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Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about Our Planet

Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 86 - The Rosicrucian Prophecies of Unity

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A Universal Code of Ethics “Yeah, that's the system of the universe, the haves must give the have-nots. That's the only way we can be God. That's the only way that God is. Because it is Love. There is nothing else except unconditional love in the universe that is the most important. Very simple to live a noble life. There are 5 universal peace principles that are inherent in all religious orders of this world that should be taught by parents and teachers to the children from a young age, and all ages, any time. Number 1, never harm or kill others, but protect and save lives. Number 2, never lie but always tell the truth. Number 3, never steal but give whatever can to the needy. Number 4, never commit sexual misconduct outside your loving partnership with your wife, your husband, your partner, your life partner, but to honor your relationship with loyalty and love and sincerity. Number 5, never use intoxicants including tobacco, alcohol, and addictive drugs, but contemplate on the holy God quality.” A Planetary Ecology “Animals are our brothers and sisters. It is very important that we know how to live with them harmoniously and respectfully because they are there for some reason. And above all, they are the same race with us. They are co-inhabitants, they are earthlings; they have the right to exist here, just as we do. We are not going to take that right from them, which has been given by God, just like God has given us our life. We have to protect lives by continuously promoting vegan and sustaining peace through this benevolent process and way of life. This can be done if we are convinced vegan, for the reason of compassion, sustainable peace, sustainable planet, sustainable world, through harmonious lifestyle.”
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