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In today’s news, Japan and World Food Programme assist people in Mali, Seoul funds United Nations project for Pyongyang, Sweden becomes coal-free, Irish donors support pandemic relief for Native Americans, Palestinian teenager teaches neighborhood children in Gaza, heavyweight boxer credits vegan diet for improved health and Rio de Janeiro delivers animal companions to Brazilians under lockdown.


Displaced persons in Mali benefit from Japan’s kindness.

The government of Japan gave US$3 million to the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP), aiding 100,000 people in northern and central Mali who recently had to leave their homes. These are individuals affected by conflict who would normally support themselves by farming, but are now reliant on humanitarian aid. WFP will distribute vouchers that migrants and their host communities can use to obtain food items at local shops. According to its new strategic plan for the country, WFP will supply six months of basic nutrition for newly displaced persons. Japan is a Shining World Leadership Awards for Compassion, Animal Protection and Generosity laureate. Many thanks, Japan and World Food Programme, for your thoughtful and dedicated service to those in need. May the hardworking people of Mali soon experience bountiful days and peaceful nights, in Heaven’s uplifting grace.


Pyongyang’s sustainable development to be enhanced by the United Nations.

Seoul plans to provide US$4.9 million over six years to the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific. The agency has earmarked the funds for advancing Pyongyang’s awareness of global standards with regard to data and statistics. It is expected that this knowledge will facilitate Pyongyang’s future integration into the international community, and promote the creation of a unified Korean market as well. Our sincere appreciation, Seoul and United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific. May your laudable and forward-thinking endeavor hasten the advent of a united Korea, as the world enters an era of loving solidarity, in the Divine’s eternal light.


Up next, Sweden becomes coal-free. We want to express our gratitude to exercise physiologists, who design and evaluate interventions for patients recovering from medical conditions, injuries or disabilities. Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television for more comforting news.

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The last power plant in Sweden using coal has been shut down.

Utility company Stockholm Exergi announced the permanent closure of the facility two years ahead of schedule. Sweden is one of three European countries that have gone coal-free, following Belgium in 2016 and Austria in 2020. Meanwhile, Stockholm Exergi says it will focus on producing energy that does not add carbon dioxide to the atmosphere while also pursuing climate solutions that remove CO2 from the air. Kudos, Sweden, on deleting coal from your energy mix. In nurturing Celestial light, may you stay the course and soon attain your climate goals, becoming an ecological model for the rest of the world.


Native American relief fund receives donations from the Irish.

In March 2020, a GoFundMe page was set up by members of the Navajo Nation and the Hopi Nation, to help their communities deal with the coronavirus pandemic. The organizers were surprised at first to see hundreds of thousands of dollars coming from donors in Ireland. But it became evident that the Irish still remember the financial assistance they received from the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, USA, in 1847 during the Irish Potato Famine. Such is the magnitude of true love and gratitude, unrestrained by space or time. Our hearts are warmed, citizens of Ireland, by your oneness and generous support of the Native Americans. May the Navajo and Hopi Nations be blessed with resilience, justice and peace, in the embrace of the Providence.


Thirteen-year-old girl in Gaza holds classes for local youngsters.

When schools closed in the spring of 2020 due to COVID-19, Fajr Hmaid was inspired to offer instruction to neighborhood children at her family’s house. At first, there were only four students learning Arabic, English and math; now, there are 15. The aspiring teacher is aware of the role that education plays in improving communication and promoting dialogue. Speaking of the future, caring Fajr said, “Our area is a marginalized one, so I want to open my own educational center and help the people of my community be successful.” We applaud your nobility and wisdom, Fajr Hmaid! May your dreams come true as you assist the next generation of Palestinians to achieve their full potential, in the overflowing love of Allah.


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Former heavyweight champion says going plant-based changed his life.

In 2005, after winning 50 of his career’s 58 competitions, Mike Tyson of the United States retired from professional boxing. Unfortunately, his weight started to increase, and when it topped 171 kilograms in 2009, he was diagnosed as clinically obese. When Mr. Tyson switched to a vegan diet in 2010, his blood pressure went down, his arthritis was relieved and he eventually lost more than 45 kilograms. In May 2020, the athlete revealed that he is training again and would like to box exhibition matches for charity. Reflecting on his transformation, Mr. Tyson said, “Turning vegan helped me eliminate all those problems in my life,” and added, “I’m in the best shape ever.” Congratulations, Mike Tyson, on regaining your health and physique. May your awakening to compassionate eating be an inspiration to people the world over, in Heaven’s elevating grace.


Brazilians on lockdown adopt animals via social media and city provides delivery.

A shelter run by Rio de Janeiro City Hall has hundreds of animals that need forever homes. With the outbreak of COVID-19, the facility had to restrict visitors, but realized there were citizens living alone in quarantine who would really benefit from having a furry friend. So in April 2020, the shelter started accepting adoption applications online. Applicants are vetted through an interview, and when they make their preferences known, a shelter worker suggests the most suitable companions. Selected animals are neutered and vaccinated before being chauffeured to their new homes. In the first month alone, more than 50 compatible matches were made. We are gladdened, Rio de Janeiro, by your creative, win-win solution! May these newfound relationships spread more love and joy throughout your impressive city, in the gracious benevolence of the Divine.


Take a walk on the funny side of life with the joke of the day called “Homework.”

“Hey, Mickey! Can you come out and play?”

“No, I have to help my dad do my homework.”


And now we have a heartline from Abdi Nur in Malaysia:

Dearest Supreme Master Ching Hai and Supreme Master TV team, I do not know where this feeling comes from, or is it more than just a personal feeling perhaps. But today, I have this intense urge to tell all of you that I love you all. I love You, Supreme Master. Thanks to all of you for bringing light and love into this world. Thanks to all of you for working so hard despite all the difficulties, amidst all the worldly responsibilities in life. Thank you, and just so much Love to ALL of you. Abdi Nur from Malaysia


Lively Abdi Nur, Your lines are full of brightness, and we are genuinely grateful to you for sharing them! We have only One to thank for all that is transmitted to the world through Supreme Master Television, and that is Supreme Master Ching Hai. Her divine power and blessings make this television channel spiritually uplifting like none other. May Allah’s mercy be upon you and your beautiful country of Malaysia, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master also said: “Radiant Abdi Nur, please keep this feeling of love in your heart and share it with all those around you. Your loving note brought some tears into my eyes, as you seem to understand our team’s dedicating effort. Truly, we are working in all conditions and circumstances and all unconditionally, as the cruelty to our animal friends is tearing our planet and pains our hearts. It can be quite a decent challenge at times. But we assure you that it’s all worthwhile, and we continue with love in the Name of Almighty God. May you and your co-citizens of colorful Malaysia always be in Allah’s favor.”


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