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Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about Our Planet

Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about our Planet: Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 226 - Prophecies on the Reappearance of Master Lao Tzu (vegan), the Great Saint of the Tao

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“(...Suddenly golden Light filled the stable, and baby Jesus was born. [...] A voice in the sky said softly, ‘The Son of Man will sacrifice for the world. Let’s wait and see His story!’...)”

As we have been exploring in our recent episodes, the Great Master Lao Tzu (vegan), Lord Jesus Christ (vegetarian), and Supreme Master Ching Hai (vegan) are all physical manifestations of the Great Tao on Earth.

Master Lao Tzu, who lived about 600 years before Lord Jesus, and about 2,600 years ahead of our time, left traces of this succession, referring to the Savior figure as “the Saint” or “the Holy One” in the book “Tao Te Ching.” Christian scholars have noted that there is a remarkable similarity between the “Holy One” and Lord Jesus and between the Taoist teachings and the Christian Bible. The book, “Lao Tzu and the Bible,” presents an extensive comparison of those two major philosophies. The author, Yuan Zhiming, expressed: “It is my firm belief that there must be a spiritual source linking the ancient Hebrew civilization with the ancient Chinese civilization, and with all other ancient civilizations. [...] Nevertheless, the origin of this source is unquestionably from the One who set all nations on one planet (Earth), and that One is the Logos, also known as Tao.”

The Tao Te Ching states, The Holy One unites with Tao to be the vehicle to Heaven for all people. During His time on Earth, Lord Jesus proclaimed, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” It was because He was the One that could give initiation, that could reconnect people to Heaven. Through initiation, disciples were taught how to connect to their inner God-self. As biblical verses reveal, disciples had experiences of both the light and the sound (otherwise called “the word” in the Holy Bible). “In the beginning was THE WORD, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” “And I HEARD A SOUND FROM HEAVEN like the roar of rushing waters and like a loud peal of thunder. The SOUND I HEARD was like that of harpists playing their harps.”

As another incarnation of “the Tao,” Supreme Master Ching Hai has consistently reincarnated on Earth to take care of sentient beings, taking on their karma to liberate them from the cycle of rebirth and sharing Her teachings so that people may live a noble life and uplift themselves. While on a quest to discover how suffering on Earth could ultimately end, Supreme Master Ching Hai attained Enlightenment. She was “united with the Tao” and learned the significance of this. Since then, Her disciples have been gathering from all over the world.

The Tao Te Ching states, The Holy One acts without effort and teaches without speaking.

Through Her lectures books and poetry, Supreme Master Ching Hai shares insights and practical solutions which strengthen people’s connection to their divine nature and their spiritual practice. She has delivered public lectures in various languages, and delivers Her message in a way that global audiences can relate to. The grace with which She speaks, and Her frequent use of humor often make Her discourses seem as though they are given “without effort.”

Supreme Master Ching Hai has been paving the road for humans on Earth to reconnect with Heaven. Through the process of “wordless” initiation into the Quan Yin method of meditation, She acts as a conduit to reunite people with the Tao. But at the time of initiation, the “key” is transmitted without any words. Still, many experience Heaven at the moment of initiation, after initiation, and even before initiation. When people experience this before initiation, it often provides the confirmation they seek that Supreme Master Ching Hai is truly the One who can connect them with Heaven, the Tao.

“(I lived in the camp before, You came and touched my forehead. I saw right away the Heavens. I saw a lot of planets, open, very bright light.)” “(Yesterday, while I meditated in the meditation hall, I entered a Heaven Portal.)” “(Master took me to the Kingdom of God twice. ...Master also took me to Heaven to look at flowers.)” ETC...

“He clothes himself in coarse garments, hiding a treasure within.”

“One time I went to a restaurant to wait for one of your sisters to work, to do something, to talk. And I was sitting there, and I was not dressed up like this. I only dress up for you guys or for the people outside. I just wore what I normally wear, like gray trousers and a T-shirt inside, a long T-shirt or a long shirt, and then a gray cardigan outside. And then I was using this, of course. I put it out and I used it. And then I needed to write down some numbers, or something that one of your sisters told me. So I asked the waiter, ‘Can you please give me a piece of paper and lend me your pen?’ And he looked at my telephone and he looked at me from top to bottom again, closely, studying me, and then he said, ‘Do you have money?’ He asked me. (Oh, my God!) You know, like, to pay for just a pizza, vegetable pizza. I said, ‘Yes, yes, I have.’ And then I immediately had to take out, (That’s unpleasant, Master.) I put out a one hundred note, I put it right there. I said, ‘This should be enough to pay, right?’ And then he went and got me a piece of paper and a pen immediately.”

“The other day, I went to see a lady who doesn’t eat or drink much. She wanted to see me, so I went. She said, ‘I heard that you dress up elaborately with lots of jewelry. How come you dress like this today?’ So I said, ‘When I go to see a lot of people, I must wear those clothes. But to go see you at home, why wear them?’ Wearing beautiful clothes is a little tiring, right? At home, I wear ragged clothes, pants, some shoes. I have a pair of Japanese slippers, you know? I wear them every day. It feels so good. I feel good. Just slip my feet into them and go.”

When Great Masters such as Lao Tzu (vegan), Lord Jesus Christ (vegetarian), and Supreme Master Ching Hai (vegan) descend to our world in physical form, the human body, or “garment” that they wear does not reveal Their divine Splendor.

“It’s not always pleasant to go down to the coarser atmosphere in the universe, even in the Shadow Universe. It’s a great sacrifice. When you have to be confined to the body again, just for some purpose, even just for a while, it’s very, very, very miserable. Very sad, it’s like imprisoning.”

As She explained, perhaps this is the meaning of “coarse garment” – this physical body of humans are made of coarse energy, which highly elevated souls feel uncomfortable to get in. She had to wear it, to be reincarnated on Earth to help sentient beings. This enables Her to make a connection line between the high Heavens and Earth and the treasures She brings down for the lives on this planet.

While the Tao reincarnated on Earth again as Supreme Master Ching Hai, many experienced inner visions of Her past incarnations, and Her old disciples also returned following Her, including from the time as Lord Jesus.

“(In one lifetime, Master was Jesus Christ and I was one of His disciples, Mary Magdalene...)”

“(…In my past lives, I did the work of Jesus Christ, and now I continue with Master.)”

“(In my inner vision, I saw twelve Apostles of Jesus standing together on a round platform suspended in the universe. The appearances of the majority were Asians, and many of them were Chinese and Taiwanese [Formosan] fellow practitioners I know. There were also a few foreigners whom I didn't know. The Inner message told me that these twelve Apostles have now all returned to the Earth to help Master's work.)”


One of our association members shared her inner vision from the moment of birth of the Beloved Lord Jesus Christ. We pray that during this Christmas season of our critical time on Earth, people would remember the Love and sacrifice of the Lord and turn to the Benevolent Vegan way of life, which the Shepherd is leading us through countless lifetimes.

“(It is the holy Christmas Eve tonight. I was wondering what was it like when the Holy Lord Jesus Christ was born. I closed my eyes and suddenly saw: In the dim light of that serene night, three bright stars appeared in the sky. These three bright stars emitted three beams of invisible Lights, like searchlights, shining upon a humble stable... This kind of Light is invisible to most people in the world, just as they do not recognize the Light of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Blessed Virgin Mary was about to give birth... I could clearly hear the hurried footsteps outside the stable at that time. It was Jesus’ father. He held a washbasin filled with water and anxiously came to the side of Holy Mother Mary. At this time, there was a mare-person in the stable. She looked at Mary with tender loving care, sometimes whining softly, and leaned her head to comfort and encourage Mary. The Holy Mother was going through the process of giving birth....

Suddenly golden Light filled the stable, and baby Jesus was born. When He was born, He landed on top of the straw, and His body was covered with baby mucus. Jesus’ father quickly picked Him up and wiped the blood clots and mucus on His body with a small cloth.

The strange thing was: the newborn Jesus didn’t cry, He closed His eyes quietly, and His expression was very peaceful. Because the heavenly searchlights from the sky were still shining on Him, He still didn’t feel the pain and coldness of the world.

Jesus’ parents didn’t have many things because they were on the run. Father Joseph wrapped the Child in a thin cloth and handed Him to Holy Mother Mary. Holy Mother Mary’s forehead was covered with sweat, but when she hugged Jesus, she felt very relieved and shed tears.

Many angels came down and blew the trumpets. Invisible, they used a piece of white cloth to lift Jesus up from the four corners and sang very melodious and harmonious hymns of praise.

Soon, the light beams from the stars in the sky slowly retracted... A voice in the sky said softly, ‘The Son of Man will sacrifice for the world. Let’s wait and see His story!’ The angels all sprinkled holy white flowers and went back quietly with sorrow.

At this time, inside the stable, the golden Light on baby Jesus Christ was still illuminating the surroundings. Holy Mother Mary could see the golden Light of the Child, and the father of Jesus saw it too. They knew that this would be the extraordinary One. This husband and wife would try their best to protect Him during the difficult journey.

Then, in my spiritual vision, I saw the night falling like a thick black blanket covering the whole family... The story of Jesus was about to unfold when the black blanket was lifted again, and we all know the ending...)”

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