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Between Master and Disciples

Begin the New Year with Positive Thinking, Part 5 of 12, Dec. 31, 2005

Lecture Language:English,Vietnamese (Tiếng Âu Lạc [Tiếng Việt]),Chinese (中文)
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If whatever we do is wrong, even if nobody sees it, but we see it, and God will see it. Angels. If all the people on this planet could see their own aura – dirty, schmutzig (dirty) and brown, dark and very muddy, for example, then they wouldn’t dare to do anything wrong or think anything wrong. And furthermore, if everyone could see the angels around everywhere, or invisible beings as well, nobody would dare to do anything wrong.

Over the years, or this year, there are so many disasters and all that. And I am so proud of you. I’m very pleased that all of you, around the world, have been extending my Love to every corner that is needed. We do the best we can to comfort the living and to save the dead. I mean, their souls. It’s important that their souls are saved, not their bodies. OK, if we can save their body, we do that as well. But if not, more importantly, it’s the souls. When the souls leave the body, we’ll take care. That’s more important than even giving aid. But we do both, right?

We do both. (Yes.) Yes. That’s the best way. I cannot think of anything else better to give to society than what we are doing. (Yes.) We help spiritually, silently or quietly, with books, with tapes, with talks, with your beautiful energy, and we also give material aid. I don’t think we can do any better than that. (No.) I don’t think anyone, any group on this planet does better than what we do. So, I’m very proud of you. And I thank you also, all of you out there. (Thank You, Master.) For being a good example.

Though sometimes you think I’m not with you physically, but I know what you are doing. I know you are doing good things, mostly good things. And sometimes a little mistake here and there. Sometimes it’s karma also. Karmic patterns sometimes pull you into some difficult situations, and you get a little confused. But there’s only one thing you must do. In any confusion, there’s only one thing you must do: only do things that are good for you and good for others. Anything that’s harmful to anyone, just don’t do it. No matter how much karma forces you, you just don’t do it. And that will be very simple. Rather, mistakenly harm yourself or take disadvantage to yourself, but never, even in doubt, never make a mistake of harming anyone else. Never! Even if it looks like it’s the best solution, we just don’t do it.

Just nothing harmful to anyone, then you are always on the right path. Even if we lose this physical body, we will not lose anything more valuable: that is, spiritual merit. This is more than physical body. That, we have forever. So, it’s always the same: no confusion, no trouble – just don’t harm anyone! When in doubt, then always lean on the compassionate side.

When you think, “Oh, that person may be bad,” or something, but never try to hurt him back! Because you never know, maybe you are wrong. And even if you are right, we just lean on the compassionate side. And that’s always safe, always safe. Because Heaven’s always watching. Heaven is in our conscience, as well. No need for Master to be there constantly. We know everything. Right? (Yes.)

If whatever we do is wrong, even if nobody sees it, but we see it, and God will see it. Angels. If all the people on this planet could see their own aura – dirty, schmutzig (dirty) and brown, dark and very muddy, for example, then they wouldn’t dare to do anything wrong or think anything wrong. And furthermore, if everyone could see the angels around everywhere, or invisible beings as well, nobody would dare to do anything wrong.

But the thing is, most people are blind – spiritually blind, so they think whatever they do in the dark, nobody sees it. Everyone sees it! The whole Universe sees it! That’s the problem. Alright. But you guys, I know you are safe, because you know the right things to do, the major right things. And a little mistake here and there, you correct it. Don’t worry. You’re fine. You look good, that means you’re good. Continue eating, don’t worry. My words will go into your food.

The problem is that sometimes we cannot hide, baby, we cannot hide. For example, me. I go in a hotel and stay like an anonymous tourist. But some of the hotel workers, even an ordinary doorman, they see the aura, and they keep looking, and then they keep asking. Sometimes you cannot hide, you cannot hide from everybody. And sometimes even the police, they look at me and they think, “OK! This is a good girl.” So, no question. Because some of them can see the aura.

And in one of the hotels I stayed recently, during my travels, one of the doormen said to me... He didn’t see the whole picture. Not everybody sees the whole aura. Some see only one particular color. Like, for example, if I have a rainbow range of aura, he sees maybe only pink color, or blue color, or pink and blue, or maybe gold and white, or white, or just gold, or just silver, whatever he sees.

And then one guy saw me gold and white, and he kept looking at me up there. So I kept asking, “Hey, what did you see? Just tell me!” He said, “Well, gold and white.” I said, “Did you tell anybody?” He said, “No, I didn’t, but my colleague also saw it.” I said, “OK, OK, keep quiet.” He said he doesn’t know if he can keep too quiet, because if he sees it, he thinks everybody else can see it. I said, “It’s alright.” So, you see, a lot of them, huh? I was just talking, and he said, “No, no, no! Maybe a few thousand people go through this hotel, only one has them.”

Very rare, he meant like that. So I said, “So, what do you think? Why some people have, and some people don’t?” He said, “Oh, these people must be very pure in the heart and do good things.” Because he told me that he knows me, because I come in and out there a lot. And he said, “You are such a good, generous and nice person – so I am not surprised to see this.” For example like that. I meet these people everywhere, and sometimes I cannot hide.

I can hide physically, but not spiritually. Some people are blind, some people are not. So I’m just telling you that whatever we do, some people will see it. Understand? (Yes.) So, the aura is just one thing. But some people are psychic, some people know a lot of things also.

But don’t worry. Sometimes you have to do things according to your karma. As long as you don’t hurt people on purpose, or you don’t do anything deliberately. Then, just ask for forgiveness if you still think it’s wrong. But we don’t hurt anybody, so the wrong cannot be that wrong. It cannot be too wrong. Because the big ones, we already avoid. So, just a little thing here and there. Try to cut if you can.

Just one question and talk so long. (Sorry.) What else? What else? (Master,) Yeah. (thank You for being Love, Justice, and Compassion.) No justice. I don’t have justice with you.

(Master, is this one of Your manifestation bodies?) You check it out! It can be. It’s possible. (True.) It’s possible both. It’s possible both. Who knows Never mind. It’s OK. I also don’t know: is this a manifestation body? I don’t know anymore what’s real in this world, baby. Just take what comes.

(I’d like to thank You, God! In the new year, I also wish for God to be young and beautiful forever, which is my longing. As I meditate every day, I always pray for God to be forever young and beautiful. Now, I see God as young and beautiful, exactly like my wish.) Thank you. Really? (Yes.) Thank you, thank you. (And I thank You, God. And I call You God since I watched the Hungary retreat videos. In my heart, You are God to me, and I no longer use the word Master.) It’s OK! Either way is fine.

(Yes, thank You. I’m not an initiate in London. I’m a Swedish initiate, and a contact person in Angelholm, Sweden. Firstly, I’d like to thank You, God! The first time that I meditated till 4-5 am, I went to bed and had a dream. I woke up… I don’t know… I was dreaming, when the phone rang. I woke up, and I had a thought in my head: “Why do I always talk about Hungary today?” That day, there was a special initiation in Hungary. Because I heard the news two weeks ago, I asked the Hungary Center to let four people go there. But after two weeks, they told us that we could not go because there’s not enough space. So, I had a dream at night – waking up, I just talked to myself: “God, God… Hungary, Hungary…” I meditated till around 3 pm and then I got a phone call from them. They said that a Quan Yin messenger in Hungary told them that my Center has four people who are going to get the initiation in Hungary, God. And then I went to Hungary. After this initiation time, I felt very different whenever I meditated, God. I felt that I’m with You all the time, every single second.)

Is that why you came here? (Yes. Let me talk about another time. I was given a second chance from You, and I flew here last night. I flew here last night because my daughter told me about the gathering here. Then I told my daughter to call the contact person here to ask for permission to come and attend the gathering. Finally, the contact person agreed for me to come here. So, God has given me two chances. And I thank God so much.) You are welcome. (Thank You.) You’re welcome.

(Master!) Yeah. (I am from Mainland China.) You come again! Hallo! (I represent Chinese initiates wishing Master a Happy New Year.) Thank you, thank you. (We wish Master great health and a Happy New Year.) Same to you. (I am from Shanghai. When I came, many initiates meditated with me. They said, “Hopefully after we have meditated together and after you have met Master in the UK, you would represent each one of us...”) How did they know so soon that you’d see me in the UK? (Thank You, Master. I have been here for nearly three months. I have been waiting for Master. This day has finally arrived. I am just too happy.) No wonder I couldn’t sleep and eat. (I couldn’t sleep. I wish Master a Happy New Year.) Thank you. Say hallo to everyone. (I greet everyone.) No. No. To those initiates in China. (Oh, Mainland China. Ever since I came here, I have received warm hospitality from the UK initiates.) Of course. (I am very, very happy.) Yes. (I am going home soon, now that I have met You. I want to share my joy with every initiate in China.) OK. (Thank You.) You are welcome.

Don’t talk too much, or they’ll all come. We have no room. Nothing is certain. It’s not that I come here, and I’ll just stay here. I come and go, just as I went to Hungary and then left. I don’t always stay here. If I can stay, that’s the best, but nothing is certain. I said it’s not necessarily that I come here, and I’ll just stay here. So, I hope she doesn’t tell all the Chinese, and they’ll come here. We have no room.

OK, next one. Anyone else? (Master, I want to say, “Thank You!” I don’t know how many lives I have searched. Finally, I found You. On the day of my initiation, I felt as if I was getting married. This year, with Master accompanying me on my journey Home, I have felt as though I am still on a honeymoon. I sincerely wish Master good health and all the best. Thank You, Master.) Thank you. Thank you. (I have a question that I’d like to ask Master.) OK. (This summer I visited my family in China. I currently live in England. When I visited China, I introduced Your teachings to my family) Hometown. (and friends at home, my mother and my younger sister are now able to keep the vegetarian diet persistently for ten days a month. Thank You, Master!) You are welcome.

Yes, baby! Chocolate! (Thank You very much for giving me the opportunity to get into this family.) You like it? You like my family? (Very, very much.) They are happy, no? They are good, huh? (Very, very much.) They treat you well? (Very well.) Good. If not, you tell me.

(Today has been a very, very overwhelming day and a very happy day for me, because since I was initiated, this is the first time meeting You.) I don’t remember you before! You like me? (Very much.) Good. I like you too. I like chocolate. You are OK? You meditate well? (Very well.) Any questions? (I’m very happy that...) You look happy. ( dad introduced me into this.) You look happy. (So, I’m so happy.) Wonderful! (And I really love Your teachings and what You say. I read a lot of Your books and stuff like that. And I’ve been admiring musicians when they are singing. And I’m a musician, actually,) Oh. (and I really want to use some of Your teachings to create my music.) Sure. You’re welcome. Welcome. (And I’m really happy, very, very happy. So, thank You very much.) You’re welcome. You’re welcome. You guys don’t finish your food, baby? Eat while you listen.

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