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Who Could Actually Be Redeemed? Part 6 of 11, July 29, 2020

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Even if you don’t have a vaccine but you’re vegan, at least you save lives. (Yes.) You save other peoples’ lives, you save animals’ lives, and that merit earns you a place in Heaven. That should be worth living for already.

(Master, this is about vaccines.) Yes. (If the COVID-19 vaccine is not vegan, should we still take it? Some vaccines are reported to include animal and even human cells, as well as toxic heavy metals.) Oh! (Is it possible for healthy vegans to have a strong enough immune system to overcome viruses without a vaccine?) Your choice. OK? (Yes, Master.) I don’t want to say anything. You know very well what to do. (Yes, Master.) But to have animals’ and humans’ cells and all that – oh, my God – and heavy metals and all that, I’m not sure how all that will affect your body even, and your natural immune system. Even if you don’t have a vaccine but you’re vegan, at least you save lives. (Yes.) You save other peoples’ lives, you save animals’ lives, and that merit earns you a place in Heaven. That should be worth living for already. (Yes.) And not worry too much about eating this, eating that, or not worry too much about living longer with this kind of vaccine which even includes the suffering of animals and humans. (Yes. Thank You, Master.) You’re welcome.

(Even though there are currently about 140 vaccines in early development and around two dozen that are now being tested on people in clinical trials, the media is saying that no one knows how effective any of these vaccines will be, and there might be side effects. Also, some countries are facing a second wave of the coronavirus right now, and experts are warning that a third wave might come after this summer. Master already said that Total Vegan is a simple solution. Why are governments not implementing it? Why do they prefer the most expensive way, i.e. research for a vaccine?) Because they continue to eat meat, that’s why. The lobby or something is too strong or they’re so addicted to meat that they cannot even try to stop it themselves. Therefore, they don’t do any laws to ask the citizens to stop eating meat. They know everything, they just don’t do it. Number one, maybe they are too weak to stand up for what is right. Number two, maybe they worry they’ll lose their job in the government or not be voted for. I don’t know. Anyway, it’s not right to spend so much money to search for a vaccine when you know the cause. And OK, maybe you can have a vaccine for COVID-19, but there will be more coming. How about the new swine flu, for example? (Yes, Master.) Or a new swine strain. (Yes.) And then maybe more and more. Because you can’t just keep looking forever for the cure and for the vaccine. (Yes, Master.) Like, remember AIDS and HIV? (Yes.) It wasn’t curable. And then it takes decades to search for something in order to cure it. (Yes.) Or malaria for example. And then comes another thing like bird flu, and then swine flu, and then MERS and SARS, and then Ebola, and what else. And now, COVID-19.

We cannot forever water the plant from the leaves. We have to water it at the root to keep the plant alive and thriving. (Yes.) To live a life based on violence, then we will only reap violence, suffering, one way or another. There’s no getting away from it, because it will be not fair to other creatures. We’re all creation. We should treat one another gently and nicely. Protecting, not eating, not killing, not massacring like that just to eat when we have many choices to sustain our body. And even better choices. You understand? OK? (Yes, Master.) I know you understand. I’m just saying. Just a habit. Because I think I’m talking to deaf ears in the world, so I keep asking if you understand. Even though you do already.

They could make the law like that, because they already forbid cigarettes and people really listen to it and many young people don’t smoke that much anymore. It’s less. So they can also forbid meat. It’s not that difficult. Because they also forbid illegal drugs, and then some countries also even forbid alcohol. So even in many countries, just to smoke marijuana or plant marijuana, you can go to jail for that or have a heavy fine. (Yes.) So, how can murdering a living, breathing, emotional, loyal, sweet, gentle, helpless being like ox, cows, pigs, chicken, turkeys, fishes, etc., etc. be free of punishment? Marijuana is just a grass, something like that. (Yes.) They even call it weed, I think. (Yes.) I saw it on TV. So how come murdering a living, breathing, walking, intelligent and gentle being is going scot-free, and even condoned, even encouraged. Like for example, in many countries, during the COVID-19 pandemic, they closed many shops, many businesses, but they allowed meat factories to continue to open, until of course they got infection and then they closed. (Yes, Master.) And then they say because it’s “essential.” (Yes.) And all this time, they should know already. Nowadays we have television, we have internet, so they should know this is poisonous. It’s bad for people’s health. Smoking marijuana they forbid, or whatever, cocaine, you call it, or maybe some drugs. They say it’s bad for health, whatever reason. But meat is also very, very bad for health. Medically proven already. And they still encourage that kind of business to continue. So I don’t see any excuses at all. (Yes, Master.) So whoever really allows meat to open, are really killing people themselves, also. Whoever condones meat business, they’re all together in that murderous business. I don’t see any way out. It’s not logical to me.

(Master, some 200-plus French journalists recently opened up about how the meat lobby is pressuring them not to talk about the devastating effects of livestock farming. Those journalists in Bretagne (Brittany) decided to unite and sent a letter to some politicians about it. But chances are that politicians also face that pressure from the lobbies. How can we solve that issue, Master?) This is called bribery. That’s because politicians should be more clean, like old-time gentleman. (Yes.) I cannot solve this problem. I cannot go one by one to any politician and tell them, “Hey, don’t take bribes.” Now they say “lobby,” but it’s kind of bribery. (Yes.) Maybe they take money from them directly, indirectly. Maybe a promise of voting for them again, of supporting with all their clans and all that, and helping them to spread the supportive trend. (Yes.) So, they promise each other. It’s like doing business, a black-market business. (Yes.) But a cancer in a great person’s body is still a cancer. (Yes.) And even a cancer in your father’s body is still a cancer. Even though you love your father, the cancer, you cannot love. (Yes. Right.) I’m not trying to criticize or anything. I’m just telling you that this world is like that. The lobbying things. I call it bribery. Now you understand why. (Yes, Master.) Either they take money, take something under the table, and promise to help each other to prosper or to hold on to power or fame or whatever that’s in their personal interest. In China, it’s more strict in this aspect. But there are some cases. One case is one of the very high-profile party members has been jailed! (Wow.) Bribery is also a pandemic in the society. In every country, they have this. And it’s a chronic disease. And it’s infectious also. One of my disciples asked me, because he worked in a government or company, and everybody else in his group takes bribes. He doesn’t want to, because of my teaching. But he had a very hard time with them. (Yes.) Because they worry he might leak information and harm them, the rest of the group. So, he asked me whether or not he should change jobs. I said, “Do change, (Yes, Master.) for your safety.” For example, like that. You see, it’s infectious. (Yes.) If, for example, the boss in that office takes bribes, other smaller subordinates have to support it as well. Otherwise, or else. Or they gang together in one group, and everybody has to take bribes together, or else. (Yes.) So, this world up to now, in many ways, is still helpless, and we have many pandemics. (Yes, Master.) Not just the virus. The virus in the society, in the governmental system, in the social system, is even harder to cure than COVID-19. But what to do? The humans have to learn. (Yes, Master.)

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