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The Wisdom Eye – The Most Mystical Chakra: Selections from “Coloring Our Lives” by Supreme Master Ching Hai (vegan), Part 1 of 2

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“Coloring Our Lives” is a collection of quotes and spiritual teachings of Supreme Master Ching Hai. In response to the questions of Truth seekers, Supreme Master Ching Hai provides insights that are both spiritual and practical. Her suggestions light the way to creating balance between daily spiritual practice and being an intelligent, talented “artist of life.” As Supreme Master says, “While making good use of every minute of our time to lead a fulfilled, positive, happy life, in the process of learning, we can also use the very lively, animated and joyous spirit derived from spiritual practice to color our lives!”

The Most Mystical Chakra “The third eye is the true eye of our being. ‘If thy eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of Light.’ That is the third eye. Mostly we see the physical manifestation of God with the physical eyes. But if we want to see God as a non-manifested being, we use the spiritual eye, which we call the third eye. In the physical body, the connection between Heaven and Earth is in that third eye center. And actually, during meditation, sometimes you see that eye, a single eye, just like your eye but just one single eye. That’s called the third eye, or spiritual eye, or wisdom eye or heavenly eye. Whatever, it’s the same.”

“If you concentrate on the wisdom eye, everything intensifies. This is the center of all chakras, the headquarters of our being. So once we concentrate there, we free ourselves and we intensify everything. You love even better, and you understand things better. Your food tastes better. And you work better; you think better; you create things better, you paint better, and so on. Everything intensifies.”

“Actually, the soul doesn’t need the eye to see, doesn’t need ears to hear, doesn’t need any sensory apparatus to perceive things. That’s the highest Truth, that’s the highest perception, without having to use any fleshly instruments. That is our soul power, the Supreme Master within us, which knows all things, hears all things in all ways, everywhere.”

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