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Between Master and Disciples

Who Could Actually Be Redeemed? Part 3 of 11, July 29, 2020

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Recently, we’re bolder now. I said we don’t mince our actions anymore and we don’t mince our words anymore. And so, we put a lot of these animal cruelty on our [Supreme Master] TV. (Yes, Master.) And it does change, at least one million people became vegan (Oh, wow!) (That’s good news!) because of that.

And 19th of July: “Be loved, be free, be noble, be safe. You are Your own Master.” I said, “I know that.” This is OUP. That means Original Universe Godses Protectors. So I said, “I know that. Just being someone else’s Master is the problem, and all other problems follow suit because of that.” (Yes.) Because of being a Master of someone else.

On the 19th, I said, “Incredible! A spider insistingly weaved a web outside on my balcony, to zealously oppose my going outside, because ‘If You move outdoors, peace will reign.’” Meaning my personal peace. (Yes, Master.) Because I’ve been losing it. So I tried to move out a little bit more, just to have more freedom.

“But maya uses him to trouble me. I finally used water spray from the hose to shoo him away. Before that, I accidentally ruined his web in another corner of the balcony, opposite, and I apologized profusely. And I thought it’s OK.” But then “he ate all the leftover, crumbled web-silk.” Can you believe that? (Oh, wow!) Normally when a web is ruined, then it stays there. (Yes.) But he ate it all clean! (Wow!) Nothing left. And then he went to another corner and made another web there, in the opposite corner nearby, just one and a half meters apart. “Moved, to make another web so big,” in the opposite corner, “so I had to invite him to move to trees. Not fair that he does that, because I have been kind to his kin, (Yes.) before and always. So, not all spiders are working with me.” I’m reading. “The other type is better, kinder. The flatter ones, look similar to the crab, are better.” That’s what I have written. That’s it. Now I let you ask your questions. (Thank You, Master, for sharing that.) It’s all right. There’re some more, but never mind. We can never finish all that.

Did I read anything about the 10th of July? (I don’t think so.) On the 10th of July, “The squirrels came from all over.” From the mountain where I fed them before, (Yes.) they came all this mileage to come to see me. (Wow! That’s so sweet! That’s nice.) Oh, the whole group. And then I thought they’re hungry. I wanted to feed them something. I gave whatever I had, but they did not eat. They just came and told me something.

And another one: a discovery. Because I read some of the stories of the Buddha. (Yes, Master.) The Buddha said some of the tree deities, (Yes.) they have children also. I said, “How do they make children? Do they have marriage and husband and all that?” They said, “No, they just make fruit.” Therefore, whenever we eat the fruit, we also hurt them. I’ll read it. I don’t have the glasses. I have to put glasses on even though I look better without glasses, no? Who cares. “Tree deities make children for yield.” I asked them, “Why do you make children? Do you really need children?” They said they made them just to contribute. “For yield,” that’s what they said. Yield. Y-I-E-L-D. Meaning, I guess, contribution, right? (Yes, I think so.) Yield, to give. And that is the fruit. “Thus, taking fruit from them hurts the trees. They need no partners to make children, just magic.” (Wow.) I remember one time I read something about the Lord Mahavira, He advised His followers not to take fruit from the trees. The fruit like cucumber is OK. Watermelon, OK. (Yes.) Those melon types or maybe similar types like those gourds, and stuff like that. (Yes.) I think that’s what it is. I think now these two and two together.

So, the squirrels came. I forgot. In between I had the trees, and now I remember the squirrels. When they came, they just ran around my place for a while, and chirping and talking and dancing, (Oh, wow.) and told me about that. So, the squirrels all came and dancing around. And when I talked to them, I said, “Hey, how are you, buddies? Thanks for coming and visiting.” And the squirrels, they lay flat on their stomachs. (Wow!) They didn’t run away from me, they just lay flat and quiet and just gazing at me and listening while I was talking. (So cute!) I was also surprised. I have never seen this before.

Normally wild squirrels, when you go near, they run away. (Yes.) But they just lay flat on the stomach, flat on the tree trunk. Flat, really flat! As flat as possible, as if prostrating. (Wow!) And gazing at me and kept listening until I finished. I don’t remember what I told them. I just, you know, girl chat, I guess. “Thank you for coming,” and all that. “Are you hungry?” or something like that. “Did you eat well there?” or “You come here to stay, or not?” And then they just disappeared just as fast as they came, after that. I don’t see any of them anymore. (Wow.) I thought they came to stay. No, they just came to tell me things and then they left.

I say here, so, “When talked, squirrel lie flat on his stomach.” One of them. And the other ones, I did not have attention to see all of them. (Yes.) Right in front of me, about 20 inches. (Wow.) On the tree trunk in front of my balcony. So, when I talked, he just lay flat on his stomach. When I looked at others, the same. And they were all gazing at me. When I talked to them, they all turned toward me and listened. They didn’t cheep around anymore. They didn’t talk, they didn’t move. And then I said, “Why are you lying flat on your stomach? Look very strange.” He said, “Pay respect for Master.” That’s what he said. (Wow.) So now, and then he… Who said this? Just one moment. Oh, they also said, “Be You forgiving to unloyal disciple.” They mentioned the name of that person. Yeah, I know that, she revealed something shocking to me also. You never know what people inside are like. (Yes.) Only looking outside, you never know.

And on the 11th, I said, “Dear God, can’t believe some humans are so bad or badly influenced. And my life always has to be in trouble like this? You know I don’t deserve it, do You? Well, You told me that also. OK. Thank You.” Done.

I mean, there’s some more, but that’s enough for now. These are the things that you’re curious to hear. And the rest you can ask me, and I’ll be happy to answer, because you have collected questions, right? (Yes, Master.) And that’s how this conference took place. (Yes. Thank You, Master.) I’m glad. I’m glad you ask something, because it’s always good for the world. Because whatever you ask, it’s a human kind of question, and many other humans, your brothers and sisters, would love to hear your questions or to hear answers because they have no chance to ask me. (Yes.) And could be good for the world people as well, if they listen. (Yes.) I do not hope but I pray that they might listen and it will help them.

Recently, we’re bolder now. I said we don’t mince our actions anymore and we don’t mince our words anymore. And so, we put a lot of these animal cruelty on our [Supreme Master] TV. (Yes, Master.) And it does change, at least one million people became vegan (Oh, wow!) (That’s good news!) because of that. Even though it’s very, very cruel. Every time I see any of these cruelty pictures, I scream and I cry. Oh, it upsets me for many days. And I scream at all Heavens. I tell Them, “Have to do something.” I wish I have more time to… OK, never mind. It’s your time now, please. (OK, Master.) Yeah.

(Master, due to COVID-19, 265 million are at risk of a “hunger pandemic” according to experts. World Food Programme executive director, David Beasley, told the UN Security Council that, “We could be facing multiple famines of biblical proportions within a short few months.” Is there something people or disciples can or should do to prepare themselves in case this would happen?) Oh, yeah. Remember I read you my message before you asked questions, (Yes.) the first message ever, I wrote in my diary on the 24th of July? (Yes, Master.) I just read to you. (Yes, Master.) I said, “Self-sustain as much as possible.” (Yes.) Even if you have balcony, you can plant things to eat. (Yes.) If you have land, you plant crops, you plant vegetables, you plant fruit trees. Be self-sustained as much as possible. Anyone.

Actually, I wanted to say this a while back then, in the first urgent call to the leaders, but I forgot. It stayed in the back of my mind till it resurfaced again, days before 24th of July even, till I had time to write it down in my diary and told you guys before I forget again. There are many things I forget to write, or have no time to write, even spiritual visions or spiritual messages. You have no idea how busy I am! (Yes, Master.) Anyone who listens, and disciples, of course. Plant organic food as much as you can. Self-sustained as much as you can. (Yes. Thank You, Master.) That’s why there was an urge for me to want to tell this message, but then I delayed until today. At least, we have it now. (Yes.)

(Another question is: The factory farmed animals are being killed because the processing plants were shut down and there is an oversupply of animals. Will this cause the COVID-19 pandemic to get worse due to the increased karma created?) It’s the same. Whether or not they kill animals for consumption or they cull them because of surplus, it’s the same! (Yes, Master. True.) Whatever you do to animals, you’ll get it. (Yes.) It’s the same. We should have never created so many animals by inseminating or by some artificial means or by, whatever, natural means and then to kill them. (Yes, Master.) Or take away their babies, take away the milk for the baby, and quarantine the little poor calves in a cage so that their meat becomes tender, and kill them. Kill mother, kill kids. Oh! (Yes, it’s horrible.) This is terrible, horrible. We make ourselves, the human race, into such a murderous race, it’s so horrible. You remember when we were kids, we read many stories about witches (Yes, Master.) that’s waiting somewhere in the forest or somewhere to lure people or children to eat? (Yes.) We are doing the same to animals. (Yes.) The story is the same. (Yes.)

(For some patients, some symptoms from the COVID-19 still linger even months after their official recovery. For instance, shortness of breath. And some even develop new symptoms: brain fog or fatigue. Is there a way to fully recover?) No. (Oh, wow. My goodness.) If they are less affected, then they’re not. But if they’re already affected, then it just continues or lays dormant there. (Yes, Master.) People think it’s just a common flu. It’s not like that. I read in the news before, many people, including priests and all that, they make light of the COVID-19, and then they themselves also caught the disease and died. (Yes.) So that’s why I keep telling you guys, even though I’m in retreat, I should not show up like this, but I worry. (Yes. Thank You, Master.) I have to tell, and whoever listens, they might save their lives. (Yes, Master.) (Thank You, Master.) And also because the merit’s too less. If you have more merit, then possibly you can recover. (Understand, Master.) But if it’s already gravely infected and deteriorated, then it’s not. You might have some medicine or something to halt it somehow, but not recover completely. (Understand.) OK.

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