody. And that is not fair for the victims. That’s why I don’t want to answer that question anymore, because it’s truly ridiculous, it is too abusive. People, they think like that. They just do anything and then expect like a president to make miracles for them or a Master who hula hula hup and everything is going all right.

So, what do you want me to do? You want more sacrifice, like Jesus and many other Masters? Like I drop dead or something? And then that miracle might happen because my death may be cleaning their sins? That is a dream. Look at all the Masters, They died agonizingly, and the Buddha had been attempted many times with His life. And Jesus, He died such an agonizing death on the cross. Even if He was healed and went back to normal life after, that is not a correct way that humans should treat an innocent Being like Jesus.

And for example, if He died there, He tried hard to cleanse people’s sins, but that’s only temporarily, maybe only His disciples and some of their relatives and friends, of five, six generations. But people still continued to eat meat, drink wine, and so His sacrifice was not permanent. And what good comes out of it? Nothing much. They make an empire out of it, build big temples, and all that, and worshipping His status; while He was alive, they crucified Him. And look at humans. What did they do? Continue to eat meat, drink wine, make merry. (Yes, Master.) So, what good [came] out of that? If a Master dies or sacrifices in some way, physically.

I’m sacrificing every day. (Yes, Master.) Not just my physical unwellness and have to do so many things that I cannot tell you. But, also my spiritual wellness, and you all know that. (Yes, Master.) So, what’s the use anyway? My dogs are right. They’re right to tell me that, why do I do all this for humans? They’re not worthy. And just free myself. Even Heaven told me, free my life. Yeah! They told me, “Free Your life.” Because they said, “Be free. Be safe. Be peace. Be noble.” Sometimes they said, “Be happy,” all that. That means, “Just get out.” (Yes, Master.)

It’s all games. It’s all illusion anyway. It’s all like a theater, like a dream. I know all that, but tell the ordinary people suffering outside, is it a dream to them? No. (No.) Right? (Right.) They sweat day and night, suffer all kinds of things, enduring all kinds of circumstances just to make ends meet. Just to take care of themselves or/and family, and enduring all kinds of harassment, all kinds of hardship. And ask the animals who suffer so inhumanely, so wickedly, so cruelly, in the factory farming there. Ask them whether or not it’s a dream. It hurts. You pinch yourself and you know it’s not a dream. It hurts, right? (Yes, Master.) Even just pinching, you feel hurt. Even you cut a little your finger, you feel hurt.

So, how can I just walk away and say, “It’s just a dream”? For me, it is. Even if I hurt or I work hard or I’m exhausted and everything like that, but on one hand, I know it all will end. It’s all a dream. (Yes, Master.) But for most people, they suffer deeply. I am made to suffer so that I can understand that in this dream of all dreams, they suffer. The real suffering. So, that’s why I cannot just walk away. (Yes, Master. Thank You.) That’s why many of the enlightened Masters or spiritual practitioners, They don’t stay in the world even. They just walk away. They went somewhere, in the Himalayas or some mountain or next to the river, something. They live their own life. (Yes, Master.) Not like an ordinary or mundane life, but they just live their life with the Divine, with the new-found freedom inside. They don’t care much about taking disciples. Whatever happens, it’s just by the way. But They never care to go out. These kinds of practitioners, they know it’s all a dream. (Yes.)

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