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Cá Hồi Thuần Chay Xốt Cà Chua, Súp Ớt Chuông và Đậu Que Luộc

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With boundless love, Supreme Master Ching Hai sets aside Her precious time and demonstrates a few simple and aesthetically appetizing dishes. Today, we joyfully present Supreme Master Ching Hai’s “Vegan Salmon with Tomatoes, Bell Pepper Soup, and Boiled Green Beans.” Now, I’m going to boil the (green) beans first. And later we will stir-fry the vegan fish. Just to keep the vegetables looking green and fresh and crispy, when you boil something. Now there are two ways you can eat this. The most simple, is just to get some vegan butter, the one I always use. We are fortunate to learn another three delectable dishes and hope you would try them and share the recipes with your loved ones.
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