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Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about Our Planet

Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about our Planet: Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 216 - Prophecies on the Reappearance of Master Lao Tzu (vegan), the Great Saint of the Tao

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“There are 36 types of ghosts of six domestic animals. The king of these ghosts is named Dunu. He will lead 800,000 small ghosts to spread the diseases of malignant sores and bleeding.”

In the “Divine Incantations Scripture,” Supreme Lord Tao reveals that terrible diseases are spread by ghosts. These killing spirits arise from humans’ reckless destruction of nature, and the slaughtering of domestic animal-people. These ghosts thus aim to kill sinful people. “Tao says: The world has sinners, and there are 89 kinds of killing ghosts. There are 3,900 great ghosts of mountains, forests, fire, water, wind and earth led by ghost king Ta-He to spread tens of thousands kinds of diseases.” “There are 36 types of ghosts of six domestic animals. The king of these ghosts is named Dunu. He will lead 800,000 small ghosts to spread the diseases of malignant sores and bleeding.”

In Chinese tradition, the “six domestic animals” referred to in the prophecy include persons from the horse, cow, sheep, pigs, dog and chicken kingdoms. All of these animal-people are all being abused and slaughtered by the billions each year. The term “six domestic animals” is not limited to only these specific six types, but all the animal-people that are being savagely slaughtered and eaten by humans.

The prophecy points out that there are grave consequences to the mass murdering of animal-people: their souls will return as killing ghosts to spread diseases that will infect and kill sinful people.

Could these “diseases of malignant sores and bleeding” be cancers, such as stomach cancer, colorectal cancer, and bowel cancer, in which tumor cells also make the patient excrete blood? As this prophecy implies, eating animal people will lead to diseases like cancer. The World Health Organization (WHO) has pointed to meat as a leading cause of cancer, and a recent study also found a direct link between red meat consumption and colon cancer.

“Media Report by - Jun. 20, 2021 (f): A new paper in the journal Cancer Discovery has now identified specific patterns of DNA damage triggered by diets rich in red meat, further implicating the food as a carcinogen...”

“Media Report by WPLG Local 10 - April 18, 2019 (f): According to this study, every 25grams of processed meat people eat a day, and that is one thin slice of bacon, for example, will increase the risk of colorectal cancer by 20%.”

“Media Report by TRT World Now - Mar. 2, 2021 (f): If you’re eating red meat and processed meat products more than 3 times a week, you really are increasing the risk of heart disease, cancer, pneumonia, diabetes – a whole range of diverticulitis, digestive diseases, ones that you might not necessarily thought of were linked with red meat.”

“Furthermore, there are 3,000 black plague ghosts. The king of these ghosts is named Wenchingzi. They will spread the red disease and the disease of white leprosy. Anyone who has committed evils and doesn’t believe the essence of Three Cavern revelations will meet these black flying animals to spread the disease. It is impossible for anyone with this disease to be healed.”

The prophecy goes on to say that there will be “evil black ghosts” that cause red disease and the disease of white leprosy. Could this be the notorious Ebola virus, which is known to be transmitted through fruit bat people? In Africa, consumption of these innocent animal-people has also been linked to Ebola. Many humans infected with the Ebola virus experience bleeding both inside and outside of the body, with skin rashes that make the patients appear “red.” And the white leprosy could be linked to the symptoms of skin ulcerations, like those seen in some Ebola patients.

Truly at this time on our Earth, numerous diseases are sweeping through from all directions, affecting countless people’s lives. Their root causes? Forgetting the Tao, forgetting God, and mistreating co-inhabitants in brutal ways that violate the fundamental laws of the Universe. One of our Association members described the very direct and grave consequences of killing and eating our animal-people co-inhabitants.

“(I saw in my meditation that most cancers are caused by meat-eating diet. In particular, colorectal cancer, gastric cancer, small intestine cancer, rectal cancer and other digestive tract cancers are mostly caused by the grievous souls of animal-people being eaten by people. Just before an animal-person is killed, there will be a strong hatred, agony, and bitter resentment that attaches to the flesh, and the energy of the meat will look very dark. When people eat the meat, filled with invisible and highly poisonous substances, the vengeful souls of the animal-people also enter into the human digestive tract, stay in the human body and cause cancers. This is the way the souls of animal-people take revenge. If you examine carefully these people’s bodies with the inner eye, you shall see the animal-people lurking in their bodies. When the vengeful souls of animal-people hide in a human body, they not only cause cancers or other diseases, but also invite the host’s enemies and karma creditors to form a more powerful debt collection group to change the meat eaters’ temperament, which leads to family disputes, car accidents, financial breakdown, divorces, and all kinds of disasters. It is truly horrible!)”

Another testimony from an Association member describes even more vividly how the suffering and harm that humans inflict on animal-people will result in human suffering because the souls of the animal-people seek karmic revenge.

“(Dear Most Benevolent Lord Tim Qo Tu, Before following You to practice spiritually, I was a fisherman working at sea. I have killed numerous beings in the water, and for a long time when I was still young, just over 25 years old, I already had so many sicknesses related to the meat-eating diet, such as chronic sinusitis, cardiovascular disease, joint pain, disc herniation, and claustrophobia. At that time, I was in so much pain. I went to see a lot of doctors, but to no avail.

One time, in my meditation, I suddenly noticed red spots on my stomach, which were slowly enlarging, and I was amazed to see many creatures crawling out of them, such as cuttlefish-, octopus-, small fish-people, etc. It was very painful. Many of them did not want to come out, so I had to use my hand to pull each one of them out of my body. At that time, I felt pain beyond description! And when they were all out, I felt very relieved.

And thanks to Master’s Blessing Power permeating my body during meditation, the beings which I have killed had forgiven me and came out of my body. I thank You so much for saving me from my ignorance in this world.)”

However, if humans do not repent and turn away from killing animal-people, then there is nothing, no excuses, to give rise to forgiveness! Thus, the pandemic viruses are actually revenging souls of murdered animal-people. During a phone call with Supreme Master Television team members on July 29, 2022, Supreme Master Ching Hai revealed that all viruses have sentient awareness, and they attack in a very coordinated, specific way.

“(You said before that the COVID viruses were revengeful souls. Is that the same case for the monkeypox, Master?) Yeah. (Oh.) All the viruses, they are the same. (Ah.) They are not just from air. They’re not like feathers or no soul, no feelings, nothing. They do have feelings and souls. They have an organized group. Who is doing what, where, and who is going to get it. (Oh, wow.)

Not every variant is the same. Not all the COVID viruses are the same. (Yes, Master.) Not everyone they attack the same. They have a very organized, precise way of attacking. (Oh. Wow.) Some they give more, some less. Some don’t have anything and still didn’t have any vaccine. But some even have a booster two, three, four times even. In Israel, they want the fifth time. I don’t know if they carried it out, but they wanted to. And still get COVID. (Yes, Master.) And some walk around everywhere, some doctors work in overwhelmed hospitals, get nothing, and some just come in and die of COVID. (Oh.) […]”

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