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Who Could Actually Be Redeemed? Part 8 of 11, July 29, 2020

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So, humans are doing right or wrong, that just had to be. Nobody can control their mind or do anything, except they themselves wake up. (Yes, Master.) Willing to wake up. Voluntarily wake up and really understand what it is all about, like benevolence, compassion, loving kindness, and protective to other beings, weaker and defenceless beings like animals.

(Master, in a conference with disciples in the New Land Ashram, Master said that Her dogs have lots of secrets to share. If it’s allowed, could we please hear more about it?) I don’t remember. I told you some of it already, no? (Yes, Master.) Of course. And sometimes they tell me that, “This person is no good for You, that person is not good for You.” But these are personal things. I don’t want to tell. (Understand, Master.) They have many secrets to tell me, because I don’t notice. Just for example, like they told me, “Such and such person is no good for You, because he is kind of,” oh I don’t know if I can say it, “physically attracted.” Wants me physically. “And he has this kind of lowly desire energy.” I said, “But I don’t feel anything.” I said, “I don’t feel anything from him. What are you talking about?” So, the dogs said to me, “Because Your Worth, Your Purity protected You.” (Oh, I see.) For example, like that. And they told me this and that person are not good for the dogs, not good for me, but sometimes I have no choice. (Yes, Master.) I don’t have enough people to take care of my dogs. But later on, I change. I say, “I will change when I have a better choice.” But I had to wait for the karma to wear off also. I cannot always change when I want. (Yes, Master.) I also know myself many things, but because I don’t act on it, so the dogs remind me. (Yes, Master.) They protect me many times. One time it was very funny. One of the dogs, the black big dog, she told me, “That person, the man, he is in love with You.” I said, “Really? He is so young and good looking. I am so old. How can he be in love with me?” She said, “He is.” I said, “I don’t feel anything.” So, they said, “It’s good, but You don’t fall in love with him.” I said, “What? No way!” I said, “What are you saying?” And then I said, “OK.” I teased her. I said, “So what if I fall in love with him? What’s that got to do with anything or with you?” So, she said, “If You fall in love with him, peace will be ruined.” I said, “What peace? World peace?” She said, “Personal, Your peace.” So I said, “Wow! I’m scared. But by the way, do you see any peace around me in my private life anyway?” I said, “Ah, thank you. You gossip a lot, don’t you?” Things like that. Or what and what person is jealous of me, something like that. Jealous of me and has not a good intention inside, not respectful inside. I said, “Never mind. That’s their problem. If they respect me, they have good merit and better spiritual progress. If they don’t, that’s their own choice. I cannot do anything. I cannot tell them what.” For example, like that. (Yes, Master.) And they also tell me about Vegan World and stuff like that. But as I told you, if it’s a secret, then I cannot tell you. (Yes.)

(Master, in a previous conference, Master mentioned that She could cast a new protective ring around the world to help during this difficult time on Earth. How does this protective ring work? And would casting this new ring cost Master a lot of power?) It works like protecting the planet, so it doesn’t explode. (Wow. My god.) That’s the second time. The first time I cast, it’s for peace. This second time, it’s for physical protection of the planet, and that the people, whoever still can live here, are safe. (Thank You, Master.) So that comets will not hit our planet, for example. (Wow.) Or the sun flare will not burn up our world. (Wow.) Many things could happen. Or high tsunamis will not destroy cities. (Wow.) (Thank You, Master.) And of course, it costs me some. What do you think? Any free lunch in this world? (No, Master.) They say there is no free lunch and that’s what it is. (You sacrifice so much for us.) It’s just the same as when you ask me, how about if I talk to you, or you air me on TV. (Yes.) It costs me every day, everything, all the time. Every day I have to suffer something, some setback also. Something, big or small, it depends on the day. What to do? Shall I just sit here and protect my life and don’t care about anything else? (Thank You, Master, for all You do.) You’re welcome. I’m surprised that you asked these questions. Whose were these questions? Brother or sister? All over, right? (Yes.) And from you also.

(Master, now that the zealous demons are gone, will Master’s life become substantially easier?) A little. In a way, yes. I feel lighter, as if my body has no more weight. In some way. But the world is still there. (Yes.) The world is also some kind of zealous spirit. Because not many people change. They do change, but not the whole world changes, and they still suffer, and they still struggle. And as long as I live in this world, and as long as the world still exists, I don’t have any easy life. (Yes, Master.) But it’s since decades already. It’s nothing new. (Yes.) Nothing new.

(Master, is there a way to clear out maya’s and the demons’ lingering energy faster so that humans can wake up and change faster, and the world leaders will act more benevolently and wisely and be more likely to enact a vegan law?) Oh, I wish. It’s embedded in their beings already. (Yes, Master.) This is in their DNA life after life, decades after decades, eons after eons already, centuries after centuries. Maybe next generation will be better, if humans still survive. (I hope we wake up.) I hope so too. It’s not easy. (Yes, Master.) You’re dealing with people who have God’s power sleeping inside, and outside they’re just acting like the opposite. (Yes.) They have free will also, and you can’t tamper with that. Just like in America, they say they have constitutional rights. So, every time, if somebody does something wrong, the court has to do according to the constitution. They cannot just say, “Oh, you’re wrong. That’s it, go to prison,” without a lawyer, without a judgment, without the court case, without a jury. (Yes, Master.) That is that. So, humans are doing right or wrong, that just had to be. Nobody can control their mind or do anything, except they themselves wake up. (Yes, Master.) Willing to wake up. Voluntarily wake up and really understand what it is all about, like benevolence, compassion, loving kindness, and protective to other beings, weaker and defenceless beings like animals. (Yes, Master.) But they have been better already. They are better to the poor already. They help the poor everywhere. (Yes.) They help the refugees. They help the immigrants. (Yes, Master.) That’s already very good.

COVID-19 made people softer already, much softer. (Yes.) There are donations everywhere. There are even handicapped people walking miles or walking steps to raise money for the related pandemic costs. Even children, five, six years old, walking in a handicapped way to raise money. That’s very touching. (Yes, Master.) So, this awakens also people. In some way, some of their good qualities come out. (Yes, Master.) And before, nobody cared much about the homeless. (Yes.) And now the governments are even spending tens of millions, in different countries, to buy a hotel or to rent houses for the homeless to go inside to stay. (Yes.) (Wonderful. Yes.) And before, also in Taiwan (Formosa), I asked your brother and sister initiates to take in the homeless, (Yes, I remember.) whoever wanted to come in with us. So it’s starting to have some ripple effect maybe. (Oh yes, Master.)

I am very happy in some way, that the government even spent millions to buy a hotel with just 60 some rooms even, to let the homeless go in and stay, instead of staying in the cold in the tent. Even if you have a tent, but it’s cold outside. When I was in Japan, I had a wood cabin. (Yes.) Oh, I had everything. It’s just your brothers and sisters took them all away from me. Even SMC, the whole ashram, they took up, I had to go and live in a little storage in the backyard. You know, right? (Yes.) And in my private house, I let them come up and meditate, and I had to go and live in a cave next door. I made the cave for that case. I knew one day I would need it. Anyway, and then I kept living in that cave and became used to it. For example, like that. So, one time I was in Japan. I had a cabin there. A wood cabin in the woods, with a stream next to it. Oh, it was romantic. I loved it so much. And the woods all around me. You could walk for miles inside the woods, and bathe in all this gentle, kind and loving energy from the trees. (Yes, Master.) But then I cannot go there anymore; they are meditating there. If I go there, it means work. Not a romantic walk anymore, but it’d be work. Wherever I go anywhere now, it’s just work.

And one time, I was there in winter. In winter, they didn’t come for mediation, at that time. So, I went there to stay, I don’t remember how long. And there was a house, of course, the wooden cabin. But I put up a tent outside. I think there may be a recording somewhere about that. I wore just like a pajama and outside a vest. And I put up a small tent outside, a one-person tent, outside in the garden. And it was only about 10 degrees minus. But it was so cold, so cold. Inside there were kind of snow patterns all over, inside my tent. (Wow!) The water became snow inside. It was all over on the walls of the tent. And I even had a thick blanket and all that. And I had a little heater inside. Still very cold. (Yes.) So, I understand how the homeless people feel, when they have to live in tents, in winter even. (Yes.) So, it’s good that some governments, like the Canadian government, are also renting houses for them now. And which country spent 13 million dollars for the homeless? I forgot? Which one was that? (I thought it was Canada. Or maybe I’m wrong.) Oh, is it? It’s on our TV. (Yeah.) I didn’t watch TV that much. I just left it on all day, all night. (Yes, Master.) But I cannot watch even our TV because I have no time, number one. Number two, I minimize as much as possible, because I have to work for Supreme Master TV already. I have to see all the shows, in case they went wrong, just like always. Anyway, better than nothing. Your brothers and sisters and you yourself try your best already, I know. But sometimes you are disturbed, and the world karma also. Everything goes wrong together. It’s not your fault alone. That’s why I always forgive you. And I’ll probably, very much likely, continue to forgive. (Thank You, Master.) Do I have any choice? I am practicing forgiveness forever, ever since I have disciples.

Next one. (Master said that when beings go to the Fifth Level, they still have 1% ego left. How about when souls are uplifted to the newly created Spiritual Land by Master? Is there still some ego left?) No, no more. (Wow. It’s good news.) After the Fifth Level, there’s no more ego. Only the Fifth Level. And even maybe have, but like no have. Like 0.00001%. For example, like that. (Wow!) But in the New Land, no, no. Nobody with ego can go there. (Wow!) Because you won’t pass through the Gate. You will bust into nothingness. You have to leave everything behind, everything, especially the ego. You’ll become a brand newborn baby of the universe. (Thank You, Master.) Good question. I never thought about that. I would never have thought about whether or not you have any ego up there. Good that you asked.

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