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Between Master and Disciples

Who Could Actually Be Redeemed? Part 5 of 11, July 29, 2020

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No matter how much a Master sacrifices, it’s not useful to humans so much, at least in this stage of their development. (Yes.) They might uplift the whole energy of the atmosphere of the planet, but unless they themselves change, don’t ask the Master to sacrifice for them, because it’s useless.

One of the Chinese Masters, I don’t remember which one, forgot the name. Somebody asked Him why wouldn’t He like to help the world. He said, “Even if to lose one of my hairs to rescue the world, I wouldn’t do it.” (Oh!) Yeah. Even to lose one of His hairs to help the world, He wouldn’t do it. Not because He isn’t concerned, but He knew too well that this is an illusionary dream, and people are just so hard-headed, so difficult to teach anything. It’s very difficult.

So, Bodhidharma had only five disciples, and only one of them was truly enlightened and became His successor. You remember this story, right? About Bodhidharma. No? You don’t know. (No, we don’t.) Never mind. You’re not Chinese, so maybe you’re not familiar with it. Many Chinese don’t know it anyway. He came all the way from India as a prince. (Wow.) Forsook everything to go to China just to try to sow a seed of enlightenment there. And the whole vast China. You know how big China is, (Yes.) and how big the population. Only one person was worthy of His mantle of successorship. Imagine the whole world. (Wow.) How many people would listen to Him? They ridiculed Him even and attempted on His life also, several times.

If you watch the film, you would see. But lucky He had protection and He had power. They show Him with the kung fu and all that, martial art, but actually, people don’t understand it. He didn’t have to use all that. He had inner power. That’s what they meant, but outside has to translate it into kung fu. (Yes, Master.) That’s what it is. Many films are like that.

Like they make a film of a Master and then they make Him into like a kung fu Master, and then people attack Him from all sides, and He alone can like, hitting the west, kicking the east. You know what I mean? (Yes, Master.) Lurching to the front and punching on the back. Something like that. (Yes.) They’re on all sides and He can win them all. Not always, sometimes He gets hurt, of course.

So, what I’m saying is that, no matter how much a Master sacrifices, it’s not useful to humans so much, at least in this stage of their development. (Yes.) They might uplift the whole energy of the atmosphere of the planet, but unless they themselves change, don’t ask the Master to sacrifice for them, because it’s useless. It’s better the Master stays alive, keeps safe, and helping them with His or Her energy, to uplift the whole humankind and the whole planet. Our planet would have been destroyed long ago, our world would have ceased to exist if we had not had many benevolent, compassionate Masters who came and went during all our history of humankind. (Yes, Master.) And even now, even if there are no practitioners, no Master’s power to uphold this planet, it would be gone. Because the sins of seven billion people are too great. Too heavy. It’s shaken Heaven and Earth. (Wow.) It pierces all hearts of devas and deities everywhere in the whole universe. So, it is not like you can do anything about it, and let them just continue with their wicked way. (Yes, Master.)

If they don’t change, they will continue like this and get worse and worse, as you can see. (Yes, Master.) You can see it nowadays. It’s kind of a rush. You know, enormous fires everywhere. If you see on the map, it’s dot, dot, dot, dot everywhere, and then tsunami to boot. And then what? Floods, and then locusts, and then pandemic, and then another new virus, and the old virus surging up, etc.

And then the economy collapsing, and protesting everywhere, for example like that. Protesting for going out to work, protesting for freedom, not to be in lockdown, protesting color racism. (Yes, Master.) And many other racisms also, like between the genders, (Yes.) between the male and females in the offices everywhere, like that. Even with all these equality fights all these decades, women are still not equal to men in the working field. (Yes.) Especially in the intellectual field, in the businesses. (Right.) There are so many pandemics everywhere. Not just this COVID-19. (Yes.) The color racism, gender racism (sexism), these are also pandemics, and they are chronic pandemics. (Yes.) It started since forever, and then it continues, forever perhaps. So, I don’t know what we are doing. We’re swimming in problems. This world is really in troubled waters, deep, deep, deep, deep in troubled waters. And I fear for humankind, what’s happening next.

When I was a young kid, I saw a film about Tarzan. (Yes.) At the end, there were the two mountains coming together, at least two big stones, and he had to spread both of his hands out to stop the stones from closing in. (Yes. Master, Your voice is muffled.) (OK. It’s better.) Can you hear now? (Yes.) I guess the telephone was stressed beyond limit, like the owner. Like me. You see, even a machine has its limit, not to talk about us humans with flesh and bones. (Yes, Master.) And a 70-plus-year-old woman like me, and multi-tasking every day. And not just physical tasks, there are invisible tasks, (Yes.) that you cannot tell, you cannot know. Even if I describe it, you wouldn’t understand anything, so I’m lazy to talk about it.

Now, so Tarzan was using his hands to stop the two mountains collapsing into each other, while he’s in the middle of it. (Yes.) And to protect, I think, his beloved girl also. But imagine, how long is he going to do that? (Yes.) How long can he? How strong can he be with the two mountains collapsing toward each other? (Yes, Master.) And they’re already as close as his two spreading arms. He spread the two arms to stop them. The film wanted to show how strong he is. (Yes.) But even then, how long can he hold that strength? (Yes, not long.) Yeah, if it’s so urgent like that. Either the mountains have to stop collapsing onto each other, or he just has to give in one day. So, the situation of the world is like that.

We can keep it afloat, but the humans have to change. (Yes, Master.) I cannot stop them dying or getting infected, because I have told you already, once the great karmic wheel is turning, then it’s impossible to reverse, or to stop it in its tracks. Justice has to be done. (Yes, Master.) Even in this world, if somebody kills somebody, then you have to do prison time. (Yes.) Or even be executed, depends on the country. So how would we go on killing all these innocents en masse like this and then get away with murder? No! Not possible. (Yes, Master.) It would have been possible if they stopped it long ago, some years ago, then it’s easier for me to help.

Right now, I can only help their souls. It’s easier to talk to their souls than when they are alive with the soul in their body. (Yes, Master.) But even then, they need to have some excuse, some merit for me to do it, because they didn’t do it early enough. I just can help those who are, like, having some little excuse somewhere, (Yes.) or believing in me somehow or having some respect for me somehow.

And even if I can have my blessings for the whole world, and the pandemic gets better, tsunamis don’t come and all that stuff, even if I can do all that, I won’t tell you. If I tell you and guarantee like that, then everybody continues to kill each other and to torture the animals just for their taste, when they have plenty of other things to eat. So now, I hope once and for all I have answered this very uncomfortable, bad question. Next question, please.

(Master, last month in June, the Canadian prime minister announced his government will invest US$74 million in producing plant-based protein, following the growing demand for plant-based foods. The move will also create new jobs. What more can leaders be doing at this time to usher in a vegan world?)

Yeah. That’s what they should do. Bravo for the prime minister. (Yes.) What more can they do? They have to tell everybody, from now on, no more meat. That’s it! (Yes.) Shut down all the slaughterhouses, all the animal factories. Let the animals free. Not kill them but let them free. Let them run. Let them do what they do, the way they do, naturally. Or help them to feed them until they die naturally. And then produce vegan products, enough for everyone to feed upon – healthy, tasty, and benevolent. That’s what they have to do. Make the law, just like they can forbid people smoking indoors and all that. (Yes, Master.) Everything else can be done the same. (Yes.) Even if they don’t forbid eating meat, soon they will have nothing to eat, if the world goes under. (Yes, Master.) If nobody’s there to do the planting, and nobody’s there to harvest the food because everybody’s sick. (Yes, Master.) Then not to talk about meat, not even fruit, they will not have anything to eat.

This year, in the recent few months, many farmers could not harvest their fruit. You know that. (Yes.) Many of them have gone to waste, also. Even flowers, like in Holland, they bundle them together just to put it there to rot because they cannot sell. Nobody comes out to buy. (Yes.) And delivery, can do. But how can they even find enough people to deliver? (Yes, Master.) Because we are short of personnel. Everybody’s sick, everybody’s laid off, or everybody is afraid to go out to work. (Yes, Master.) So, they are waiting for doomsday. If they don’t start a vegan business already and if they don’t shut down all the animal factories, then it’ll continue with the pandemic, and maybe more, even. More pandemics, more other disasters.

Even within the pandemic, already people go out and have many more other kinds of protests going on everywhere. Many things are happening all the time. Many of the companies go bankrupt and people are out of work, and hunger is everywhere even. How long can the governments keep giving money or aid to the desperate people when there’s no income for the government to cash in on tax and stuff like that? When nobody works, they keep sitting there and eating, then it won’t do. (Yes, Master.) So, this system has to end sooner, like yesterday. I don’t know why nobody sees that. Giving money and aid is not the long-term solution.

Sorry, I’m kind of emotional. I’m angry with everybody, because why are they killing themselves by eating animal products when they know it’s not good? Not good for them, not good for their health, not good for the environment, not good for the planet. It’s all official already, from the UN (United Nations) even, from all the scientists. I don’t know why people still want to kill themselves. If they want to kill themselves, why do you expect me to do anything? Who am I to tell them not to kill themselves? Who am I to tell them to do this, do that? I don’t have any power in my hand. I mean these physical things need physical regulations to handle. (Yes, Master.)

The government has to forbid meat eating – meat, eggs, anything animal – if they want to really save their citizens, and save their country, and save their economy. They have to stop all the animal industries right now! And maybe they still can rescue their own people, themselves, and the world. That’s all I can say. I’ve been saying all this, all these years already. (Yes, Master.)

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