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Between Master and Disciples

Begin the New Year with Positive Thinking, Part 3 of 12, Dec. 31, 2005

Lecture Language:English,Vietnamese (Tiếng Âu Lạc [Tiếng Việt]),Chinese (中文)
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Sorry you guys, the whole world, we have not the technique to send the (vegan) cakes through the television yet. Tele transporting! Maybe in the future. Just "hula!" and then here, the (vegan) cake's coming! It's just a material thing. A picture is easier to break down into small, small molecules and send away. But the physical, harder material is more difficult, but we'll be able to do it someday. Other planets, they do plenty of them.

Now, next one is Formosa (Taiwan). Wow! That's a big apple. Big one. Thousands of people. No questions. Taipei. Hallo! Hallo, happy people, I can see you. Wow! Very well! How are you guys? How are you? (Good!) How's everyone? (Good!) (Hallo, Master!) Fireworks! Fireworks! Wow, wow!

(Hallo, Master!) Good, good! Can you see me? (We can hear You.) (Very clear!) Can you see me? See me and hear me clearly? (We can see You clearly.) OK. (We can hear You.) (We can hear You. Very clear! Hallo, Master! Happy New Year!) Happy New Year! Everyone happy! Wow! Was it fireworks that we heard just now? It was very loud.

I miss you all very much! (Master, we all miss You very much. Taipei initiates are very grateful to Master. For these three years, Taipei initiates no longer have to wander around.) OK, I just want to wish you a Happy New Year. Bye! I love you! (We love You.)

All right. We’ve finished, right? (Penghu.) Penghu? (The island of Taiwan [Formosa].) Oh! Can we? Alright. Wow! Cool! Penghu is a very small island. It's about six hours by boat from the mainland. Not many big trees, because the wind always cuts them off. It’s about growing that big only, no trees, but people are nice, good, good people. Yeah, like that.

(Hallo, Penghu Center?) (Yes! We are Penghu Center!) (OK, hold on a second.) Thank you! Hallo! (Hallo.) How are you, everyone! (How are You, Master!) Good. You all have good meditation. (Happy New Year, Master.) Thank you. Happy New Year! Do you see me? (Yes, we do!) Wow! Your island is small, yet with fairly advanced technology. I'm very proud of you. (Our new Center was just established last October.) Wow! It's already very advanced, (Yes.) that you are able to hear me and see me. I am very proud of you. (Thank You, Master!) Alright, keep on making effort, OK? (OK, thank You, Master.)

(Master, we all sincerely invite You to have a vacation on our small island.) Thank you. Thank you. (With Master's blessings, our center is beautifully decorated. Thank You.) Can it hold how many initiates there? How big is the center? (We have about 30 to 40 initiates here.) How many people can the center accommodate? (The main hall can accommodate about 100 people currently.) Wow! Congratulations!

Good. Later, you can switch it back and see me. (OK.) Alright, bye-bye! Happy New Year! (Bye-bye.) Hug, hug! Kiss, kiss! (Bye-bye.)

Now we are back to general public, right? (Yes.) Alright. You guys are OK? (Yes!) Happy, happy? (Very happy.) Happy old year, happy new year, happy every year! Any questions? Any problems? Any good news? Good news or not? (You’re here.) Yeah, of course, of course. (This is the best news.)

We have some (vegan) cakes. You want some? Eat now? Just start it? Energy? Let's eat the (vegan) cake together. Bring the (vegan) cake out. Everybody one piece, OK? (OK.) Otherwise, get fat, can't sit! Can’t sit too long.

There are some more upstairs? (Yes.) How many upstairs? Can they see me upstairs? (Yes.) Can? Hallo? And there are some more somewhere else? (In the back and garage.) Back and garage? Wow! How did you do that? TV? (We send the signal to all the televisions.) Oh, wonderful! Good, good boys! Good boys, good work! Yeah, you're lucky. That's why I’m here. Otherwise, if we don't have a connection, it's also difficult. All the centers, they will kind of complain in their heart, and when we eat the (vegan) cake, it'll sound like stone.

Where are the (vegan) cakes? (They’re just coming.) Coming! Open it! Bring it out! Cold (vegan) mince pie. Come on, quick! I’m not eating. Just for you guys. Yeah, a little bit tired. You look tired? I look tired too? (No.) (You look beautiful.) (Peace.) Peaceful? (Yes!) Ah, beautiful! Nice to hear it. But I’m getting old, you know, time is taking its mark on me.

Just bring it out here. Everybody be happy. And this thing – elaborate, you eat at home. You make it at home. Today, we're just simple, OK? (Yes.) Too many, too much trouble. (Yes.) (Bring the tissues as well.) (Yay! Master.)

This is not my (vegan) cake, is it? (No, the [vegan] cakes are coming. There's more. There's a lot more there.) Is this the same? (Yes, that's the same one.) It looks different! Here, here. One each. (Thank You, Master. Thank You very much.) It's very simple. Just bring it all out here quickly, man. Just for fun, you know? It takes too long!

See, see! Look at that! It's ready. Whoa, it's hot! (Pass these tissues around, please.) Yeah, otherwise the (vegan) custard will run all over the house. Or do you prefer with (vegan) custard, and wait until tomorrow morning? (No.) We eat now, or we wait until New Year? (Eat now!) Look at you! I thought you are just happy to see me, but never mind, the (vegan) cake is better. Wow! (Wow!) One each!

And then some more for upstairs. When we finish... Everybody one. And when it's finished, we... I mean, when you finish here, we bring upstairs. I bought it personally. Alright? (Wow! Thank You, Master.) Yes. I think of you so much. See how much I love you! It proves it! (We love You too!) It proves it. (Thank You.) It's proven!

One each, one each. Bring some to upstairs now. (Yes.) Do we have enough here yet? (Does everyone have enough?) Whatever's left, go upstairs, upstairs, and garage and etc. Oh, don't worry. It's OK. They just... Yes, upstairs, garage or wherever.

OK, huh? Man! (Delicious.) Delicious, huh? Yes. Yesterday, I tried it first, you see, if it was good or not. Because I had to look if egg or not-egg and try if it was good. And it was good! I just ate it cold in the hotel, there was nothing to warm. So we eat the same. It's not like I treat myself better, and then I give you it cold. No, it's not. In the hotel, it's just a small room, nothing there to warm it up. Lucky if you have some food at all. (Oh, this is just great!) And I bought it just for you. (Thank You, Master.) I'm glad you are happy.

Sorry you guys, the whole world, we have not the technique to send the (vegan) cakes through the television yet. Tele transporting! Maybe in the future. Just "hula!" and then here, the (vegan) cake's coming! It's just a material thing. A picture is easier to break down into small, small molecules and send away. But the physical, harder material is more difficult, but we'll be able to do it someday. Other planets, they do plenty of them.

I think we can do it here already in some part of the world. But it's a secret, it's not for the public. Otherwise, they'll misuse it. I hope not everybody can do it. Otherwise, they'll sneak into your house, surprise you in your bathroom! What to do? "Surprise!"

We have some more of this, no? (Yes, we have more of those. Everyone has one now.) Yeah, but the Christmas (vegan) pudding, no, no. (OK.) Actually, that Christmas (vegan) pudding's just for a small number because they don't have many. And you can't share it. I don't want to eat what people don't have. Oh, never mind, bring it back here! Otherwise the kitchen has, and then we don't have. It's also the same. (Everyone has a vegan pie.) The (vegan) pie, I know. The (vegan) pie, I bought a lot. Almost like 200 or something, so, make sure everybody has one. (Wow.) The (vegan) pie, I know. (OK. More [vegan] pies.)

How about the garage? (Garage, everyone, the whole house.) Everybody has already? (Yes, Master.) OK, then eat it! And we save it for the other... If whatever left, save it for the next, (Yes.) for the other guys from the other centers, or those who are sitting in the other house somewhere. We have a lot more. Save it! Everybody, one, that's it. No cheating, alright? Because it's just fun. This thing, you can buy and eat yourself, or make it yourself. It's just a symbol of love. (Thank You, Master.)

It's not warm. It tastes good, but it's not as good as the one in Ireland. (The one we had after the lecture, with the taxi driver.) Yeah, everybody knows that. It was also good. It was not just because of him, but because the (vegan) cake was good. So cold! It's OK. You go eat your (vegan) pie and don’t eat mine. His eyes are very big. (Yes.) He ate all my breakfast in Hungary. I hardly ate anything.

Are you happy, guys? (Very happy.) Not bad. I don't have a family. I mean, I don't have, like, a small family, that we bake (vegan) cakes and eat vegan turkey, or stuff like that. So, it's nice. It's nice. In other countries, it's not easy to buy this thing. (Yes.) They have some, but everybody snaps it up quick. So when it's my turn, nothing! Nice. Not bad! I get used to it. Check it out with the (vegan) custard. Yesterday I just ate it cold. Can I have some water somewhere? What’s this? It’s tea.

I was so tired today. I don't know why. I ran around as much as I could, and came home very tired. The car is running around, but I’m tired. Everywhere is a different karma. We go around, sometimes collect garbage. I don't know why people love to go on holiday and all that stuff. (It's boring.) What? (Boring.) (Very boring.) Yeah, also collecting bad...

Wow, it's nice, not bad. Yesterday, we couldn't find a hotel. So, all these, we lugged back and forth. And didn't have a car either. So, all the bags were coming and going, coming, and going. So, today it has a home. A lovely, welcome home.

Do you eat them at home? (Yes!) You cook them? You bake them? (No. We eat them like what we have now.) You don't bake them? (Just cold like that. No.) It's nicer to bake at home, but nowadays we don't have time. (Yes.) I used to bake a lot of these. I love to. (My mom makes them.) I make them better! In Hong Kong, I made some. Those lucky people. You saw the picture or not? (Yes!)

Is there anything more that you prepared for yourself? Please eat it. Come on! Go! Go! Go, go, go! No, no, no. You told me that they prepared something for themselves also. ([Vegan] puddings and cream, and [vegan] custard.) Oh, nice! Then go ahead, continue.

This is just for me. And I think your brothers and sisters... ([Vegan] puddings, everything, we've made a tent outside. All the food is outside.) Outside? (Yes, and we have a heater, so it's very warm there.) Oh! Let's go!

(The Christmas [vegan] puddings are here though, Master. The other food is outside.) Oh, is the Christmas (vegan) pudding enough for everybody? (Yes, Master, it is.) Oh, so it's not just for me. Because I bought only a few. I don't have enough. (Here's the tissue, Master.) No wonder I couldn't find it. Thank you, love, just one. Thank you. No wonder I couldn't find any more (vegan) Christmas puddings. You snapped them all up. OK, let's go outside, eat!

Oh, my God! We'll come back later. Brothers and sisters, ciao, ciao. I mean, “ciao, ciao” to the videoconference people.

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