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Between Master and Disciples

The Truth about Maya's Dark Force and Temptations, Part 1 of 3, Nov. 7, 2018

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So, God never imagined Maya would do all this and that, and to capture the souls and to imprison them forever, and recycling suffering and sorrow.

Hallo? (Hallo, Master!) Hi! Can you hear well? (Yes, very well, Master!) Oh wonderful, because this phone, it seems to go a little bit bzzz. How are you guys? (Very well, Master.) (Thank You, Master.)

Are you guys a little bit more relaxed now? Less busy now that you have more personnel? Or, it’s the same? (It’s similar, Master.) Similar? How come? (Maybe a little more relaxed, I guess, but…) (We’re still training the new people.) Training. That’s why it’s busy. Yeah? (Yes, Master.) OK. After a while, it’ll get better, yeah? OK. I hope the new people stay after training hard. Well, I’m glad that they stay. And if they have to go, what to do, you know? It’s like that. Some people just do not understand what is more important in life, (Yes, Master.) and don’t realize that life is too short, too short. OK, so you train well. And after that, maybe if somebody doesn’t feel well, then they can take a day off or take turns to take a day off. Something like that, understand? (Yes, Master.) That’s what I was hoping for. To be busy is good, but too busy is also not too good. (Thank You, Master.)

So, I just wanted to see if you guys are OK or too busy, too tired or not. That’s all. (We’re good, Master.) OK. But sometimes, “more people” doesn’t mean less work, yeah? (Right.) It depends on if they are efficient or they are cooperating or not. Yeah? (Yes, Master.) If there’s too much ego staying in between, then it makes it even worse… more work. And also, damaging the energy and the atmosphere of a smooth operation, like teamwork. (Yes, Master.) Like teamwork means everyone is like one, yeah? (Yes, Master.) Your work is like my work and I cooperate with you whatever, so that we can have a good performance together. It’s not like, OK, you told me this and I know it’s right but I don’t feel like listening to you, because I don’t want to. Do you see what I am saying? (Yes, Master.) This kind of attitude, sometimes people have attitude, then it’s no good. So, rather have less but togetherness. Smooth working together is always best. Teamwork is always best. (Yes, Master.)

Hey, the bird has come back and said hallo. (Yay! Wow!) He came back and just walked right behind me when I was doing something, naturally, like, “Honey, I’m home” style. It’s so cute and so sweet, so sweet.

And you know what I have just discovered? The ants... Oh, you don’t think I have a lot of time chasing birds and ants, do you? It’s just by the way, OK? (Yes, Master.) They came into the room and I observed it. I just discovered that the ants, they don’t just pick up any dead body or injured or talk to any injured. They pick up whom they’re looking for. (Oh wow!) Because they go around looking and smelling different corpses, but they do not pick up. They just go, specifically to someone. (Wow!) My God, it’s like a different cosmos, yeah? (Yes, Master.) Micro cosmos, and then we are medium cosmos and then bigger cosmos. It’s awesome. Everything in the creation is awesome.

Anything new? (How was your retreat, Master? Are you OK and healthy and well?)

I’m healthy. (Yes!) I’m fine. I’m fine. It’s just that… just the Maya has been very, very aggressive towards me. They’re using different means. They’re using all kinds of things, just to distract me. And it seems that this one is not as smooth, compared to the first one ever, that I have told you. (Yes, Master.) Even the first one also had disturbances. Remember the Maya used the big, just a bird and used it to make a big voice, an agonizing voice like an elephant in injury or something like that. Later I found out. I know it’s just illusion. (Yes, Master.)

And they even sent people to my meditation place, not sent the “people,” but sent the voice, talking, arguing. (Wow!) Until I shooed it off. Just all kinds of distracting stuff. Or maybe banging on the roof, stuff like that. (Wow.) Or pretending like somebody walking around my cave or my hut or whatever. So, I told them, “Just get lost. I’m not afraid of you. Just tired of your stupid tricks.” Still, it still wears you out sometimes, if you try to concentrate and the other is just trying to distract you. But it could be worse, I’m telling you. I’m grateful. I’m grateful to have somewhere more or less kind of physically safe, yeah? (Yes, Master.) Not like in the middle of a hunting field, that I have to fear and be scared the way the animals feel. I don’t have to intercept this kind of fearful feeling from the animals.

And how about you guys, everything OK? (We are good, Master.) Girls, you’re OK, girls? (Yes, Master.) And you’re happy? (Yes, Master. Very happy.) Really, yeah? (Yes, Master.) Yeah, everybody has a villa, imagine! Yeah, a bungalow. (Yes, Master.) With running, cool water! (Yes.) Well, you have running hot water in the public bathroom, anyway. (Yes, Master.) (We do.) And you’re good, huh? (Very good.)

Well, we are better off than many, you know that, right? (Yes.) Actually, our place has clean and fresh air, and quiet. (It’s beautiful, Master.) Yeah. (Yes. Very beautiful.) It’s not exactly the jungle like Greg wanted it, but… It’s a mini jungle, Greg. You’re happy still, yeah? (It’s near, it’s close, close to this.) Yeah? (Yes.) Don’t run back to Russia, it’s colder. (No, no. Not to Russia, not to Germany, because here I get what I wanted.)

Oh, good. I’m glad. I’m glad. Because some people don’t like it. I’m glad you like it. Join my club. This kind of thing you always can have, because this is all I have. I don’t have anything like many-storied buildings, and all the disciples can stay together, and luxurious and all that stuff. I don’t have them, OK? I don’t want them either. Well, whatever we have, we want. That’s fine. Whatever we have is fine. But if we can have a mini jungle like this, it’s ideal, yeah? (Yes, Master.) Yeah, it’s grateful, thankful.

OK. Well, I just wanted to tell you guys that I’m out after four days, and probably back in soon. But I have to, I have to nowadays. It’s just so much work that I have to balance, between the work in the world and the work inside. The Heavenly, the Heavenly work. Otherwise, there will be much more disturbance, for the world and for me and for our work as well. (We understand. Thank You.) I’m glad you guys understand. (Yes.)

Well, I was dreaming of taking you out, actually. (Aw! Thank You, Master.) Well, actually, if you have to, one day maybe we can make it. You never know. (That would be wonderful, Master.) How about tomorrow? Don’t have. Just a dream. It’s just a dream, my God! Why are you clapping? Clapping for the dream? (We just got excited, Master.) Excited? Oh, OK, wow, I’m so sorry. Maybe we could do that. It doesn’t matter, we can do it. OK? Yeah, I will think about it. OK? (Thank You, Master.) Yes, yes. Always getting ready, your shoes on, your tuxedo, everything ready. Any time, every day, and then when it’s, “OK, let’s go now! Two minutes!” And then… You guys, don’t forget your shoes. Yeah? Oh, it’s OK, maybe one day we can make it. (Thank You, Master.)

I really wanted to. I really wanted to take you out, sightseeing, on the beach, and go to a first-class vegan restaurant, and all that stuff. Truly, truly I did. And I still do. It’s just that… maybe we have to organize somehow. And maybe if we have enough people and the work all goes smoothly, then maybe one day we can go out, eat something. (Thank You, Master.) But I’m telling you the truth, I also have not been all over Taiwan (Formosa) or eaten all the good food like that. Not really. If I go to Loving Hut restaurant, then it’s work. It’s not going for pleasure. And if I go to outside restaurant, sometimes it’s also work. People recognize me everywhere. And then also, I don’t even know any beautiful places in Taiwan (Formosa) much myself. All these years, all they do is just take me to the lecture halls or take me to the centers and then I work and then go back to somewhere to sleep. Yeah, like that. I never really went anywhere sightseeing. Only one time. So, I don’t know, if I take you out, I don’t know where to take you really. Maybe one day, if we can we go eat together, that’s it. OK? (Yes, Master.) But we have to organize it. We have to book the whole restaurant or something. I don’t know when it will happen, so just keep drooling and dreaming, OK? (Thank You, Master.)

(But we are very happy here, Master, very grateful. We enjoy the work and everything that You give us. And the place is beautiful, with fresh air, and everything is beautiful.)

I like those guys or girls, I don’t care, who are satisfied with whatever they have. And I try my best to accommodate and make you feel at home as much as possible. But this is all we have, OK? (Yes, Master.) (It’s plenty, Master, thank You.) Yeah, actually, I like it. That’s why I got it. OK? (Yes, yes.) That’s why I have it, because I don’t really like the city that much, even though it’s convenient. Yeah, plenty noise, plenty dust, plenty people. (Yes, Master.)

I like quietness, and I like natural surroundings, where I can photograph the ants, where I can photograph the ants, talk to little birds, and photograph the spiders. Actually, one day, I think we can put the video that I made for the spiders. (Yes, Master.) Surprise people. Because the spider really ate the bread I gave. Yeah, it’s Biscotti, they call it, in French. The dry bread. I had nothing with me. Where I stay, I had nothing else, not even fresh bread, not even rice, no vegetable, maybe a couple of apples.

When I’m on retreat, I don’t have much. Just maybe brown rice and some salt, sesame, and whatever I have, because I sometimes don’t plan in advance when to go on retreat. Sometimes, Heaven has to remind me, like these days, I did not plan, I forgot, I keep… being too busy and I have to do it, but I forgot. And they told me, “Come on. Go. Go work for peace.” I said, “Woops. OK, OK.” And that’s it, you know? I have no time to tell you, “OK, goodbye, see you, in case I don’t come back, you know what happened.” Nothing. I just have to leave, OK? (Yes, Master.) I just throw a couple of veggie bones to the dogs and say, “Sorry, I have to leave, OK? I’ll come back in a few days, if I do. So, take care of yourselves and know that I love you, not that I abandoned you or anything.”

Oh, Maya he tries so hard to make me do the… they tempt me into the easy way, but not the right way. He even keeps telling me, “You know what? Stay away from the dogs, it’s better for your peace. See how much they do to you? See how much they trouble you? And you have to clean up after them, and give them snacks, and cover them when they sleep, and then have to clean up, because they eat and mess up everywhere. Every time, it takes you one hour or two hours to do that and you don’t even have food sometimes, and you have to take care of them first, and all that. See how much trouble they make for you? Leave them, leave them. And you’ll have more peace.” Understand that? (Yes, Master.) It’s easy to say yes, but I said, “How can I do that? It’s inhumane.”

It’s my fault; I spoiled them. I’m not really attached to the dogs, but even if I have to leave my dogs, then it has to be an especially good reason. Not just leave them for my convenience or for my comfort. It has to be a noble cause. It has to be a sacrifice for some benefit for others. Not because they are trouble to keep. It’s inhumane. My dogs, I imagine if I leave, they’ll feel very sad, you know? (Yes, Master.) Even if they don’t cry or they don’t say anything, but they will be so, so sad. Every day they will be waiting for me to come home. Waiting, waiting, waiting, and the dogs are hard to be… So much sorrow and sadness. I just think about that and I can’t bear already. How would I even do it, if I don’t have to, yeah? (Yes, Master.)

Because I adopted them, and I feel they don’t have anyone except me. Of course, they have the dog assistants who take good care of them and all that, but they don’t love them as much as I do, OK? (Yes, Master.) Just to test, I said to Good Love, “Would you die for me? If you had to, so that I could live?” He said, “Of course.” All the dogs said the same. They would lay down their lives, immediately, no question asked, no thinking. Yeah, so I said, “But why is that?” They said, “Because You love us, and we love You.” That, and then I said, “OK, would you die for the so-and-so assistant, yeah? The one who feeds you every day, takes you out, and cleans you up and… Would you die for her?” They said, “No.” “Oh,” I said, “Why?” I thought dogs would die for anyone. They said, “No, no. Because they are not for us, they just do their job, but they don’t really love us that much.” They know everything! (Understand.) I’m surprised, I’m surprised, you know why? (No, Master.) Because when the dogs see the assistants, they also jump up and are very happy to see them. So, I thought they would love me the same, as they love the assistants. But no, they love them only maybe 30, 40%, and they love me 200%. That is the thing.

(Master, how come Maya doesn’t have to pay for bothering a Master?)

Oh, because this is his world. (Oh, I see.) He rules over it. He created it. I mean of course, with the merits that he earned. (It seems so unfair.) Yeah, I know that. I know that. But he cheated. He wanted just to have a boon, and then just to create a world so he could rule. But God never imagined such a negative impact. (Understand.) Because God is all good and loving and kindness. Yeah? (Yes, Master.) So, God never imagined Maya would do all this and that, and to capture the souls and to imprison them forever, and recycling suffering and sorrow. So of course, if a guy is so devoted and standing on one leg for many, many kalpas, meaning many eons, and asked for only one boon, God said, “OK, of course.” God was also touched, so Hes gave him a boon and then he said, “OK, I want to create a world in which I rule.” So, God said, “OK.” It’s freedom. If you like to create, you can. (Understand.) That’s how it happened. So now it keeps, endless. All the poor souls are trapped forever. It pains me just to think about it. It pains me so much just to think about all these poor souls being so innocent and helpless, and victimized and abused. And then being tempted into doing wrong things and then getting blamed for it.

Not like, OK, create them and let them be, let them be, fine. They say free will and all that garbage; it’s just temptation all over. And then sending subordinates to make all kinds of … talk into their ears and make their minds weakened and tempting them to do wrong things, so that the karma will involve and breed other kinds of karma and then keep cycling forever and forever. Because one thing leads to another, and they’ll never be free. Even the so-called Heaven is not free either. Even within the Three Worlds, Three Heavens, you are not free. You’ll be coming back and forth again; even the gods of those Heavens, when they have no more merits, they have to be reborn as humans and animals, and undergo suffering again. It’s terrifying, and I hate all this. It pains me so much, and sometimes, I toss and turn at night thinking of how much suffering is inflicted on the souls, on the innocent and the weak, being trapped and imprisoned. Especially this retreat. I have too much thinking about all this that I wasn’t at peace. I toss and turn, even I don’t sleep at night. And day time and night time, did not meditate as well as other times.

(Master said before that You’re working on abolishing and putting an end to reincarnation. We were wondering if there were any news about this, that Master would like to share?) Any result yet? (Yes, yes, Master.)

No, I haven’t gone to that yet. Well, maybe I’m just on the way, you know? (Yes, Master.) But it’s not so fast, and not like, last week I told you, and this week “boom, ka-boom. Done.” No, no. (I understand.) Yeah, yeah. It is because, I am not alone. I carry many people. (Right, yes, yes, understand.) And all they do is just want things, not many diligently practice. The reason I don’t meditate all so well, not do retreat very well, is because now they know the trick. I’m on retreat, they also stay home, do retreat, and suck it up. Understand me? (Yes, Master.) Instead of helping me, just want something from it. What to do? Some people are really ignorant and selfish. Not as selfless and noble as I wish them to be.

Even if I can break the reincarnation cycle, it’s only for the worthy. For those who are wicked, working for Maya to oppress others, etc., they will not benefit from the freedom of reincarnation, but on the contrary, they must pay their debt accordingly.

(Yes, Master, I have a question. This is related to what the brother asked. So if You will repair this world, it means that to repair this world, also the Astral world has to be repaired together, or the Three Realms of reincarnation?)

Oh, yeah. (Yes, everything has to.) Yeah. That’s why. (That’s a big job.) I said to you maybe I still can, but I did not say definitely, because I have to consider so many factors. (Yes, Master, understand. Thank You.) And there are always new initiates and people, some initiates… If every initiate is meditating well, everyone is behaving accordingly, then of course it’s easier; but you know, this world is different. Astral world is different also. It’s not like what you want in Heaven, you get it immediately. You don’t even need to want, you see? (Yes, Master.)

This world, even what you want, you don’t get. Instead, you get what you don’t want. (Yes, Master.) You know that. This is a problem. I said maybe I still can. I was just so angry and anguished, feeling the suffering of all beings. I was really wanting so much to do it. But it’s not like 100% sure in this lifetime. As I told you, I’m getting older. And if the karma allows me to continue living, then maybe, OK? (Yes, Master.) I even could not meditate well this retreat. You see that? (Yes, Master.) Oh, there are many other things I cannot tell you. But these things, you don’t want to hear. It’s bad enough that I suffer.

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