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Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about Our Planet

Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 85 - The Rosicrucian Prophecies of Unity

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A Common Language “Can you imagine if all the member nations speak just one language? Easy to understand each other, and quicker decisions. We could preserve our culture and learn one extra language. We need it anyway. Actually, language is not all that necessary; love is the most necessary. But the thing is, if we could express love and opinions and our beauty through a universal language, there would be more peace, more harmony, and more love among mankind.” Global Citizenship “We should think in terms of a broader sense of universal brotherhood and not think in terms of our family, our country, our religions, or our group, or our continent even. It's time. It's time that people have to think in, at least in the world, in the whole world sense, not in terms of country and border and a tight little corner of the globe anymore.” A Single Currency “In some of other more advanced society in the universe, you don't have to work for living. Everywhere they would have like a common kitchen or a common store, everyone can exchange their labor, exchange their work, their craft for the goods that they need. And each one just contributes his talents or his ability to society. Not for the money. But for the pleasure of it, for the honor of contribution.” A Universal Religion “Most of the time on this planet, it has never been such a big and wide and broad teaching like this time. Mostly, the teaching - just a region or some maybe couple of hundreds of thousands of disciples, for example, but never the whole world like this.”
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