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Between Master and Disciples

The True Spiritual Light (Part 1 of 2) Oct. 8, 2017

Lecture Language:Vietnamese(Tiếng Âu Lạc (Tiếng Việt))
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“(I’d like to share my meditation in these few days with Master.) OK. (Every day I enter into Master’s energy field. Nowadays, Master sends a lot of power to the world, to all the planets. A lot of energy. And when I enter into this energy, I feel very light. It’s so light that you probably have to concentrate very well in order to feel it.) Yeah. (This power has uplifted our Earth two to three [levels] higher. This energy field is not the same as before. Therefore, this time, when I enter it, I feel light, even in my breath. And that energy quickly enters into our cells and transforms them, Master.) Yeah. (I can feel [the energy in] the wind, the trees, everything in space, very clearly, Master.) Good. Thank you. (And about the planetary network that Master has destroyed, I don’t know why I had the luck to know about it. I saw that the Earth is surrounded by a layer of light, like the moonlight.) Yeah. (But the Earth hasn’t yet escaped [totally] the danger; it’s still swelling, Master. But later, I went inside that, they led me inside, and then I saw the machines that Master mentioned already, have been destroyed. There is nobody there now. There’s only a thin dusty layer. But no one can go near that. I don’t understand why I could go inside it. But I know Master has destroyed it already, and everything will happen very fast too. Now Master has a lot of power which pervades everywhere. Even in my breath... I only need to close my eyes and I can enter it.) It’s good for you. Thank you. (Thank You, Master.) Good for you. Good for you. Whoever reaches a little higher level spiritually, they can feel more than those who are still at the lower level. If you’re at the lower level, you only see things down there, and then just searching there, asking questions at that level all the time. And those with higher level, they see differently, they don’t ask nonsensical questions at the lower level. The more you practice, the more you can feel it. But within two more months, you will feel it more clearly.” “(The thing is, in this inner experience, I often saw the light, and in the middle of this light, there is another light, which is extremely bright. Inside that extreme bright light, there is a tunnel. I followed the tunnel, I kept going but until now, I still couldn’t go all the way to the end. In this case, could you give me a little push, Master?) If I push you to the end, then you die. That is the secret path to go up. Only the spiritual practitioners can go up. That path is very small. But if there is no power to pull you up, then you can’t go up, and you can’t see that path at all. However, those who go up to the end, they die. They have reached the First Level, the Astral Level. When you reach there, you’re already dead. But you can go back here again, if you only die for a few minutes, then you can go back. Or if you practice spiritually, then you don’t die permanently. You go up there and come back.”
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