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In today’s news, Switzerland helps refugees in Greece, educational funding supports children in Cameroon, wind energy development on the rise in Turkey, fire safety-enhancing solar chimney developed in Australia, Indian Sikh temple serves increased number of veg meals amid pandemic, German company introduces powdered vegan mayo, and United States shelter buys new home for rescued farm animals with community’s assistance.


Switzerland supports asylum centers in Covid-19 response.

Switzerland has pledged US$1.13 million to asylum centers on the Greek Aegean Islands in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, especially in children and young refugees. Humanitarian projects led by organizations such as the United Nations Refugee Agency, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, and the Orthodox Church will be funded to offer legal advice and psychological assistance to minors. In addition, protective measures will be implemented to prevent coronavirus infection. Switzerland has also agreed to host asylum-seeking minors, of which 22 applications have been accepted up to now. Our earnest gratitude, Switzerland! May all refugees and those seeking asylum receive all the support needed for a hope-filled and flourishing future, in Heaven’s grace.


Education initiative brings opportunities to Cameroon.

The non-profit global fund Education Cannot Wait (ECW) has announced US$1.5 million in funding to support education in Cameroon during the COVID-19 pandemic. The contribution will be administered by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF). It will ensure access to education for 3.9 million children as well as benefiting 8,600 teachers. Specific projects include investment in an education platform that incorporates traditional classroom methods, experiential learning goals, internet connectivity, and radio access for formal and non-formal education. Providing opportunities to take examinations, as well as supporting the safe reopening of schools are other focuses of the initiative. Heaven bless you and this noble effort, Education Cannot Wait, UNESCO and UNICEF. May the bright children of Cameroon be graced to develop their talents for many happy and harmonious tomorrows.


Up next, wind energy development on the rise in Turkey. We pause to thank typists who swiftly and accurately input reports, correspondence and other materials into the computer for various organizations. We’ll be right back, with more leading news on Supreme Master Television.

Hallo, vibrant viewers, it’s Willie the vegan Black-faced Warbler! Since I became vegan, people are kinder to me. Give it a try and see for yourself. Today, I have a simple tip for relieving headaches. The majority of us experience headaches, but are unaware that 90% of them are categorized as tension headaches according to the National Headache Foundation. When you are feeling stressed or anxious, you unconsciously constrict your jaw and teeth, which tenses the muscles that attach your jaw to your temples and can lead to a tension headache. You can resolve this by placing a pencil between your top and bottom teeth, and holding it there but not biting down. This will make you naturally relax your jaw muscles, which can help relieve the pain. Thank you and love you so much for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet for all of us humans and all co-inhabitants alike. And thanks for tuning in. Now, the weather around the world!


Turkey, a Shining World Leadership Award for Compassion laureate, to host massive wind energy initiative.

Four new wind farms will soon be built in Bağlama, TayakadIn, Yalova and Pazarköy, Turkey by the country’s renewable energy firm Fina Enerji with 52 three megawatt (MW) onshore turbines supplied by France-headquartered GE Renewable Energy. The project will have a total capacity of 193 megawatts and supply enough electricity for 195,000 homes. Furthermore, 650,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions will be saved per year. Way to go Turkey, GE Renewable Energy and Fina Enerji. May your grand green endeavor proceed smoothly, in Allah’s wisdom.


Solar chimney increases safety time during a fire.

Researchers in Melbourne, Australia, have developed a solar chimney that can heat and cool a house, and also remove smoke during a fire, thus increasing the time people have to evacuate. In this joint project between the City of Kingston and the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, researchers determined through modeling that the safe evacuation time during a fire was increased from two to 14 minutes. Solar chimneys regulate temperature and save energy by passively increasing circulation on hot days as hot air rises through the chimney, and retaining heat on colder days when its vents are closed. Such a wonderful innovation, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and City of Kingston researchers. In the light of the Providence, may your chimney design help to improve the safety and energy efficiency of countless homes across your nation and beyond.


Sikhs in India feed many people during lockdown.

Sikh adherents from the Sri Bangla Sahib Gurudwara (temple) in New Delhi, India have been providing over 100,000 vegetarian meals per day to people in need, and are expecting that number to soon rise to 300,000. The approximately four dozen men preparing the food work 18-hour shifts, and head cook Balbir Singh rises each morning at 3 am to ensure that 35,000 lunches are ready to be picked up by 9 am. Their endeavor has been supported via donations, and the local government helps to distribute the food. The Delhi Police showed their appreciation and respect with a convoy of 100 vehicles performing a Parikrama ceremony involving a circumambulation of the gurudwara. Our heartfelt gratitude, devoted Sikh adherents from the Sri Bangla Sahib Gurudwara, for your selfless and devoted actions. May you be immensely blessed by Heaven, and may you always have abundant support for your vital service, in Divine love.


Coming up, German company introduces powdered vegan mayo. We’ll spend some time now to appreciate past setbacks that have helped us become wiser and stronger today.  Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television for more admirable news. Welcome back to Noteworthy News – Effective News for an Efficient World.


German ingredients company produces vegan mayonnaise powder.

Kröner-Stärke, which specializes in clean label ingredients, (products using only a few wholesome ingredients) has developed a vegan mayonnaise powder that can be used as a base for vegan condiments. Called Mayofix Vegan, it does not contain any additives and is available in an organic version. It is produced from wheat flours and untreated spring water, and acts as a stabilizer or emulsification ingredient in the cold production of creamy sauces, such as dips, dressings, spreads and more. Awesome news, Kröner-Stärke! May more such products be developed to help many companies create a variety of delicious and healthy vegan offerings.


United States shelter buys new home for rescued farm animals with community’s assistance.

After a few months of fund-raising, Aimee’s Farm Animal Sanctuary, founded by vegan Aimee Takaha, has received over US$100,000 in donations from her community and viewers of the 12 News television station, which had covered the shelter’s story. This allowed the non-profit to buy a bigger facility for its over 100 animal residents in Queen Creek town of Arizona State. As a trauma survivor, Ms. Takaha established the safe haven to help rescued farm animals and people in need, by connecting them through therapeutic sessions. For over 10 years, the healing center has assisted 374 children while saving many unwanted farm animals, including rabbits, chickens, pigs, goats, cows, alpacas, horses, and donkeys. Our many thanks, and God bless you, Aimee Takaha, Aimee’s Farm Animal Sanctuary and all the generous contributors. May all beings support one another with unconditional love, in Heaven’s everlasting kindness.


When you are happy, people around you also feel it, so here is a joke to cheer up your day, it’s called “Perfect 10.”

One day Mary wanted to assure herself of her husband’s true love for her:

“How much do you love me?”

“To infinity and back.”

“Will you still love me as much if I gain weight and you still remain slim?”

“Of course! Then you will be round and plump, so we will be a perfect 10.”


And now we have a heartline from Lucky, Yu-Shi, Love-Peace, and Xiao-Zhu in China:

Beloved Master: We saw Your lecture on January 12, 2020, in the New Land Ashram on Noteworthy News from Supreme Master Television. I am deeply grateful! I felt again that Your love for sentient beings is the true unconditional love that cannot be found anywhere else! For the sake of elevation and the long-term welfare of all the beings in the universe, please protect Your worth. We sincerely ask You to rest and keep Your energy as much as possible. Our heart is always with You! Your disciple LUCKY from China

Those who love Master dearly only care about Master’s well-being. Please take a good rest. Although we don’t see each other, we are contented because we are always with You. Wishing our most precious Master all the best! Your disciple Yu-Shi from China

Master, You have traveled the whole universe for peace. Please, for Yourself, and for all beings, find a way that You can recover Your worth. My deepest and most sincere prayer to the highest God in the universe, to all Godses in the Original Universe, and to all angels, Godses, and Buddhas of the past, present, and future in ten directions, may all wishes of our Master be realized; may Master suffer no more. Thank You, the Highest God! Love-Peace from China

Master is the best Master in the whole universe. I also beg Master that, since You’re so merciful and compassionate, please do take good care of Yourself for all beings. I also hope that all fellow initiates will practice as diligently as possible, so as to be worthy of Master’s efforts and sacrifice. Thank You. With Love, Your disciple Xiao-Zhu from China


Blessed Lucky, Yu-Shi, Love-Peace, and Xiao-Zhu, We appreciate your messages.

Supreme Master Ching Hai has a reply for you. “Loving Lucky, Yu-Shi, Love-Peace, and Xiao-Zhu, it’s so touching to read your warm notes and thank you for your deep concern for my health and welfare. Please be assured that I am fine, loving ones, and that I am proud to have such good kids in the Quan Yin family. Buddha’s bountiful grace to you all and upright China.”


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We sure have enjoyed spending time with you on Noteworthy News. May the love of Heaven fill your hearts and illuminate your souls.

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