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Reverend Father Robert Culat (vegetarian) – Voice of Awakening for the Animals, Part 1 of 4

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Reverend Father Robert Culat is a Catholic priest of the Diocese of Avignon, France. He is also known as “Padre Bob.” Aside from preaching, he is also an environmental and animal activist, as well as a vegetarian advocate. He loves animals and defends them, and is strongly against factory farming. In 2015, he published Méditations bibliques sur les animaux (Biblical Meditations on Animals) after discovering the shocking treatment of factory-farmed animals. He also subsequently wrote Le paradis végétarien Méditations patristiques (The Vegetarian Paradise – Patristic Meditations), and Cattle Decapitation: Gore Ecology (2018). Supreme Master Television was granted the honor of an exclusive interview with Reverend Father Robert Culat in Paris on December 7, 2020. We will now share with you extracts of this very interesting and enlightening interview.

“I believe the date is 1964, if I am not mistaken. In 1964, Paul VI wrote an official document which is called in the Catholic Church, an Encyclical, an encyclical letter named "Ecclesiam Suam," in which Pope Paul VI in particular deepened the notion of dialogue, and dialogue at all levels. Already among Catholics it is not easy, there must be a dialogue among all Christians, the Protestants, the Orthodox, the Catholics, between all religions and even, he goes even further, even between believers and non-believers, atheists.”

“You have to see the very harsh words he uses in the lyrics, because he considers that we are totally unconscious and irresponsible at many levels, in terms of ecology because we do not respect planet Earth, we do not respect animals, we eat them, we tolerate slaughterhouses, we tolerate the meat industry, all things that for him are absolutely horrible, things that should not exist in a normal world, and therefore he wishes… metal is also a music that tends to... which is extreme, and so, always tends to exaggerate.” “But Cattle Decapitation is also human livestock, he reverses the roles and in many of his songs it is the man who is in the place of the animal, it is men who are killed, who are taken to slaughterhouses, who are eaten, who suffer. There is a kind of revenge of the animal on men, Cattle Decapitation.”

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