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Overcoming Obstacles: From “I Have Come to Take You Home” by Supreme Master Ching Hai (vegan), Part 1 of 2

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Supreme Master Ching Hai (vegan) is a highly gifted, multi-talented and fully enlightened Master. Through all of Her endeavors, She conveys Heaven’s infinite love and concern for all beings, as well as boundless encouragement for those who wish to progress spiritually. The book “I Have Come to Take You Home” presents a collection of spiritual teachings from Supreme Master Ching Hai (vegan). Today, we will share the second part of the book, “I Have Come to Take You Home.”

“Someone asked me recently, ‘Why is God so powerful, and yet Hes creates so many miseries?’ God didn’t create misery; it is our own human hands that have created all these. God does not make guns. God never made atom bombs. It is we who make these with our own hands. So if we stop that, there will be no more misery. It is we who do not share our property with our poor neighbors. It is we who are not diligent enough to spread the Truth, to spread the message of love, of charity, of endurance, of patience, of compassion, for others to listen.”

“Once we understand why we suffer, we can change it. It is only when we do not understand that we continue. Similarly, when a doctor diagnoses a condition and knows where the sickness is, he can cure it, but the most important thing is that the patient himself should know how to live his life in order to stay healthy for a long time.”

“In order to stay healthy in spirit, we should know what the Law of God, the Law of Nature, is. We should know this so that we can stay healthy in wisdom and become God-like because God made humans in Hiers own image.”

“Responding to the question: ‘Why do we have so much bad luck and difficulties? Is it arranged by God?’ Master answered: ‘No, it is because we live in this world, and there is action and reaction. We create an individual cause and effect and also have a collective effect from the whole society and all the atmospheres. Bad energy creates accidents, catastrophes, disasters, illnesses, etc. Bad energy comes from our bad thoughts, bad actions, and bad speech. Everything carries energy. Therefore, we have to be pure in speech, in action, and in thinking. That is why we suggest the Five Guidelines and the VEGAN diet to purify our environment.’”
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